Captain - More Love Help Please lol

  • Hi Captain!

    I think I was suffering from a mid life crisis and letting others influence my life. Wife and I are trying to work things out and so far so good, except for one issue. My life insurance got denied because of my liver blood test. This is not the one I asked you about recently, I am still waiting for that. I am not worried because you said all will be ok. So here is my issue. If we work out and i hope we do, we want to have a kid...provided i can get life insurance. i am healthy so i dont think i will not get it. do you see us having a kid? i hope we have twins and i joke with her about it.

    sohow are you? i hope you are well.

  • All will be OK as long as you deal with the issues you have. Unless you continue to grow and learn, you will stagnate and so will your body.

    First things first - settle your marriage one way or the other, then think about children.

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