Page of swords as gossip, or the opposite?

  • Hi all,

    First time posting here, and I'd appreciate some perspectives on the Page of Swords.

    I have been thinking of Page of Swords as having alot of meanings like discretion, vigilance, keeping secrets, waiting for the right moment to take action, finding out "classified" information, etc. Kind of like a 007 character. But on another board I saw much talk about it signifying a person who can't keep a secret, a source of gossip, maybe a person who is too immature to keep secrets, etc. I am puzzled by this as I thought it would seem more likely to have those meanings if it were reversed instead of upright, but I would very much like to hear other perspectives on this one. Am I way off track?

  • When I draw the page of swords usually means truthseeker. Younger feeling card/influence although person may not always be younger physically. Alot of the time presents as the querent.

  • Thanks very much. That seems to tie in with what I felt it likely meant, and I get a better understanding now of how the other meaning could be given to it depending on its context.

    It came up as "present" in a 3 card spread on "how does so and so feel about me"?, and I think it means that a) he is not sure of my motives, and b) he is not sure of his position in relation to me. (probably both).

  • I don't do 3 cards. The interpretation can be tricky when doing a 3 card. If the card is pointing to him correct. Can also be pointing to you. Quite a few times a page has shown up for me regarding a female. It definately means the present situation.

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