Shuabby could you please do me a reading

  • Shuabby trust you are well. I am desperate in need of a reading with regards toi Libra guy.

    At this age I don't want to waste time om someone that doesn't deserve te.

    Would like to know

    1). Future of this relationship

    2). His intentions (playing games or serious)

    3). Anything else I shoul be aware of

    His date of birth 1 Oct 1962

    Mine 4 May 1962

    Thanking you is advance

  • Angelshearts

    I feel that he a good match for you , trust is not one of the things that are high on the list for you to easily do. I do not feel he is playing games with you, if you ask him he will tell you how he feels pretty stright forward. When you are filled with fear than you draw all of the what ifs into play such as this request for a reading.

    Future of the relationship: I feel like this man could be the love of your life if you feel it in your deep core of being and can trust him.

    His intentions: I feel he is a fairly honest man and will lay the cards out on the table with noting to hide, has he done anything to you that would make you think that he is playing games like dating other women when dating you? If he is , he will tell you so is what I receive.

    Be aware of your own mind and heart. If you have trust issues than you may want to take this relationship slowly so that you can feel your way so to speak with him. By the way you are still young enough that he is not your last chance at love . If you enter into a room and give off a vibe that you know yourself and what you want you will draw it to you, that is a law of the universe.

    Love to Love You is a song that Donna Summer sings that you just might enjoy listening to.


  • Shuabby, thank you so much. I'm just so confused.

    The last time he ignored me for 4 months, now its 6 days witrhou a words from him.

    That's the reason I asked for a reading. Was hoping to get some answers.

    I know he is not seeing others,

    So its not a matter of trust.

  • angelhearts,

    Six days without a word. Does he do drugs? Drink? That is what comes to mind here. Are you expecting to much from him? Some men love on surface levels and for whatever their soul reasons are can not love on deeper levels.

    You need to let go of him and start thinking of yourself now. You can still find the type of man that you are looking for if you know in your heart what you want. Don't settle for less.

    Ask your guides to help you find a man that will fullfill your inner needs and not leave you wondering if you need to send out the seeing eye dog in search for a man that fades away.


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