QUestion for Shuabby about younger son

  • Good morning Shuabby

    I have a question about my younger son. His name is Christian. I when to court for him in July for his dad to pay child support. So the dad still does not want to pay. And he still has not paid anything for my son. His father has to go back to court in Nov will his dad start paying child support for my son. I go to court for my son in Oct 2 2012 because he has some medical problems and I am fighting for him to get money. This is something that has been going on since he was a baby and they said no about his SSI and now I have am fighting for him to get it. So now we have to go too court. I want to write a book do you see that happening. Or being a good thing.

    And thank you so much for all of your help. You are awesome. Thanks


  • Hello Shuabby

    I hope that I am not being a pain. Just was wondering about my son. And really hoping that everything will turn out ok for him because he has really gone thought so much to be so little

    thanks again BLD

  • blackladydiva,

    I get a NO with the father paying child support for Christian. He would rather just give you full custody and be out of the child life, as I feel sadly he does not have any heartfelt emotions or attachments to Christian. SSI for Christian is still a NO for now, when he gets older he may apply for it himself. Does he have a breathing problem? Learning problems also?

    I have to say Iam not a medical intuitive. I feel Christian in the right hands can really see improvement. I hear the name of Eli around him that has a real healing light around him, perhaps he is a Dr.

    Writing a book about your life with your son Christian would be great for you to do.


  • Good Evening SHuabby

    You are so right his father does not have anything to do with him. He is just not a dad.

    Really surprised me. But what can I said. No Christian does not have a breathing problem

    he has a growth problem and acid refleux. He has had this since he was born. So I applied

    for his disability. My other son Franky has the asthma. Christian is really smart and only has

    a learning problem when he doesn't want to do anything. I am really thinking about writing something I think I will start in sept. Thanks for all of your help you are awesome.


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