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  • Hello, how are you? I was wondering if you could do a reading on me that is exclusively about my my college education. As I mentioned before Im goin to school to be a veterinary technician. its a A two year associates degree. However Iv been attending for almost 6 years! i have had several vechicle issues that prevented me from going to school. "there is no bus to my school,especially at 10pm. Iv never worked in a vets office so its harder for me to learn procedures,etc.. alot of the students have been already performing these tasks, blood counts,taking blood,running tests,etce ... so they have had practice. in this program you dont get too many chances to "practice" techniques

    you read about it,watch instructor demonstrate couple times then you have to do it and get graded accordingly. we get to do some practice, but not enough to help. procedures like putting animals under anesthesia,dental cleanings,etc.. you are graded the 1st time you do it on a live patient. but you cant afford to lose too many points cause grading scale is tough there. anyway, im retaking this quarter, and i have to pass all my classes or ill be out of program. the lab portion of one of my classes is terrible! as of now im failing for the most part, we are about half way through the quarter. I have a bad memory and i have hard time remembering everything, which is alot. and i have hard time sitting to study for long periods. im so scared, i want to graduate and succeed in this. Is it too late? is there enough time to pass this quarter? Am I even capable of becoming a vet tech?

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    Six years is a long time and since you have trouble remembering or just let fear take over this may be something that tells you to go in another direction. You don't have to be a Vet tech to work in a Vets office. There is always the admin part of it. I was once interviewed by a Vet and told that he would train me to be his assistant. So if you do not pass this time it is not the end of the world for you. That said:

    What are you afraid of: You don't like the surgery part of being a Vet tech? Not being able to remember your books is a sign of stress and not putting your mind into the study and books. You need a quiet place to study like a library.

    Am I capable of becoming a vet tech? You are if you really want it and put your mind and heart into it like you are training to run a gold medal race. When you do the lab procedures have you ever thought of thinking along the lines that the animal could be your own lying there needing your help to heal it? That is putting your heart into it. Than how about the knowing that comes from study that would give you the ability to fuction and preform with high standards.

    Believe in yourself and watch yourself achive what you never thought possible.


  • thank-you for your advice. the issue with this program is that i have a $30,000 school loan that must be paid back whether I graduate or not. so my monthly bill will be around $400! as for the administration part, the veterinary field is doing away with receptionists. it is the vet tech does it all now. they stil have a few vet assistants out there, but they are fading away, cause the vets can just hire the techs to do everything. we do have to do the administering stuff as well. i would never be able to make ends meet on what assistants make anyway. iv put so much time and money into this program, i cant afford to flunk out. everyone in my life wants to see me graduate. failing out of this program would be detrimental to my future. as far as learning, im not scared or have any problems with surgery,etc.. its just hard to get the procedures down in such a short period of time.

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