Dream and a reading if anyone can help

  • For those of you that have replied before and know my situation, I have not been on here in two years. My gemini and I had reconciled as friends and for the past two years we had been doing great.

    Until December of 2011 then one day he just vanished..we hadn't fought, we hadn't disagreed at all for the past two years, in fact we cleared up a lot of past issues and hurts, he expressed how he felt about me but there wasn't much I could do because I am engaged to be married to someone else. he was very supportive and caring and was reallty there. We talked everyday for hours, played games together freakin' laughed our butts off! Nothing was going wrong at all then he started to pull away from me..he stopped answering my calls, stopped responding to my emails then delted me from all his friends lists and just disappeared. About two days after all that happened he asked me about some email that was written to him 5 years ago and asked if Ihad wrote it myself..i told him I had no idea what he was talking about. All he said was "Okay...the next step will be a restraining order." I was dumbfounded and cried for days after this and I still don't understand what upset or why he acted this way.

    Then about 4 months ago he snet me package..i totally didn't see that comming. It was a dagger he had promised to make for me years ago and a beautiful frame that had real dragonflies incased in it (i love dragonflys and he said that he thought of me when ever he saw them) and a dragonfly coffee cup. Manners overrid my anger and I wrote him a thank you note but still have heard nothing but he has unblocked me from a social site we were on together. He is a gemini male.

    then the other day I had this dream it was Him, myself, his best firend and his best firends girlfriend. We were in a boat laughing and talking and he kept trying to put his arm around me or touch me in some way and I kept just smiling and moving away from him. He finally got close enough and he was kissing me. then it switched ti wear we were in his best friends house and we were in there bathroom with this huge sunk in tub and he kept wanting to take a bath with me..I know it sounds crazy!

    I was wondering if anyone could give me some insight on this perhaps a reading and maybe a break down of the dream. If you could I would papreciate it.


  • Well obviously this man is unable to be just friends with you anymore and doesn't see any romantic future for you and him since you are involved with someone else. So he is cutting off from you so as to save himself more heartbreak and pain. You must wish him well and let him go to focus on your own engagement.

  • I was hoping that wasn't the case 😞 I thought we were past that and he said that because I was with someone he wouldn't dwell on what could have been he was just glad to see me happy. I was hoping if this was the case he would just tell me instead of accusing me of stuff and being just down right mean.

    Thank you for the insight, all ideas and percepectives welcome.

  • What would be the point of opening up his heart to you if you are with someone else?

  • Hello,

    As far as your dream goes, it shows that somewhere in you, you know he wants more from you. My impression is that the dream was attempting to give you some insight to what it feels like to be in his shoes: close to someone and feel sexual around them and have them continue to reject and move away, all the while with a smile on their face. That cuts like a knife to a person in love.

    If you were out on this boat on a sunny day that is a symbol that you are aware of what is being shown to you. If it was cloudier I would guess you are more in a limbo with how you feel. Dark naturally, you would be in the dark about the true reason for everything just yet.

    Kissing then trying to get in a large deep tub is a metaphor of "taking the plunge". All this water involved in the dream and I can tell this is emotionally hitting you hard.

    By his actions he seems to be in love with you and I'm sure when he says otherwise, he is just trying to convince himself that he doesn't want more from you. But the fact to him, is that you go home to another man after all your good times. Naturally he's only gonna be able to take that for so long.

    If you love your fiance and feel in your heart that's who you should be with, then it would be best to let this Gemini go and live without you. If you think your twin friend is who you should be with, then you could take that road and tell him so, but expect that he probably won't respond well because he is feeling tossed around (on a boat) by you, which is why he cut off contact with you. Its self preservation.

    My impression of what you've said and the dream gives me the feeling that you do love and want to marry this other man, but consider your reasons for why you want to marry rather than be with someone you " talked everyday for hours, played games together freakin' laughed our butts off! " Is this the case with the man you are engaged too?

    I would be interested to know what all of your birth dates are...

  • PS your dream doesn't sound crazy at all, it sounds just exactly like a dream 🙂

  • Yes, the fact that he is acting so nasty to you shows how very hurt and used he is feeling.

  • I haven't used him at all. We have had a very long friendship and at one point he told ME that he wasn't willing to take it further and that he just wanted to remain friends and I respected that and at the time I was single. He has been hurt deeply in the past by other women and I never treated him that way and always put him first before my feelings. He walked away from me I did not walk away from him. Infact I finally told him a few years ago that I wanted to be with him and he laughed at me and hurt me deep inside.

    Then we became friends again because he said he had been wrong for the way he treated me and that he wanted to make amends. He regretted missing his chance but he woudl stand by my side as my friend.

    TheCaptain..you make it sound like I used him and tossed him aside which wasn't the case at all, sorry if I don't understand your intent but that is the fact that he walked away from me several times while I was single and after the last time I basically said screw I wasn't going to waste another 5 years waiting for someon who didn't want me so I moved on with my life.

    When I was on the boat in the dream it was gray and cloudy. I don't deny having feeling for him to this day but you can lead a horse to water but can't make him drink. So I justed opted to be there for him as a friend like HE said he wanted. I just gave him what he said he wanted..a friend to confide in and trust and I did exactly that.

    I guess deep down I know that he has feelings for me buthe is so back and fourth I don't really know if that makes since. He hasn't talked to me since December adn I don't think he will ever gain I just thought I meant more to him then just walking away. I only did what he asked and that was to be his friend but someone how I come out looking like the jerk?

    I admit also that my relationship with my fiance' is no where near what it is with my Gem friend. Though my fiance' treats me well and i do nothave to question his love for me or his intentions and his wanting me. I truly love my fiance' but I can't help but feel that at some point my Gem adn I are meant to be together, its that gut feeling that justnever goes away and it isn'tbecause I just want it to happen. I have weighed both sides and I love my Gem friend and would be devestated if he left me if I was in a romantic relationship. I am already devestated and brokenhearted just being his friend.

    I guess I am just really confused because I only did want he wanted and somone I got hurt inthe process and he is angry at me. I never lead him on and I never lead him to think I would lead him on. I put myslef on the line and asked him once to be with me and give it a try and he just ignored me.

    I guess it just pains me more knowing he won't be in my life anymore and everday is a struggle to not just lay and bed and cry and wish he would just stop being so angry at me for something I didn't do.

    Sorry I'm just beside myself and have a hard time believing hehas any feelings towards me when he acts this way.

    His birthday is June 16, 1971

    I am December 18 1981

    He's a Gem and I am Sag.

  • I did not say you used him, just that he feels you did. There is a big difference. But I think you HAVE wanted both your cake and to eat it too. That is, you want both your fiance AND this guy around you. But you have to put yourself in the other man's place - how could someone with romantic feelings for you bear such a triangle? Also being a Gem and a Sag means you two are complete opposites in astrology - while this does cause a huge attraction, it also means living together would have great problems, adjusting as you two would have to, to someone quite unlike yourself in behaviour and attitude.

  • I get what your saying, and very much appreciate your input.

    Of course I want him aroundme but honestly not because I want him to pine over me. I truly care about him as a friend.

    I do know we are oppisits via astrology but 98 percent of the time we get along great but then there are times when he just pulls this crap and blindsides me. He had plenty of time to make his move and now he is angry at me for not waiting on him and moving on with my life because to me he made it obvious he didn't want me in his.

    I'm still actively trying to forget him, I am wiccan so i am doing my spell work and such to ask the Goddess to help me let him go but it seems that, in my gut, I get the feeling of unfinished buisness so to say if that makes sense. I don't know what else to do 😞

    I am sorry if it came out to you like you were accusing me I just was not really sure what you meant that is why I clarified 😉 but what you say makes perfect sense. But like I stated earlier I just have ahard time believing he is in love with me because he told me he wasn't and didn't want to be with me. Very confusing gentleman indeed.

  • I have had the back and forth relationship with a Gemini, friends then lovers then back to friends It has been like this for 13+ years with him. I too have always had the feeling we should be together, or would be when he stopped being Peter Pan (never gonna happen) but I had a past life regression and found that him and I have always been extremely close, but where never lovers and meant to be there for each other in loving friendship.Then I was able to let go of the hurt of rejection because my expectation of him changed. I think you will hear from him again. Dealing with a Gemini is a rollercoaster. and it can really suck. Keep your chin up miss DragonflyFlame you should be with someone that makes you happy and secure.

  • Gemini is the sign of being in two minds and they often end up in a love triangle because of their dual nature, loving two different people or being loved by two people or having two different relationships going. I have often found them to be more attracted to someone after that someone gets into a relationship with someone else. They don't like to get tied down so an already attached person is safer for them.

  • Omg isn't that the truth lol

  • The other thing I am curious about is why did he send me gifts? I don't understand that one and it has me wondering what that is all about....hmm 😕

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