LLOP- Friend

  • Hi LLOP

    How the baby?

    Life has a weird way sometime, i drawing to you here as a friend hope that cool?


  • Hi Scully ,

    No worries , it is probably better to start a new thread as sometimes the energies get crossed i hope i wasnt being to personal when i mentioned the crossed eyes , i was feeling there was a problen with your vision could you relate to this at all ?

    Love and hugs Loap:)

  • Hi LLOP.

    Hey no you were not being too personal, i do have a lazy eye, as they call it, i think you may been drawn to it as it gets swollen at time, but recently it did cause of the gum ulcers i had on the same side,

    I was thinking are you in America? that's my feel?

    Love light Scully. : )

  • Hi Scully ,

    I am in Australia wherea re you from ? Im glad that you can relate to the eye

    Love and light Loap:)

  • Hey, Loap

    Im from the uk, I have family in oz, haven't seen them since i was twelve, i did think about re connecting with my cousins, but as far as i know they dont talk to their dad (my mum brother) i dont have any any idea where they are how would i find them.


  • I think with Facebook and all those social networking sites that are around today might narrow down your searches of finding them . do you have facebook ? I did but deleted it i never liked the concept . Do you watch Eastenders?

  • I did have Facebook, but i closed mine down for several reason, mostly has i kept comparing the amount of friends, also its boring what people post each day haha.

    I did try post some users in Aus, as to the name , nothing back obviously.

    I used to love EastEnders, i still dip in now and again, like most soap they get tedious a lot time, boring, do you have any our soaps in Australia?

  • Yes i also watch Coronation st and Emmerdale . I agree with facebook i found it boring and very anti social the only people i was socialising with were some good freinds i made here on tarot .com that i added on facebook i still keep in contact with them via email .They dont come here anymore except for RC Dreamer now and then .

  • Home And Away?

  • Dont even go there Scully it is a load of rubbish do you watch it ? How are your tarot teachings coming along? Did you say you got Paul fenton smiths book ? He is an aussie . Which book was it again ?


    I have to confess i have watched it,, but off and on... i know. but i like Lynn Mc Granger.

    I got Tarot revealed and Tarot master-class.

    I hate to admit i still have not got back too it. im unsure when i will, i have been dealing and going through all new real stuff in my life, emotionally i had too i haven't looked till this weekend.

    Will i ever, i hope so, im now at the point where i want to be .?


  • How old are you Scully if you dont mind me asking ? Lynn McGranger not sure who that is i will have to google her . The tarot revelaed is a great book i still use it today . I have many

    books on the subject but i love that one the best .

  • I feel i maybe slightly older than you.. if i say you have to as well, only fair?

    Late thirties?

    What made you ask?

  • im 43 , I wasnt sure on your age i felt like you were late 20s thats the enrgy i felt coming from you you must be young at heart , not that you are old mind. lol

  • Yes Lynn Mcgranger who plays Irene , yes she is a very good actress .

  • In my heart im still 25!

    I always seem to attract trouble, still am a scape goat too.

    I dont even have to try sometimes, it's just me. for some reason.

    what you real star sign?

  • Im a taurus

  • Hi LLOp,

    I always seem to get on well with Taurus people.

    I wont be here much now.. i will post you what is be going on.

  • This is why, i come to my own.

    I think the past resurfaces, was a reminder of that old thinking thought patterns, happen when the **** happens., listening to good good advice, to help combat when i do feel very sensitive, apparently im very Sharpe when im in that way. i do know and have the utter knowledge i do not ever want to go back there again.

    I want to be the real me deep down, who i am truly at heart, not the angry half i have been over the last decade.

    Im the person who has a big heart and have a lot of love to give , i dont judge people, im not the common society individual either.

    My gut feel is the rest of this year will be focused on and striving to make the new thinking real me and life style changes a permanent for the rest of my life.

    The rest will come to me naturally.

    I dont think i will always be over confident, i will be confidant enough in my abilities. I feel happier at work, im more proactive, i finally have the energy levels back mentally, although i feel physically im getting slightly weaker.

    I think i may have made a another new friend, from work, she spiritual person, i do get on with people like that.

    If i do have negative thought, i just put bigger picture and be more positive with that..

    I do have a feeling on a tarot card, so for the first time in months i got them out again, i feel drawn to start again.

    The card Queen of swords.. i used to get that a lot..

    On the way to work i try figure it out.

    I used to be told and thing i didn't let people see real me and i see how i may just done to much- example.

    Work- Keep some things yourself,, be more cautious in what you speak, look out for me but dont make it obvious to others.

    Love- dont wear my heart on my sleeve, more caution is needed, be a bit aloof.

    It strange though i was do wrong years ago when i used do that haha.

  • "Hi Scully

    You sound like a lovely person i am glad you made a new friend who is spiritual as well , go with your gut on the tarot cards what you feel they mean the vibes and energy you are picking up from them .The Queen of swords is a very good judge of character and a highly intelligent woman it is a really great card for you to getting all the time .

    Love Loap:)

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