Will you be so kind to do a relationship reading?

  • DOB: mine 12/10/57 His: 02/19/55

    Have been platonic friends with this man for over 2 years. Last Sept he bought a house (we searched together for over a year) and I am his roomate. He gave me the Master bedroom and we decorated the house together. Yes we each have our own bedrooms. He has introduced me to his family and told them I am "family" we visit and celebrate holidays together and attend his family events. He treats me like a girlfriend, ie., gifts hand and foot massages, cuddles, hugs & kisses, tucks me in bed at night and then goes to his room. He leaves for 3 month at a time to work and comes home for 1-3 months. Each time, I feel like we get closer and he tells me how much he misses me every day when he is gone. He knows I'm in love with him and says he loves me, but " he can't let himself be in love with me because he couldn't bear to leave me". Sounds like a cop out, but at the same time I think he is in love with me but will not allow himself to open up to that right now, due to past bad relationship experiences. I could really use some help here. I'm not getting any younger! 🙂 Can you see if we will ever be more than friends? Timeframe? Advice? Thank you in advance to whoever may respond.

  • Hi sandlewood, just found your message. I'd like to try and find out for you, (using tarot), will keep you posted soon. I wouldn't promise anything about being able to give you a time scale on that one though... Before I can proceed with your reading, it would be very helpful if I could get a brief description of your appearance ( so I can visualise you better): colour of your hair & eyes + body shape--slim/chubby + that of your `sweetheart' if possible..?

  • Rasputin,

    Thank yo so much!

    Me: 5'5' I'd say slim to average, I'm a size 8, small waist line, hourglass figure (but could still ose 15 pounds) shoulder length auburn hair with bangs, hazel eyes.

    He: 5'11", 168 pounds, Athletic; into body building, great arms, chest, abs, Hair is white grey with a little balding spot on the back crown. Brown eyes. People always say he looks a lot like Richard Gere. He has his eyes and hair style..

    Hope this helps...thanks again. I'll await your insight.

  • Hi, A tarot reading might be helpful. What concerns me about this is the future. In a situation like this what is going to happen if he meets someone that he is very attracted to. I'm not saying that he's not attracted to you but I feel that what he is feeling w/you is security. It's good to feel secure but what we need, I guess, is reassurance that he loves you.

    I see that he is on the cusp. I see both characteristics of both signs. I would listen, very closely, to what he is telling you when he says: your family and he might leave in the future. I would get your life in order and do the most w/it (get ahead) and start thinking about getting your own place. Only when you do this, feel secure and actually leave, then you'll know the answer. He has already told you in a nutshell how he feels. The ball in totally in his court. I don't think your on a level playing field meaning I think it's stacked against you.

  • Dalia,

    Thank you for your response. After reading it I think I may have been unclear about something. When he said "he couldn't allow himself to be in love with me because he couldn't bear to leave me" he meant for the 3 months at at time while he goes out on contract to work. I'm blessed to have this man in my life.

  • Hi sandlewood, sorry i've been very busy since yesterday. I'll do a reading just now and should be able to let you know within the hour...

  • Sandlewood....I've just finished with your readings...I had to do it thrice as I couldn't make any sense of it at first, then everything became that bit clearer. I'm more used to giving face-to-face readings these days but never mind i can still be fairly accurate with absentees :-D. Although, please always listen first to your very own intuition, you never know, I might have been completely off-tune tonight and not realised it--unlikely but it can happen, ok?

    I really don't want to disappoint you here but I have not seen him as being especially `amorous'. He is certainly going through some inner major transformation ( I got the Tower and The World for him) and there is indeed a lovely friendship/partnership going on between you 2 : the message of the cards would be that you cultivate the most positive aspects of this friendship as best you can. (the Sun and III of cups)

    I have seen that you feel very secure around this man (X of pentacles and queen of pentacles) but it looks like he is being restless (knight of swords) in regard to a potential fully-fledged relationship and may even fear `abandonment' deep down (V of pentacles). You might feel quite lonely inside sometimes as a result.

    All in all though this lovely man of yours may have a few concerns on the more material or mundane level which might bring along a bit of rough and tumble for a while as well as unforeseen snags.(V of Pentacles)for both yourself and him.

    The cards do not seem to indicate a future romantic relationship other than the very sweet friendship you've been enjoying so far.

    The Devil card has also appeared and I wonder whether there is a problem linked with a form of emotional manipulation --on his part, or even any `substance/food/ciggies/alcohol/gambling addiction' going on and which may be the cause for future grievances in the future. (??)

    I'm sorry if I'm not making much sense and if it doesn't sound more hopeful than this. But things do evolve with the cards, this is simply a sample of the present currents of energy unfolding between you 2. It might look a lot brighter in a couple of months, the cards are simply saying that now or soon is not yet the right time but it doesn't necessarily mean `never ever'.

    Please let me know if it is making any sense and feel free to let me know if it's all utter c*** too if indeed this was the case. I really wouldn't want to mislead you so please listen to your gut instincts first and foremost and if this reading has made you feel uncomfortable in any way I really do apologise--shoot the messenger aaaiiiiieeee...!! ;-D

    (The number 7 kept on appearing for you, also the picture of a tall black dog but I have no idea what these mean--yet.)

  • sorry I meant the V of wands for the `rough and tumble' episode...

  • Rasputin,

    Oh thank you so much. I'm thriled that you took the time to do this card reading for me. Not to worry about disappointment. I'm just looking answers or direction as to what I can do to help him get his mindset, one way or the other..if you know what I mean. I've been patient with him so far and have not pushed the issue because I do love him very much and we do have a very sweet friendship.

    He hasn't been amorous. He says he is does not believe in being intimate with someone unless you are going to marry them. Why? Probably because he has a son who was the product of a fling with an old roommate 30 plus years ago.

    Where you say "he may even fear abandonment deep down". I know this to be true. He was married and he traveled on the road as an entertainer and ended up divorced 5 years later. At some point in the last 10 years, I believe in that timeline, he was engaged to a woman and bought her a rather expensive engagement ring....she broke up with him and kept the ring. Since he travels with a cruise line entertaining he is away from home 3-4 months at a time and apparently anyone he was ever interested in ...never hung around to wait for him to come back home. (except me of course, but he callled me everyday too and I couldn't wait to pick him up at the airport.)He says he's tired of traveling and tells me he wants to stay home with me and enjoy "our" house , but to do so he has to find enough work or gigs to compensate him. So yes, restless and concerns over material things makes sense. He wants to keep and enjoy our house therefore he has to make huge changes and he knows that. I have also been depressed recently because I have a new job I love but it doesn't pay enough and I want to contribute to the household equally to take some pressure off him.

    Ok the devil card...I don't know of anything... He doesn't drink or smoke and is very into health food, working out... that remains to be seen. I haven't a clue on that. Emotionally manipulative? I don't see it.

    Makes sense that nothing is going to happen right now because he is at sea. He will be home mid October. It would be interesting to take another look at the cards then. We are looking forward to celebrating our first year in the house and all of the holidays together this year with his family and mine.

    Now as for the number 7 and the tall black dog: LOL I have a little black schnauzer. My sweetie is very attached to her. She is about 10 years old. I don't know the significance of number. 7. Maybe it is my "lucky" number.

    Thank you so much.....

  • Hi Sandlewood !

    I must admit I was really worried that the reading would perhaps make you feel a bit low'... I hate it when I have to bring disappointing news from the cards, arrrggghh... but as you well know, for most of usthe course of true love never comes easy' as the old saying goes.. but i can see you're a strong woman !

    As for the Devil card, I should also have mentioned that, if indeed there is no addiction of any kind or even emotional manipulation going on, it can also represent hang-ups, deep-seated/dark fears that keeps someone in a state of inner bondage', thus preventing the individual from liberating himself from their unresolved past issues orchains'.

    Perhaps he manipulates' his own emotions in such a way (i-e repressing them) as to convince himself that avoiding intimacy with you will save him from ever having to endure what he has had to suffer in the past...? In this case the Devil would indicate that he could have been deceiving himself emotionallywise as he doesn't feel ready to face up to his true feelings. ? From what you described to me, it looks like he's probablytrapped'/haunted by the wounds of his past. actually, re-reading you, it's pretty obvious now !

    Yes, usually with the III of cups and X of pentacles coming up there could be joyous celebrations in sight for you 2 ! ( and yes you can look forward to it .)

    However the one card I didn't want to dwell on ( X of wands) for fear of getting it wrong and depressing you further, did show that you felt overwhelmed and discouraged about something, I also wasn't too sure whether this was about work/money matters or your beloved--or both !

    I have to confess It's been a bit of a nerve-wrecking experience for me to do a reading for you ( but very rewarding too ! )since I haven't seen you in the flesh or on a picture at least once, you were my very first `anonymous' querent !!

    You know sometimes when I do readings for others that I more or less know' or at least have in front of me, I can easilysoak' a bit of their own negative energy/concerns into my system if I'm not careful, likewise with the more positive one ! and I have to tell you that as I was shuffling the cards and tresspassing' (hehe, sorry) onto your energy fields, I could really sense an atmosphericsweetness' in the air, emanating from you both, thanks for that 🙂 It was quite pleasant all in all, psychically speaking.

    Just one last question, is it a rather large house--with a very sunny kitchen, you're living in ? (I saw that but am unsure, please forgive my fertile imagination if that is the case )

    Thank you so much for your feedback, it is important for me to know where I get it wrong, or right so I know if there is any possibility that i may be of any use or help for other `out-of-reach' people now and again. ;-D

    Number 7 ?? haven't got a clue there either ! and why on earth did I see a tall black dog..? ahah !

    Maybe that little dog of yours occupies a `tall' / big place in your heart then ! eheh..! ;-D

  • looks like there is a problem with the printing / typing, that's a bit weird... sorry about that!

  • Rasputin,

    The printing is wierd but the message is clear. LOL.

    Makes sense to me the Devil card could mean deep seated fear and his manipulation of his own emotions by repressing them. Example: his statement to me:" I can't allow myself to be in love with you, it would be unbearable to leave you here while I go away to work for months at a time". Theres that fear of abandonment too....he may in his mind be questioning how long I will stick it out with him. I wish he could sense how much I really love him and know that we could have a beautiful spiritual loving relationship.

    I am looking forward to spending the holidays together and good to know I should be looking forward to that!

    You are right on about this; I have felt overwhelmed and depressed about money matters and him. You see I really feel like God brought us together to be more than friends, but I haven't been able to understand why he doesn't feel that or admit it. I still feel like it is better to love him with all my heart and hope that my faith in God will continue to bring us together.

    Sorry it was a nerve racking experience for you, but I am glad to hear it was rewarding too. I'm also glad that you could sense the sweetness in the air between us.

    Yes, we have a large house and yes the kitchen has a large window and is full of sunlight. You did see it! That is amazing!

    Thank you so much for the time you took to do this reading. Your input is invaluable to me. You did a great job and I'm very thankful.

  • Lol don't mention it Sandlewood, it was a pleasure to try and help you as i did sense from the start that you are a good soul ;--)

    I can also just about empathise with your situation : I know only too well what it feels like not to have your emotions and feelings fully reciprocated at a time when you feel you most need it.

    This is one strange thing I have noticed with a lot of men (no I don't make a habit of going out with a lot' of guys but I'm basing my reflection on others' testimonies as well, lol) is that most of them --with a few exceptions of course--will behave just like ...cats!! (I have 2 of these monsters by the way) That is, the more you want them to love you, the more you want to stroke them, hehe, the more you'll find them running a mile well away from you as though you had the plague or something, ahah... Likewise, just when you finally reach a point where you find yourself not caring that much/too much either way for the guy in question, you'll often see the hairy beast (er, thetomcat' ;--D ) coming back to you, demanding his cuddles, tail between the legs--in a manner of speaking, erm..

    It may sound slightly bitter on my part, but I have reached the conclusion that it just doesn't pay--at least for me, to be too loving and agreeable toward a man; they just don't seem to appreciate it. While I find this quite amusing and charming coming from my toms, it can be very painful when a guy tramples on your affection obviously.

    So whenever I am in a relationship, which thanksfully doesn't happen very often these days, it's like I'm having to force myself being at all times emotionally distant and even ensure that the man concerned well and truly knows it so he doesn't start taking the p*** ;-D

    It ensues that the guy thinks that I do not care and that I'm nothing but a hard b**** (excuse my french) and yet, i wear my heart on the sleeve deep down. I wonder if your beloved has experienced something similar to what i am trying to describe but coming from women's attitude toward him in the past...? just a thought...

    Anyway, thanks again for your feedback, I have a problem about seeing' things :is it real', is it my imagination',how do I discern betwen the 2 ??? ' All of that goes through my tortured mind and in the end the only way to find out is by taking a risk (of passing for a complete lunatic 🙂 ) and check things out with the individual concerned, eheh..!

    Please feel free to ask me for another reading next time you feel that you may need one, it's not a problem, I'm happy to help wherever I can, ok..?

  • Are you available to do a reading for me also please? My e-mail is

    Please let me know, I could really use your help!!

  • Hi Rasputin, I like your input. I would love for you to do a reading and interpret something for me. It's a man I just met. Am trying to feel his true intentions. I'm Aquarius, he's Scorpio. I'm having trouble (kinda of) reading him. Just want validation I suppose that what I'm feeling is accurate. I would be grateful.

  • Hi Pilot 007, yes it should be ok, i'll write to you shortly..

    Hi dalia, it's not a problem but please let me know your date of birth (if you had his as well that would be smashing too but not to worry if you don't have it), your body shape (no measurements please !! 😉 ), eye & hair colour. Could you also give me a physical description of this guy--no measurements necessary either, just something like `tall / short, slim / big, eye & hair colour' etc. I guess you know how old he is, roughly, that would be helpful too.

    I'm not promising the moon but I'll try and do my best--hopefully I should be able to do it today.

  • Hi Rasputin, My DOB 02-03-1960, his 10-24-1947. I'm on the tall side, slender in appearance, shapely in parts, blue eyes, lt brown with a bit of red in hair. He's tall, slender, black, has a mustache that I don't care for (too short on sides.) He's 62 and I'm 49. He's pleasant but seems to be caught in details and schedules. He has certain rountines. For example, only likes to talk on phone after 8pm. Tells me I can call him but still only likes to talk in pm. Tells me I need to watch for this and that in contracts (insurance, home repair.) Comes off kind of grumpy. I don't see him as being spiritual although could be wrong. I really don't think he's right for me but could be wrong. I recently did a 3-card reading. Got the Emperor in Situation, got 8 of Swords in Challenges postition and Queen of Cups in Love and Me. Can you interpret this 3 card draw also. I appreciate this so much. I look forward to hearing from a reading that you do. Thank you so much. Dalia.

  • Hi Dalia,

    In one word : NO

    The cards advise that you may get badly hurt by this guy in the end ; end up losing more of yourself than it's worth, getting more than what you bargained for but on the negative side. 😞 (V of pentacles)

    You should soon go through a period of (re-)evaluation regarding this man (Judgement).

    This guy likes you, in his own little way, but seems to feel like he's being `pushed' too fast, or that at least events are taking too fast a pace for him (VIII Wands reversed). Either that, or he's planning to move/travel and is not telling you..(?) I'd go for the former though.. (that said, always trust your own gut instincts!!)

    The final card seems to indicate a withdrawal ( or/and rejection is possible coming from either side) in this situation ( IV of swords)

    Now, this withdrawal / retreat time may be just temporary, still...I would definitely take the cards' core message and advice seriously if you really don't want to get hurt.

    I also had one only card that jumped out of the pack as I was shuffling, (to me these cards are not necessarily a mere coincidence), I had to pick up the III of swords from the floor--need I say more.

    For the queen of cups that you picked, I often get this card whenever I start feeling deeply for a guy, but I often find out that this is not a `compulsary' indication that any big love story would automatically ensue. I find this card is more turned toward the inner feelings which may or may not manifest in the denser world, depending on the degree of reciprocity or compatibility from the other end--goes without saying really.. ;-D

    The eighth of swords shows that he's feeling trapped by various heavy obligations (both / either of his own making or imposed on him by...? ) and is thus unable to move forward for lack of direction + a lot of confusion. The VIII of swords is often depicted as a`prison', either real or imagined. I get the strong feeling that this man may suffer from psychological disorders (we all do to some degree but some more than others) to be quite frank with you. (Again, I'd rather you trusted your own intuition on that one.)

    The emperor often refers to a family , secure, dependable man, but also, from personal experience I'd say the emperor can sometimes represent a capricious, controlling man or/and some kind of a control freak..

    Anyway, good luck Dalia, I'm really sorry I don't have anything more jolly to give you from the cards concerning this man 😞 (Please don't hate my guts.)

  • Hi Rasputin, I think I have found a very accurate tarot reader. You know, this is reaffirming my feelings about him. I'm glad you did this for me. Something just doesn't feel natural about him and although he can be pleasant, I sense something strange. I'll have to wait but not going to pursue a relationship. Thank you so much. I need to ask you something and forgive me for taking your time. I need to ask about love in my future (not regarding him). I'm a little concerned about my future in general. I guess where is my best path--this is a future question regarding love and peace of mind, I guess. I would appreciate it. Your wonderful.

  • Also, he has to travel to see me. He lives about 1 1/2 hr from me. He did mention that he talks with a lady in Missouri. He mentioned she is really a pleasant person to talk with. My feeling is that if she truly likes him may get jealous of hearing about me. That could be an obstacle but really I'm not pursuing this one. Feels strange to me. And we really need to learn to trust our own instincts--you know!

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