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    In May 2012 my tarot reader did another 7 card spread on my boyfriend and I.

    The main card was: Death

    Future card was: Ace of Cups

    He and I split up in July 2012 so in in August 2012 my tarot reader did a second 7 card love spread on me just him and I, asking for GUIDANCE NOW. (and apologising to the spirits for having to do another spread so soon)

    This is what it said:

    Past: 7 of pentacles, 1 of pentacles

    Present: Hanged Man, 8 of pentacles

    Future: Two of Cups. Strength

    Overall middle card: The Emperor.

    Does this indicate to you, given we have moved from an Ace of Cups to a Two of Cups, that a romantic relationship with him will start up again, deep love, an engagement or marriage?

    (PS. The same reader read my own personal long term spread at the same time as my 7 card reading on him and I, and my personal outcome was 9 of cups and 10 of cups, so wondering if it's my ex boyfriend as at the time of the reading I was in love with him? (still am))

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