Spread Interpretation Request

  • Earlier I did a Celtic Cross spread with the question of whether I should pursue a relationship with a particular person. I've come up with my own interpretation, but I'd like some additional opinions on this. To keep it impartial, I won't say what my interpretation of it was.


    1. Ace of Cups

    2. Four of Pentacles

    3. Two of Swords

    4. Knight of Cups

    5. Wheel of Fortune

    6. Six of Wands

    7. The Hermit

    8. Temperance

    9. King of Pentacles

    10. The Empress

    Thanks for your help!

  • This is a relationship that can be on and off. You've been silent or wait and see and this is a challenge for you. I get balance, maybe balancing extremes. A plateau has or was reached as far as emotions. Hermit usually indicates for me the need to get to yourself to decide what you want to do with your life. I see two people set in their ways. I believe knight will turn distant.

  • Who would the knight represent? The subject of the question, or another person around me?

  • There could possibly be 2 people here. Sometimes things change. Can you tell me more.

  • Well, the background is a bit complicated, but the simplest form is:

    The subject is somebody I like and enjoy being with, and also likes and enjoys being with me. My roommate/friend disapproves very highly, which is part of the reason why I have been apprehensive about pursuing anything with that person, as I have been fearful of driving that friend away. My friend also doesn't have a problem with every person I've considered dating, just this particular one. He's a bit protective of me, and has stated that part of the reason he doesn't like this person is that he believes the person I'm interested in will essentially break my heart in the end, and he doesn't want to see that happen to me. The other part of the reason was that he, for whatever reason, feels as if I'm "replacing" him with this new person, despite my assurances to the contrary.

    So, basically, when you said the "knight will turn distant" I could interpret that as either, "this person I want to date will grow distant from me" or "my friend will grow distant from me."

  • Whatever happens, presently you have the help of one friend (roomate.) You want an answer now. I get that temperance is a block for you. Is it that you need an answer quickly. Is roomate turning on the heat. This is your call.

  • Well, the friend I was referring to IS my roommate, which is also why I've been holding back a bit. I suppose temperance being a block is probably accurate, since I'm essentially trying to balance what I want with keeping my friend from being angry with me. I haven't noticed any particular pressure coming from him, though,

  • Be careful your roommate is not manipulating you for his own selfish gain. I am not saying he is aware of doing it or doing it badly, but that looks like the case. I have had that before with a man who was falling in love with me, trying to get me to stop dating a new boyfriend. Unfortunately his manipulation of my mind, ended up ruining my own relationship for a while as I took the problems he talked about into my own relationship.

  • That is really good advice. If you could advise on my card spread in the forum too, would appreciate any help!

  • So, after pondering everything for a while, looking up advice about tarot, I found something advising me to basically change my question. So, instead of, "Should I pursue a relationship with this person?" it became, "What would the outcome of a relationship with this person be?"

    1. Hermit

    2. Eight of Cups

    3. Three of Swords

    4. Ten of Cups

    5. Four of Wands

    6. King of Pentacles

    7. Six of Cups

    8. Ten of Swords

    9. Six of Wands

    10. Page of Cups

    So, I found a few things striking about this.

    1. The overall theme seems to be romance and love, from the images presented in ten of cups, four of wands, three of swords, and six of cups, all of which have love or romantic overtones within the images.

    2. Particular cards jumped out at me due to their positions -- the three of swords for my "past" immediately made me think of my previous ex, which I have spent 9 months healing from the sudden and unexpected split we had (and at one point I even described it as if he had shoved a dagger through my heart, so the image resonates incredibly well with me). In addition, for "external influences" I had the ten of swords, which makes me think of my roommate.

    Any additional thoughts?

  • In answer to the 1st (original) post. The roomate will turn distant. I'm going to look at your second spread and give a reply.

  • Textor, Have you known your roomate for quite a while. This would help a lot in answering your questions accurately. I see a green light w/your group of friends. Your friends are guiding you correctly. I'm getting that you've known the roomate longer. In your foundation and past you're really looking for a long-term commitment. I think your roomate sees (knows) this and thinks you may be naieve in regards to this person your interested in. There is a younger influence towards the right (future) of your reading. Someone is being shown as young love/young at heart--possibly naieve. King of pentacles I read as your roomate because of the coins--material/possessions/career mainly because you share a place. Based on the question you asked would need to know what potential person's personality etc., is. Based on this 2nd reading would take your roomates's advice.

  • I've known my roommate for about 6 months, and the subject in question for about 3 months. My roommate and I bonded rather quickly, and when I had a space open up in my home, I offered it to him in order to give him some additional opportunities. He has an offer to live rent-free in a place his ex owns, and he is seriously considering taking it at the moment, so he may not be my roommate for much longer. In addition, he has been hanging around with a new friend a lot lately, so even without the new potential love interest in the equation, I've felt a bit of a distance forming between us. He is also a closed person, keeping most people at arms length... asking questions like, "Will you be coming home tonight?" or how he's feeling after a traumatic event tends to invoke irritation in him and you receive no real answer back, other than that he's "fine" and "he'd let me know" if there was some sort of issue. Due to the way his emotions tend to manifest, he has been evaluated for bipolar disease and another similar condition, but the psychologist determined that he doesn't have those.

    As for the subject of the spreads... he is young, and that is where some of my apprehension comes from, since, in my experience, a lot of younger people tend to be a bit more fickle about things. As for his personality, he is cheerful, enthusiastic, positive, and energetic, but tends to dwell on the past or worry about the future on occasion, and his lack of life experience occasionally makes him susceptible to making decisions without thinking about the possible consequences that may result.

  • Hey Textor,

    Just wondering what you decided and whether the cards are working out as your spread indicated?

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