Seeking advice about taurus what to do

  • im an aquarian i was in marriage for nine years just got out of that 8 months ago. i really didnt start dating again till about 6 months ago. i meet this woman named stephanie she just came out of a marriage her self 9 months ago. some friends got us together one night when we all went out. when i first met her i didnt know what to believe about her she blonde,blue eyes, and the most of all very beautiful and sexy. it was about two months into our realationship she ask me to move in with her so we could be together evry day and night so i did. i knew what i did was right cause my feelings for her were way stonger than my ex. or anybody i knew. i lost my job 2 months ago having a hard time finding another one. so i started drinking more than usual and just doing nothing to help her finacially. so 6 days ago she told me she wanted me to move out. i was blown away when i heard that i mean she even stopped calling me texting the whole nine yards. but didnt i started blowing up her cell phone trying to get her to talk to me. when that didnt work i started texting her every 30 minutes she finally said to leave her alone she needs her space. then i did the unthinkable i keep texting her and being very hateful rude and disrespectful. imtold her some things i cant beleive i said cuz i am a very loving person and hate hurting people. and guess what i was drinking when i did all of this. know my biggest worry now is i think i have lost the love of my life for ever. so please let me now what to do? i love her with all my heart and soul. she is what makes live life. cant lose her and will do anything to get her back.

  • So where are you living now? Are you two under the same roof right now? I say go to counseling (could be a financial committment) and find any job to bring in some money to contribute to the household. Stop drinking period. Ask her what you need to do to solve this problem? It must be in the air but I have most recently experienced my ex and I saying mean things to each other which we never have before and things that we can never ever take back, what is done is done. I blamed it on the esclipses and all this intense energy.

  • Do you really want advice? Do something to help her financially. Find a job, pay your bills, clean the kitchen, shop and cook, mow the lawn, pay her back... I'm not kidding. She is backing off, telling you she won't pay your way, and watching to see if you can step up to the plate. Don't crumble and don't turn mean. A Taurus wants a financial partner. Yes, we are in an economic recession, so try harder! Turn off the TV, get out, make resumes, do research, ask advisors for advice, kick yourself in the pants. And by all means, be nice, back off from your calls and texts, and update her in a few days when you have good news. She's not gone. She needs a break from the stress of an unemployed man in the house. She just wants a capable, employed, adult partner to love. Good luck.

  • was the love making great still? then she definately still loves you a lot but is demanding respect and value of partership and reliability from you. but if it was lacking in the sack AND you said some REALLY messed up stuff, then she's probably past you. she is more valuable than the drink and being weak just because. period. she's very mature, (your reactions sounded like a very Immature Taurus actually). you need to apologize and not whine at all and just immediately get your act together. you'll be doing good for yourself no matter the outcome, but you can't be a leech on a taurus gf! aint happening bro. this is actually crazy cause I just had a quicky affair with this aquarian (35 yrsold) guy (i'm 26) who completely shunned me after he hit it a couple times- come to find out he just had a 10 month old boy with his "live in" roommate (but they're not together! w.o.w.) MY BAD, I was feeling him at the beginning very much so and he said a couple things like " i thought you were the one" after I told him off for not getting back to me about a date and he ended up making up a huge overnight jail story (-driving-"wait i gotta go the police are behind me" -click-) to avoid getting together with me that nite ( I was so pissed cause he was putting me last but I was probably insecure of how he really felt-so I was cussing him out big time) but now I see he is a cheat and liar. ew. my fault for being blind (hadn't dunit it like 3 years! Was incarcerated 😛 LOL) anyways I am unfortunately weary of Aquarians now. I read everything on them, and did not get any help, I guess I was another notch on his belt even though I know we liked each other from the start. From what i DID read i think he's scared of leaving her for looking bad but what a LIAR and shady get down! I HATED how I felt after all this- never again 🙂 thanx yall

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