Help w/3 Card Draw

  • The question was potential of a Love relationship between a Scorpio and Aquarius. Any insight would be appreciated or experience w/ Scorpio and Aquarius. Thanks.

    In Situation: The Emperor

    In Challenges: Eight of Swords

    Love and Me: Queen of Cups

  • Hello Dalia,

    How have you been?

    It's somewhat late, but here's what I see in those three cards:

    The Emperor in your current situation states that there is a very influential man in your life. One that you VERY much look up to, perhaps even put on a pedistal. You are very much taken by him and are hoping he is everything you want him to be.

    You are being challenged to take a deeper look at what is actually going on in the world around you. You are feeling somewhat 'held back' or trapped in your current life. As if there is nothing you can do to help yourself. In reality, that is not at all the case. If you step back and take an objectionable view of your life and your world, you will see that all the solutions to your questions or concerns are all right there in front of you. You have all the ability to have what you want. You only have to reach for it, and do what it takes to have it. It's all your choice. Nothing is holding you back except for your own inhibitiions and your own inability to see that you are in control of your current situation. You have blinders on, based on constraints or issues from your past. You do not recognize, that those restraints are long gone, and the only thing holding you back now is your own misperception and fear.

    The Queen of Cups is one of my favorite cards. She is truly beautiful. There is so much love and nurturing and beauty to be gained from your current situation. The time is right to free yourself from your self-imposed bonds and to claim the happiness and nurturing that you seek.

    ...from those cards, I see good potential for a loving relationship to form. (If you are not too afraid to see clearly and act on it.)

  • Dalia, I completely agree with DreamerNorth. I see the same thing in those cards.

    It looks like you're the Aquarius in this reading, so as another Aquarius I would encourage you to do what you do best and see things from a different perspective -- his! Also, don't be afraid of the intensity of the Scorpio - learn to let what they say roll off your back, or understand that despite the intensity with which he expresses himself it doesn't necessarily mean that he's starting a fight or is even that attached to the situation at hand.

    I wish you lots of luck and happiness!

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