Advice on Capricorn Male

  • I have been seeing this Cappy for about a month. If our schedules weren't me days and him nights, I have no doubt we would see each other nearly every day. Our dates last all weekend. He is the sweetest, kindest, man and the most amazing lover. He is mature and put together in every area except one-when he drinks liquor. He has had a couple of past DUIs that have resulted in other legal issues just last year. He tells me he is working to fix all that and that he doesn't drink liquor anymore. The Bull in me is hesitant to fall for this guy. I have never been so happy with someone, but I'm worried that he is an immature Cappy. He is 32 and I am 36. Is this a thing of the past or is he just telling me he's learned from this? Help!

  • Hi! I've seen that no one answered you, so I thought I do. I am no expert on Cappies except that I had a short run with one half year ago.

    My Cappy was more or less the same than what you describe. Sweet, kind, intelligent and mature with lots of plans for the future etc.

    But he also liked to get drunk and then he knew no limit. Anyways, Cappies are as much as I know pretty two-feet-on-the-ground people. And they are pretty goal oriented.

    I understand your worry, but astrological signs aside, you either give him a chance or not. You like him a lot, he is great, he says he is working on it. I would say, let him prove himself. It is only a month that you have been seeing each other... I know it is hard, I am always doubting too... Does he often drink?

  • Not often. He usually drinks beer and seems to be in control of that, but my experience with him drunk is not one I wish to repeat. He was belligerent and scary. He apologized profusely and promised it will never happen again. I'm giving him his chance to prove himself. I believe he is falling in love with me, and I could easily fall for him but this Taurus will approach with caution. Thanks for your input. I appreciate you taking time to share.

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