• Wondering and thinking about you this am...Is everything ok w/you...

  • Hi Dal,

    Doing fine - in New Orleans on a business trip. I really dont come on the forum anymore unless I feel called. Must have felt you "calling" me! Taking some time to figure out what form the use of my "gift" should or will take - really dont feel like it's here, but right now dont feel like it's anywhere!

    New Orleans has been interesting. Normally I know some other people on the trip but not this time. The people who are here are either people I would not want to be associated with due to their behavior or just disingenuine. So on the "free" time I have had I have done things by myself which takes some of the fun out of it. However I have also been doing a lot of personal inventory so it has probably happened this way for a reason.

    Anyway, hope you are doing well! Gotta run to a keynote luncheon - excuse the typing - I'm on an iPad!

  • You're East of me. I live in NE Texas area. I like the style of NOrleans. Just passed thru. Have a brother in Gulfport, MS area. Still see owls prior to a passing. Working on different areas of my life as far as career. Have some remodeling on my home due this year. That will take some time. Hope to work on developing a business plan soon to see if I want to pursue this. Looking forward to going on some religious retreats discerning my call. One retreat is local, the other is in Maine. Either way, don't feel quite myself like something is missing. I believe you can relate to this w/your life. Everything is well. I often wish you were here to provide input. You do have a gift.

  • What type of career are you considering? I have some remodeling to do in my bathrooms - it can be fun, but it can also be very stressful! The retreats sound nice. I am just trying to get my work life/schedule a little more settled so I can consider some creative outlets for myself as well. Yes, something does feel missing these days. But I do know that the big lesson as of late is to just be happy where we are. The first step for me was just to accept where I am. Still working on the happy with it part!

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