Hi all, can anyone give me a reading please...

  • I am a tarot reader myself tho cant seem to do my own readings, and I have noticed a lot on here that people seem to be giving readings to each other, I would do the same for anyone who needs it to, I have read for many other readers and psychics before.Just cant do my own ;-(

    A little bit about myself for anyone who would like to give me a reading ;-)....I am so torn with my thoughts lately to the point it is making me really ill, I am a mother of three and with father of my last baby, I would like to see what you all get on me and him, my inside is say something to me but I do think maybe this time I am wrong as iv been so hurt in the past and lost all trust.........I just don't want to be hurt again.

    Many thanks to anyone who would like to leave any light on this matter xx

  • P.s

    I am scorpio and my partner is sagittarius, tho so was my past partner of ten yrs a sagittarius to. Iv mentioned that as others have trouble realising who there speaking about. thanks again xx

  • hello queen of broken hearts.........i see you are searching emotions within .....trying to reach for an answer to your question is blocking you . i see a sad lady in a room with cats ,you cant see the answer because you are too afraid to look so you look back at the past.......the answer isnt there....you need to trust and everything will be revealed to you....dont let your emotions play a part in the reading you are going to do during this lunar eclipse ask brigad to guide you in your interpritation now is the best time to do your reading think more carefully about your question....leave emotions out

  • Hello craftersister, thank you for your insight to what i wrote....you are very right about me being quite sad, at times and do look back to the past a lot. I shall try giving myself this reading again and see what comes....many thanks to you ;-).

    I am really sorry to ask this but can you please tell me who brigad is who you mentioned that I should ask for my guidance, as I am not aware of who this is sorry...

  • brigad is a celtic godess assosiated with water.... you are a water sign , water seems to me to be conected with emotions and with the queen of cups so i think she would be just perfect as your guide.....sweet dreams

  • she is also known by the name brigida.......the wolf picture is to give you courage

  • yes I am a true water sign and lead very much by my emotions, I will ask for her in my guidance, I feel very connected towards her picture as look, thank you again sweet dreams to you and blessings 😉 xx

  • I see the protection from the wolfs towards her almost a comfortable feeling from it, as if not to worry very strong picture thank you xx


  • hello craftersister, I hope you slept well, I have only just seen your last post, I did think it may not be her but werent to sure very sorry, I would like to mention that how strange it is you picked this picture, as the lady in the pic is very much like me same curly hair, intense looking eyes, same build and complexion, may be thinking to much into it but thought id give it a little mention;-). I do indeed get a feeling of safeness and courage to, without sounding rude am I aloud to copy this pic I would like to keep it around me for little while if that ok . sweet days to hun xx

  • hi just opened my laptop.......i did sleep well i had a dream about the woman in the picture she said she was looking for a hairbrush ......funny dream. i'm glad you are feeling a bit more positive today and the picture can be copied you could try printing it off.. if you do a tiny print for your purse you could keep it with you........its a sunny day ......i have to get out in it .....hope you get it to print i haven't tried some things wont let you print them ....copyrights......have a wonderful day with your kids....i have 5 aged 13 to 32.....xxx ...leaving page open..... going for herbal bath

  • im glad you slept well hun.... the dream is probably me needing to detangle my life!!!!! ;-).....thank you again for the picture will try coping it now so kind of you........and yes it is lovely today iv just done the same thing, long soak n now time to get out there, only going shopping but usually brings a nice feeling when the suns out.....my kids are 8mths to 13yrs hun tho my eldest two are with my mum up north for summer break only time she gets to see them, the baby to young to go yet 😉 I do miss them but the break is also quite nice.....have a lovely bath and day out in the sun, im off to the shops now will be back on here later by for now xx

  • hi there queen of cups ....... how are things at the moment

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