Shaubby need reading please

  • Hello Shaubby

    My stepdaughters (Heather-6-30-77) husband (Richard -3-18-? supposively

    43 years old) left her 8 months ago. She is not working. Financially he still

    support his family.He has his own place and he visits his kids regularly but

    only communicate with her when its about the kids and expenses.

    Even after what he did he still provides for them. We dont know his plans. He doesnot

    like to talk to any of my stepdaughters family. My husband tried calling him twice

    he never returned his calls. I just told my husband to leave him be we are only hearing one side

    of the story.

    They have a 3 year old girl and a 4 month old baby. We are all

    in limbo. My husband asked his daughter what her plans are. She said she is

    not going to do anything until he decides what he wants to do??????

    So we are all lost. Is he going to divorce her? If so when? She is just waiting for him

    to make a move. My husband told his daughter to make a decision cause this is not

    a life for her to continue on like this. Its nice he is providing for them but we dont know

    how long he is going to do this.

    I just listen to them I dont say any of my opinions to them.

    Thank you so much for your help & many blessings

  • Magickal

    You are a wise woman to stay in the background and not make judgements.

    I feel that your husband daughter knows why her husband left her and that is why she is waiting now for him to come back. Eight months of his being gone is telling that he does not want to come back home unless there are some agreements that she can make with him.

    I feel he does not want anymore children. He likes his life on his own without the pressure of a family and a wife in which communications feel difficult.

    Unless she and him can go to marriage counseling I don't feel that they will reunite.


  • Shuabby

    Thank you so much for your help. My sense tells me he is not going to come back

    but I needed a second opinion. Of course this is my secret alone.

    I know my stepdaughter. She is a very stubborn person and always wants to get her way.

    When I found out that Richard who has never been married before and is going to marry my stepdaughter

    honestly I said to myself what a big mistake he has made.

    I feel sorry for him. Of course I didnot tell

    my husband this.He always thinks his daughter does no wrong. Well my feeling was right then.


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