Seeking Clarity-Career

  • Hello. I'm in search of some advice regarding which career path I should take. I'm currently unemployed (have been for almost a year =() and have a very strong urge to become my own boss. The idea excites me, but it's also nerve racking because I have no idea where to start. I enjoy so many things. It's so hard to find a job these days. I've always had an enterprising/entrepreneurial spirit, but have never known what to do, what direction to take, or where my overall strength was. I'd like to know what's in the stars for me. If someone could help me I'd really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

    Just in case it's needed; DOB is 9/5/85, f, and my name is Kameelah.

  • Kameelah, for some reason I see you at the beach when I focus on your career question.

  • Hi Captain. Hmm. I love the beach. I wonder what exactly your vision is referring to though. Could it be that my job will be based there or in an area around it? Could it be that the beach is where I'll be able to spend most of my time because of my success =)? Are there any other details you can provide? Thank you for your reply Captain.

  • Well, I saw you enjoying yourself enormously at the beach, playing and laughing and being very happy. It seems you connect strongly with it so maybe your career could be connected to it too. I don't think it's a location near the beach - this has something to do with the work you will do (or want to do). Lifeguard, marine biologist, beach comber, seascape artist, volleyball player...?

  • Hmm. I've never thought about any of those careers or a career that would possibly be beach-based, but my ultimate goal is definitely to live a carefree lifestyle. I'm leaning toward personal training though. I've been overweight my entire life and have decided to finally change that. I long to be fit and healthy. I adore helping others, so I figured personal training and/or weight loss coaching has my name all over it. It would be wonderful to have a hand in helping others change their lives for the better, in a very compassionate way. I also want to become a fitness model. What are your thoughts on my personal training/modeling ambitions? Thanks again!

  • I think personal trainer is a good idea for you - if you take your client(s) to the beach or parks, you can perhaps specialize in making good health a fun activity rather than putting them through the usual dull routines. Like perhaps you could get them playing games that stretch their fitness levels or playing beach volleyball or whatever...something that makes it seem less like an exercise regimen and more like something fun. After all, laughter is excellent for exercising your insides and improving your mood.

  • 😃 Thank you.

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