Horrible dream

  • I had a horrible dream the other day I saw someone hanging themselves. I don't know what this dream might mean. Could there be a interpretation of this dream that could be related to my real life?

  • Hi dfrance,

    Usually hanging in a dream represents being in a limbo-state - like the Hanged Man in Tarot. If you feel it might relate to something in your own life, think about where you might be in a state of limbo, or hanging suspended. Although in these changing times, I think we're all feeling like we are marking time waiting. I think you could also relate the hanged state to feet not being on the ground, ie, not being GROUNDED. Maybe you feel insecure and/or scatty as well? Or feel insecure about someone else, considering you dreamed of someone hanging themselves, not yourself.

    Hope this helps!



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