• Hi Astra ~ How are you? I would love to have some insight from you. Just in general. What ever comes up. We've chatted but I think it's been 8 months maybe a year since Ive had one of your beautiful insights. Happy to see you on here. Wishing you lots of Love & Blessings ~D

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  • Hey dmick

    Nice to hear from you! I am well thanks! I hope all is lovely in your world too...

    Okay sure thing, let's draw some cards and see what is going on.

    Wheel of Fortune is the first card up. So that is a turnabout for you, in some way..

    Ace of Wands, so it is a new identity, life role or something. Job changes can come under that. New creative expression, work of art that sort of thing.

    Hierophant on the other side. So that is "nailing it togther" usually intellectually or philosophy or something, You have been considering something in your thinking, could be creative in nature, whatever it is, it is turning our for you.

    Hermit, seems to be only you in it, whatever it is. This is a higher love principle too. Creative "open" hand as compared to the "Closed hand" of the WHEEL. So there is a lot of creative energy around you right now.

    And the Chariot. Fast. This project has wheels apparently. And the Ace of Wands, along with 4 major arcana cards - that is very intense, like this thing whatever it is has a life of its own.

    Six of Wands - very successful too. You have wondered will it work out? It will. This is very solid so far in the creative dimension. Major creative force and power, authoritative.

    Six of Cups. So, now the energy is more love and nice in that realm, so this seems to be that this "project" has a very sweet and nice outcome too, emotionally peaceful. The results are flowers and pretty places, streams and bluebirds, clear skies, greenery and pastures, and idyllic, Like a landscape from a fairy tale.

    And a five of wands. This is affirming that you can expect some path changes connected with this venture. It will require you to be flexible with your preconceptions about what you thought your path was. Bend a little once in a while and let it flow into some new areas...

    Queen of WANDS. That ties the ribbons on it, Queen swords top, and the queen wands below. THe project has a strong intellectual and creative bent. THe Hierophant reflects similar energy. Almost like a work of philosophy with cartoon characters singing in the heavens haha... happy whatever it is... nice place to visit...!

    Okay Dmick, I hope that gives you something? It all looks really nice to me, you are in a creative, expressive path of some sort, very strong. It is turning out NICE FOR YOU.

    love and light


  • Hi AstraAngel,

    If you don't mind could you help me interpret a Love Bottom Line reading that I recieved last week. My relationship has been going thru some major issues and I really need some direction.

    Advice = Nine of Coins

    Significant Other =Ace of cups

    Self= Five of coins

    Situation= three of coins

    potential= the moon


  • Hey ambi15

    I am starting a new thread for your question...

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  • Hi dmick

    By the way that is cool on your canvas work, abstracts sound nice, maybe that's what I should experiment more with. I have thinking "representational" maybe I got mired in that... so thanks for sharing what you are up to creatively! $10 is amazing for a 4 ft x ft...

    So that Queen of Swords... not sure what the exact placement was now! She was above. So that would equate to desire, conscious aspiration, hopes. So the creative element must have some real nice intellectual sophistication is what comes to mind. "THe project has a strong intellectual and creative bent..."


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