Will you be so kind to do a relationship reading?

  • Sandlewood,

    ahahhalol...! so nice to hear from you again, I'm feeling quite nostalgic now... about the good, peaceful old days that is, when it was just you & me, me & you on that forum aawwwrrr....hehehe... Right now, I'm crumbling under the `workload' ;-D but you know what they say, "no rest for the wicked"...

  • Hi ncg61,

    Here's the reading...

    Michael has had to deal with quite a few complications and disputes on the material level recently--V of wands.

    Right now you seem to be very much on his mind (as the queen of cups) and his main current intention is to start a new life with you--Ace of wands, however don't get too excited yet, if at all.

    You bring about a feeling of security and permanence in him --X of pentacles, but with the following card, The World, this could also make him feel as though he could get stuck' in a stasis--if he ever decided to enter a relationship with you as opposed to inciting him to exploreunknown pastures'--don't quote me on that one though. More to the point, The World can also, as it is in the blockage position, represent loose ties which constitute a major problem for him --such as you still being married, but that hardly comes as a revelation...

    He will make some kind of an indecent proposal ;-D to you --Knight of Cups. I won't go into the gory details here, lol.

    However, watch it as `Michael' is not exactly stable on the emotional level, and if you were to respond favourably to his romantic advances that bit further, you could soon find that the effect of novelty will wear off pretty quickly for him and he will get himself into dissatisfaction and boredom mode--IV of Cups.

    The advice of the cards was revealed through the Queen of swords, a bleak outlook for all things lovey-dovey.

    I mainly concentrated on Michael as to try and get to the core of what and how he truly feels about you.

    ncg61, I'm really sorry to bring you disappointing news. All the same, I'd hate to see you wasting your time with the wrong man. He has feelings for you for sure, but is no consistent or reliable relationship material where you are concerned, possibly where others are concerned too I strongly suspect.

  • To Charmez + lepetitdame, and everyone on this forum who send their email address without first giving me the info that I need for them to get an accurate reading....:

    Please refer to p.2 of this forum for the type of info required : It is quicker and more practical for me that way. thanks a bunch guys.

  • p2, Dalia's post. measurements NOT necessary.

  • Rasputin,

    Thank you so much for the reading. You are scarily accurate, as this is nothing I haven't heard from the cards before, or as I had suspected. As the cards are not etched in stone, it is always interesting to see if they are consistent. One thing is I am confused by what you said about the world card, and wonder if you could clarify that just a bit for me, what you said not to quote you on :). My status is a major problem for him, although I am in counseling. About 5 months ago, he did make one of "those" proposals, but then backtracked as well. Does this mean he's going to make another, or was that the one the Knight of Cups was referring to?

    Not necessarily disappointing news, some of the readings have been consistent with this, all tell me to be patient. I do know that he definitely has emotional stability problems, as I know the background of his past reships. If you could just clarify those points, I would really appreciate it. It is scary how you've hit nail on the head!!! Thank you so much!

  • Thank you so much for taking the time to do a relationship reading for me. :]

    My Birthdate: 11/12/1989.

    My body shape is very boyish, think twiggy, tall and lanky.

    Eye Color: Brown

    Hair Color Brown:

    His Birthdate: 3/6/1988

    Eye Color: Brown

    Hair Color: Brown

    Tall, athleticish, but not built like a football player.

    Do you need to know the situation, or have I given you enough information?

  • ncg61,

    In The World, I would imagine that he might consider the world "as his oyster", for example.. Now he's `free' from his former status he could be having itchy feet and venture on his own for all sorts of kinky adventures ..? Just a possibllity, as well as another interpretation of The World, in the blockage position; in this specific context. That's is why I asked you not to dwell too much on it, unless that is, you yourself were to intuit that there is some truth in this. You know him far much more than I ever will obviously, so like I often say to most people I read for, never mind the tarot , sometimes you really have to listen to your intuition first--your main problem being about discerning the truth from mere wishful thinking of course. .

    It's never wise to rely too heavily on the cards, no matter how accurate they may be. As you quite rightly pointed out, not everything is set in stone : the cards are giving you the result of the current, culminating energies at work + their subsequent and most natural outcome.

    Having said that though, very often (in my experience and that of other readers) some events that the cards have predicted really do happen no matter what, especially in significant relationships I find.

    In regard to the other readings you've had done, did you have to pay for these readings by any chance..? if the answer's yes, it may be that the readers in question asked you to be patient' to ensure that you didn't feel too low after paying them a visit and so ensuring that you might be tempted to come back at a later stage for more questions as they would've made you believe that this relationship can always evolve at some point... ?? Not that I have anything against readers who charge their querents, but I am well aware--as you may be too, that some of them are very crafty and use dubious tactics to keep youhooked'--just like in any other type of business really.. we can all fall for it, more so if it's about something deeply emotional. Still, yet again, listen to your intuition, and it may be that these readers were telling you the truth.

    Their cards say "yes, perhaps...who knows, keep on hoping love, you never know....." ; but my cards say a defnite "no no no !!"

    Now, you've got your work cut out to try and find out where the truth lies--so to speak 😄 I wonder if perhaps the only way to find out is by just living things through, through and through--`the only way out [of confusion] is through'. You may have to try your luck with Michael and check things out for yourself--with all the risks attached... only then will you find out who told you the truth and who gave you a load of bull**** (xcuse me french)

    As for Michael making some kind of amorous declaration/proposal, it WILL happen--again yes.. definitely NOT referring to what has already happened in the past.

    thank you very much for the feedback ! ;-D

  • Hi Lepetitdame,

    Thanks very much for the info--may I ask for your first name ? Other than that that'll be fine!

  • his 1st name too perhaps ..?--that would be most helpful..

  • Thank you Rasputin. Michael does travel a lot, so his itchy feet may be just that, he's been all over the world. Most of the readings were online, so, who know--you know if you wanted the whole spread, then you had to pay. I take them with a grain of salt.

    I think I will just live it through, that is consistnet with the readings as well, that some storms have to happen before the resolution sets in. It'll be interesting for sure, and I will keep you posted as developments if any occur!!! Thanks Agian! You're cool!!!

  • Sure thing, my name's Toria.

    And his name is Jack.

  • This post is deleted!

  • just to mention in passing that those who have already received a reading from me, need not re-apply for another one--sorry but I just can't keep up so this is it I'm afraid. ;-D

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