Tired all the time, and I don't do much.

  • Can anyone tell me what's wrong, I'm tired all the time, I've been sleeping like crazy for the past week or so and when I wakeup I'm still so tired, I don't do much of anything. Someone please help me, thanks.

  • i can only advice you to see a doctor, and see if you are possibly facing a depression,

    pray that u get well soon.


  • could be...worms, iron defficiency, depression (subject to other stuff going on), loads n loads of different viruses will make you tired, pregnant, as ramonita suggests best person to ask this is your doctor

  • You should also have your thyroid check. Sounds like classic symptoms. I know, I have it. Synthroid medication, helps with energy, weight loss . My hair was even falling out. Yicks! Good luck to you,

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