AstraAngel, a reading please?

  • Hi AstraAngel,

    May I have a reading from you please? My boyfriend hasnt contacted me for about one week now...We did have a argument before that. What's he thinking now? Does he really want to break up with me? If not, where is our relationship headed? Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks for your time and help 😉

  • Hey Aprilca

    I just drew a few cards,

    For you I drew the King of Cups, so that must simply be you thinking about him or something...

    For him it is the 3 of Swords, which in this case I would have to say is some mental duress over you. Heartbreak is the traditional rendering.

    In answer to where is the r heading? I drew the 4 of Wands which is success. So according to this I would think a reconciliation soon, he appears hurt it seems... and the Wheel is a little dizzy, I think he is really feeling like his world is turning or something, after the breakup...

    Also drew a 10 of wands on you so that sounds like you have your hands full in general, a lot of path, role energy... crossroads...

    Another future card seems the Knight of Swords so that is focus energies maybe communications soon, getting together and talking...

  • Thanks for the reading, Astra. Quite insightful. Hope he talks to me soon 😉 Have a wonderful weekend ahead.

  • Hi Astra,

    May I have another reading from u please? what can I expect from now to the end of Sept? Job, love life, etc... thank you 😉 Hope your having a good day so far!

  • Aprilca...

    Here is a "Job, love life, and more (your 'etc' part) " reading for you... 🙂

    3 rows, 5 cards each to block out 5 weeks from yesterday.

    Work: Star / Queen Wands / Page Swords / Devil / 10 Swords

    Love life: 7 Wands / 9 Pentacles / Death / Hierophant / 4 of Cups

    And more (etc): High Priestess / 10 Cups / 2 Swords / King Cups / Ace Pentacles

    So, reading this as a "story" let's see what we come up with!

    Week 1, you have hopes for your job, you keep believing it can be better... hoping anyway. It is also about hope for YOU not just the job

    You are dreaming of love... 7's are imagining things... paths in love. Daydreams. Night dreams.

    High Priestess - Something is happening without your awareness that is helping you! A secret something, it is nice, however it is being kept hidden from you for now.

    Week 1 is very quiet.

    Week 2 - Work, a Queen Wands appears. Maybe this is someone you work with, or for. A key figure anyway. Hmm....

    In love, something of a very physical nature appears out of nowhere it seems. In your face.

    ANd more" sees a 10 of cups, overflowing love, emotions and could be looking for a path! this must be amplifying this weeks events.

    So something occurs this week that is very materially significant for you (9p) and seems to touch on some intense feelings.

    Week 2 is emotional!

    Week 3, shows a rapid shifting of gears to settled 2 sword type energies, both the page of swords and the 2 of swords carry similar energies, one is a message from outside, the other is a message from inside.

    SO you should be getting some sort of news this week, and it seems to end something in love! Or at least the "death" energy shows here, which is simply set changes, tearing down one set and getting ready for a new one (resurrection). So a important turning point in week 3.

    Week 4 - This is where love makes an entrance I do believe. The Devil at work, the Hierophant in love (he is the alter ego of the devil), and the King of Cups is showing now in the "and more" row... so this looks like a nice guy, spiritual on the outside, a devil within...hmm... maybe someone you work with.

    Week 4 is love.

    Week 5, something happens at work - 10 of swords. The work path is certainly a roller coaster for you - this feels like a prison, devil + 10 swords.

    THe 4 of cups and the Ace of Pentacles in love 'and other' seems to say nice things for a new love interest there is something begun physically with the king you meet in week 4. 4 of cups is nice, stable foundational energies in emotions and love.

    Week 5 is wanting to see how much sick time you've accrued as you may be using that to gain a little more "get acquainted" time with this King.

    (Discussion around the water cooler)

    "Hey, has anyone seen aprilca?"

    "Oh man, I heard she caught that nasty thing goin' round... "

    "Oh no kidding... she is usually pretty healthy... "

    "I know... I heard this one is a bugger... a lot of people can't even get out of bed.... for days!"

    "Yeah, I heard that too..."

    Hey aprilca, hope that gives you something to think about... in case you don't HAVE a job, I predict you will get one by week 5. (ace of pentacles)! 🙂

  • Hi Astra,

    I enjoyed reading your post. Such a fun loving cute writing;) thank you. I know you gave me insightful relationship reading a couple days ago and I really appreciated it. i know things may head to a promising way (4 of wands), But since My bf hasnt spoken to me for more than one week, i really feel uneasy. i dont know where I stand now. Do you mind doing a deeper reading on this issue? I like to know how he thinks of me and our relationship.. last time when we talked on the phone, he was so cold and distant - I am wondering if he still wants to be with me at this moment. Maybe there is some part of him that I just don't know..... Any idea? thanks for your help, Astra.

  • Hey aprilca

    Hmm, I can not figure out people and communication issues it is unbelievable. All I can figure is that people are for the most part so emotionally immature that they spend their lives running away from any depth issue or question out of fear. It is weird.

    Oh well, let's see what is going on with you and him... a week is not a long time. I would sit tight if I were you and dream of him, or something fun... it is good for relationships to stay apart sometimes, helps you connect telepathically, or in some other mysterious ways.

    Anyway, lets see...

    "I like to know how he thinks of me and our relationship.. last time when we talked on the phone, he was so cold and distant - I am wondering if he still wants to be with me at this moment. "

    I drew the 9 of cups and the Tower. I would say certainly yes he wants to be with you, 9 of cups is very intense and complete love, Tower in this case modifies that with some real drama. passion. Still waters run deep.

    Queen of Swords - that must be you.

    Ace of Wands is yes.

    4 of cups, that is very dependable, solid, established, foundational love.

    9 of wands is yes yes to that. Hooray!

    8 of Cups, I think doors, openings, developments. Something is doubling, 4 to an 8 cups. 9 wands is strong path energy, like solid and established.

    So there is a very strong path established in the midst of this transition that doubles this love. It grows, and right in the center there is a path that illuminates so bright.

    The Empress that is very nurturing, feminine, love energies. That is you also.

    Ace of Wands, that is a yes...

    Page of Swords is a risk, a step, a choice something is wanting to be risked that is an idea, a thought that has arisen from an older path that was also a strategy or concept, something ike that.

    Ace of Cups. There is a new love in the thick of this too.

    8 of Wands it is working on fast organizing path energies, this is also the Moon card (to me, this particular combination of 8W plus the Ace cup, like night vibrations and it is emotional, quite lovely really) So this is nice...

    And the Ace of Wands yes.

    Two cards, Queen of Wands and the Wheel of Fortune. This is you? This is mature path energies, I want to say it is another woman of interest and with the Wheel connected to that card sounds like another person for whom the wheel has not stopped turning, requiring a pause or wait until it finishes its thing.

    Queen of Pentacles. Another Queen. Perhaps there are several connected. Another aspect perhaps of your nature this is the material aspect.

    Ace of Swords is a yes.

    7 of Cups face down over the Ace of Swords so this card "covers" the Ace sword. A new idea and it is connected with an imagination or new concept of love, relationship, marriage, everything.

    Justice indicates there has been an imbalance that is being corrected with counter balancing forces that should settles everything out for all.

    2 of wands is a yes.

    2 of swords an agreement.

    Hey Aprilca, I ran through all that kinda freeform... sri maybe some of it will make sense to you. I saw nice things between you two, I think everything is flowing along nicely.

  • hiiii Astra,

    Can I have an update reading? I just found out my bf was a dating site, and its sick to my stomach. Barely slept last night. Dont know how to describe how i feel. disgusted? angry? I know i wanna nail him to the wall right now and smack his face real hard. What's he thinking? Why would be he go on a dating site? Does that mean he totally decided to move on? Hope to hear from you! Thanks, Astra

  • Hi Aprilca,

    I'll answer your message as a dialog... for fun....

    AP: Can I have an update reading?

    AA: Sure! Anything new going on with you? Any surprises? Exciting discoveries?

    AP: I just found out my bf was a dating site, and its sick to my stomach. Barely slept last night. Dont know how to describe how i feel. disgusted? angry?

    AA: Looks like you are more angry than disgusted. Is there anything you'd like to do with him to help resolve this?

    AP: I know i wanna nail him to the wall right now and smack his face real hard. What's he thinking?

    AA: Page of Swords, he's thinking of sending someone an email or a letter. Do you have anything else you are wondering about related to this?

    AP: Why would be he go on a dating site?

    AA: 9 of Wands. Maybe he feels a little boxed in and he's looking for some freedom? What do you think that means?

    AP: Does that mean he totally decided to move on?

    AA: Knight of Wands. Hmm. Kinda looks like someone is galloping off. Quick.

    Aprilca I hope that helps... do you really love this guy?

    You said you wanted to smack him real hard... just wondering...

  • Hi AstraAngel,

    It's been a while since you gave me wonderful readings. I hope your well. What are you up to these days?

    Hey Astra, may I have an update one please? regarding the love life - Nothing happening yet with me and my ex-bf. I decided to move on, although I still love him. I decided to try online dating again. Okay, I havent done this for millions of years! Quite nervous to be honest. I talked to this guy who seemed pretty decent. He asked for my number today, and I guess we will meet up sometime soon? this week? hope so 😉 I need some man attention lol... please forgive me if I am being too honest here. I dont know if it's the right move. What you think, Astra? I am still wondering if me and my ex will reunite in the near future. Is it possible? As I mentioned, I still love him very much. If not, any possibility between me and this new guy? Looking forward to your insights. Thanks.

  • Oh, forgot to mention something that i am REALLY curious about.. Hope you can shed some insight on it too.

    So i mentioned about my ex on the dating site. I was like a stalker. I noticed him being on there for a few days, and I didnt see him log on again until last weekend. Apparently for some reason, he decided to give it another shot. Do you think if he's totally over me that he decided to look for new love? If not.. How does he feel about getting back with me now? Thanks Astra.

  • And I just re-read your posts... A lot of things you said were pretty accurate.. Your definitely gifted..

  • Hi aprilca

    I think we are all equally gifted and each has something to share!

    So you have some questions, lets take a peek...

    Do you think if he's totally over me that he decided to look for new love?

    I got the Hanged Man and the Hermit. Not exactly love boat energies although my Hanged Man card does have a "hidden" queen of cups, so you could still be in his heart, he may be in some weird place in life where he doesn't know what he wants in love? These don't look like romance for anyone really as far as he is concerned.

    If not.. How does he feel about getting back with me now?

    4 of Wands. Wow that is a pretty positive card. Based on the traditional rendering of the 4 of wands it is a YES for sure. Interesting about the dating sites and all though! I would guess he is just mired in other issues or something that his love/relationship efforts may be on the back burner for now.

  • Hi Astra, thanks for the reading. It helped a lot. Lightening my mood sorta thing. I dont blame him going on a dating site, as I myself, am doing the same! Instead of looking for new love, I am just trying to fill the empty love tank - looking for someone to talk to. that's it. Maybe he feels the same way. Will see how time plays out. I am glad I asked for a reading from you. thank you 😉 Enjoy the rest of your day.

  • Not sure if it's appropriate to ask, but since it bothers me so much.. hmm Astra, mind pulling a few more cards to see if there is any possibility of reunion with my ex in the near future? Let me know please? thanks.

  • Okay. I drew the King of Emotions.

    That looks like a guy entering your life. Is it your ex or someone new?

    Do you have anyone else you are interested in, or is it "my ex or bust"?

  • Hey Aprilca

    I did a more in-depth reading for you and I tell you what, I see some amazing news developing for you, I mean it really jumped out of the reading and so I hope it makes the same sense to you.

    You can see a snapshot below also of the cards...

    SO, we started with the Star card and this showed up twice for you, so this is like your personality card, the Star. You are a very positive and hopeful person, nothing ever gets you down for long. All you have to do is look up at the Stars at night and as long as the stars are still shining down you have hope!

    Then the Knight of Pentacles, so this seemed to possibly be a man earlier in your life?

    By the way, I laid out all of these cards and just sort of ponder their story, so it takes a little while eventually something surfaces, in your case the cards seemed to be wanting to do some sort of "recap" of your life so far? LIke this earlier relationship with a Knight of Pentacles.

    Then a couple of 3's so 3 is a very significant number for this relationship. Also I did not see any cups associated with it, so this must have been one of those relationships you have to "work at" you know what I mean.

    Then the Universe and its like - YIPPIE! We made it to the top! But where was the love? Hmm.... maybe material things...

    Anyway, next is the Wheel card coming after the Universe card. Uh oh. Then the 9 of Wands, which sounds like that early relationship ended or went through some sort of upheaval or end, and anded you in a 9 wands like a scramble FAST for your life role/path and then that opens to a brand new physical / home / security pattern for you. Ace of Pentacles.

    Then the Queen of Wands, which is you now. After the 2 rows were laid I asked "where are we at on this timeline?" and drew the Queen Cups so that lines up with this Queen. SO this is you now, VERY FOCUSED on maintaining a mature and developed and very poised path in your life. This means balance and good wisdom in all of your dealings, and you are very much about looking out for yourself GOOD FOR YOU THIS IS GREAT KEEP THAT GOING!

    Now, this is where the juice comes in...

    A King is soon to appear in your life! At the 10 of Swords (which is what you are now in) you are really thinking clearly and are heading into a major transformation in your thoughts... maybe about men... or in some way there is this major big shift in your thinking connected wth the appearance of this Man, I want to say a man, I mean its the KING of Swords. That card was pulled to clarify the 10 swords.

    Then the 10 of Wands so at the same time probably there is this same PATH transformation and you step into something probably brand new with him - clarifier? The 9 of Cups - WOO HAWWWW!!!!!!!!!!! Baby you got something Nice with a capitol N comin' yo way.

    Then guess what the last card was? The Lovers! And to clarify that I got the 6 of cups, that is sweeter than it can possibly BE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I also drew one more card to expand the position of the 10-King Swords and that is the 5 of Cups, so you and/or him are experiencing a change of heart about something, or some emotional adjustment. So be ready for some feelings shifting around and some tears at times perhaps. As this develops.

    Wow I was so excited for you seeing this! Who is this King of Glory? The Lord strong in battle... is it your ex? Is it someone new? I don't know, I know you are going to be very happy is all I know.

    Love and blessings,


    P.S. I am crying like a baby so I hope some of that makes it your way too.....

  • Dear Astra

    I didnt expect to wake up to such an in-depth reading from you, so thank you! I don't have any other love interest at the moment. Yes, Star is my personality - I hope for the best. I believe positive pulls in more positive, and negative pulls in more negative. In that case, why bother keeping all the worries? Not worth it. Just deal with it when it comes up. And just like you said, I'm doing "recap" thing - trying to figure out where I did wrong, and what I should do better. i think the Knight you mentioned in the beginning probably represent my ex-ex who I haven't spoken for almost a year, and he's relatively young. The recap thing - when it comes to love life, it's like dilemma - part of me wanted my ex to come back so bad, and the other part of me behaved like, you know what, it's his loss. Stupid. I should move on.

    Astra, since the 5 of Cups is shown up next to the King-10-Sword, do you think it could represent my ex? Yes? If so, will we speak again sometime soon? Thank you, Astra.

  • And.... I am thinking to ask for a big favor from a friend. Money related.. quite nervous. Not sure how he would respond to it. Will he help me?

  • Please disregard my previous post about my friend 😉 I just asked him abt the favor..

    Astra, if you have time, I would still like to know about the questions regarding my ex i mentioned earlier. Thank you.

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