What do i do, keep having dreams of myvex!

  • I am so tired i keep dreaming of my ex and i dont know why and i am trying still to move on but the dreams are not helping. I still love him very much but am told it wont work out..so i have been trying to move on for a few monthd now, but every once and a while I will dream of him. Im not sure what i need to do, it's making me depressed more and more every day.

  • What is the usual scenario of your dreams ? What are the feelings attached to it ? Try to understand what your subconscious mind is telling you through dreams, what issue is left unresolved..

  • They are usually me trying to tell him i still love him and he never gives a yes or no answer. Last night i dreamed i was with his two daughters and i asked his eldest if he was with someone and she said yes and i started crying and she asked whats wrong and i said nothing. Then i ended up calling him and he answered and i was trying to tell him i still love and miss him and he said in his sarcastic voice its too early something like that and i dont remember ehat else i wadso mad and our phone krpt ringing lol and i tried calling him back but he didnt answer

    That's pretty much it. I think its more emotional now by cause his daughters were in my dream. Ive had different psychics tell me different things about him either hes not the one or that he is and to wait but finally i found out he isnt going to contact me. So i am trying to move on but the dreams i feel are making it more difficult!

  • Saf86, you are still processing the break up in your subconscious mind, through the dreams, even though consciously you have already moved on. Just allow the complete healing to happen at its own pace, it takes time. Personally I don't believe in the concept of "the one". I think there are many potential "the ones" to each person, each of them can be connected with you in his own unique way. What strikes me about your dreams is the overall feeling of uncertainty, not knowing where you stand with this guy, and not being able to fully reach him,or his soul. If anything, I would say this is the warning for you that this relationship doesn't seem to be mutual and is not worth emotionally investing into.

  • I also dreamed i got to his home and he was waiting outside and when i got out the car he hugged and kissed me. 😞 so i guess it's going to take along time i feel like to finally be able to move on from him! 😞

  • I also have dreams about planes crashing in my backyard and i dk why. I am not afraid of flying and i haven't in a long time. Whats this about???

  • Saf86, dreaming of him waiting for you is just what it is - you are still missing him. As for the airplanes crashing in your backyard, I suppose they represent trauma, loss of sense of direction and an emotional "crash" happenning in your life. Again it's your subconscious mind processing the traumatic event. What do you do in your dreams as a responce to the crash ? What are your feelings ? Do you just wake up, or take any action first ?

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