White dog dream interpretation please!!!

  • i dream of a big white dog following me inside the mall,lower half of him is clean and the upper half is filthy i tried to send him away thrice but still he follows me,but when we got out the mall he went to the other way...please help me interpret this dream pls,thanks

  • Hi heart,

    This piqued my interest, and I looked up the meaning of a white dog in a dream. I found a couple of answers, but the one that stuck out was an upcoming marriage or engagement. Do you have someone who wants to marry you and you are unsure about committing? This could be denoted by your efforts to send the dog away, yet when you leave the mall, it chooses to go of its own accord.

    Or is there something - whether relationship or other - in your life that you need to make a decision about, but can't or have put it off? This could be what it means for you.

    The part of him that is more largely visible is dirty; which could denote some sort of failure, or maybe your own FEAR of failure in something major.

    Is the dog friendly or does it feel threatening? If the dog is friendly, it may be he is protecting you while in the mall - or the maze of life which the mall could represent - and once outside, he leaves you because you can manage alone. If he is threatening in any way, then there must be something which is hounding you in life - either you are retreating a lot more lately and wanting to escape crowded situations, or you are experiencing confusion in a major part of your life (which links back to what I said earlier about making a decision).

    It sounds to me like you do have something major which concerns you, and could shake up your independence and confidence if it goes wrong.

    Have a think about all of this and let me know if even one sentence made sense to you!

    Hope this helps 🙂



  • first of all moon50 i want to thank you for taking time to interpret my dream,all that you said is true ,all of it i have ex's that want to be reconnected but i am afraid to lead them on because of a recent heartbreak,my recent ex cheated on me but doesn't want to let go of me totally,though i still love him i want to breakaway from him,but i still have things on his possesion, we haven't communicated for 3 weeks i told him to send my things but he didnt do anything about it.

    you are also right about half filthy and half cleaned my recent ex is half good but hte other hallf is bad...:(...and u were also right that i have fears to go for another guy coz i dont want another failed relationship....the dog is friendly and wanted to be near me,but i feel awed so i send him away...but i think u were right again,lately i am retreating and wanting to escape for a while too,afraid to make a decision so i just let it flow....

    that night also i dream of my recent ex,i was there with him,he lighted the burner because i want to boil a water in a kettle,can you give me further insight?i dream of my recent ex constantly...sometimes i can remember sometimes i forget... 😞

  • He wants to rekindle what you had - which is obviously correct from what you've said 🙂 The question is, do YOU want to rekindle what you had with this most recent ex? And remember (on the tail end of what you said about the dirty/clean dog representing the two sides of your ex) if you love soemthing about another, they mirror something about yourself that is loveable, exactly as it works in the reverse: If you dislike something about another, they are mirroring something about yourself you dislike.

    You sound like a very popular lady in huge demand at the moment! But often when this happens, it is very confusing and can be detrimental to the recipient of all this attention and demands on your time.

    You need to contact each of them, be very firm and tell them that you wish to have some peace and quiet from ALL of them so you can think without their influence or interference.

    And let me say that the one who waits for you, is the one who really does want to be with you.

    I feel there is unfinished business between you and your recent ex and this is why you're dreaming of him. Either that, or his feelings for you are strong enough to reach you in dreams. Or both!

    Please take some time out from all this relationship chaos, sit quietly with yourself and try not to force your decision. In other words: Give yourself some space. The answer will come.

    Let me also ask you this: Which one of these men makes you smile the most warmly and affectionately when you see him?

    Hope this helps!



  • thanks again moon50 for taking time answering and giving insights to me i am really confused at the moment,part of me wanted to let go of my recent ex but part of me tells me i am better off with him,i dont know,i love my recent ex so much he's the one that makes me smile the most warmly when i see him....but he cheated on me and he is the one who also caused me so much pain..

    and you are right again,could it be we have a strong connections?in the past sometimes before i read his txt i could sense already what he wanted to say to me.

    i am really confused my heart is bleeding,though i tried to focus my mind on other things and other person,there are times i couldnt help being sad...

    thank you so much again moon50

  • Hmmm, while I don't advocate cheating, sometimes it is after all a human failing; one more inherent in men than women, but one that can be forgiven and forgotten if the love between the two is strong enough.

    Would you have forgiven him more easily if he embezzled money? Or injured someone deliberately? I realise cheating has been touted as the most unforgiveable sin there is in relationships, but in my humble opinion, I think the question that needs to be asked is: Did he cheat with his heart or his (little) head? (Pardon that term 🙂 Did the one he cheated with make it so hard for him to say no? Is being cheated on such a blow to the human ego that it can never be forgiven, even over and above other "crimes" a person could commit?

    It may be that he has learned his lesson and realises that this one mistake could cost him very dearly in losing you.

    Don't write him off, but still take that much needed break from all the relationship dynamics you are battling with. You will not be able to make a clear decision if you don't do that. I call it "giving yourself heart time" - a chance to emotionally clear out and rebalance.

    Only you can give that to yourself 🙂

    Good luck!



  • u r right again moon50 he cheated with his head,the woman offers him everything including money at the time he was down and confused.i can forgive him and u are right again i just want him to realize his mistakes,i do hope he would realized it soon,i love him so much and that is exactly what i am doing now giving myself a heart time if we are really are for each other we could be together again.

    thank you moon so much for ur insight i hope you continue helping people in need of someone to open up with and listen and giving advices and insights.

    GoD Bless and be happy always moon50 and please pray for me too that we can go back at the time that he is faithful and happy with each other. 🙂

  • Will do, and thank you for your kind thoughts 🙂

  • hi moon i have read ur thread and learned that you were in the same situation as mine few months ago,in pain and confused but with ur insights and helping words i was able to get back on track 🙂 and you were right and i'll return this words to you 🙂 give urself a heart time 🙂 i am sending you my hugs and energy moon,thanks a lot for being there also in my time of sadness and pain and i do hope by being there for you as an online friend just like the rest who gave kind words for you,you'll bounce back again 🙂

    just an update moon i forgave my recent ex,i went back here in other country where he is,i'll stay for a month but i still have fears coz the one he cheated with is still on the background sending messages still dont know what to do,i am here for a business also i hope i can stay here for good.:)

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