Will you be so kind to do a relationship reading?

  • Dalia, will explore your future love life :-)-not sure if I'll do it tonight though as I'm completely drained right now (no not because of the readings!)

    Thanks for the complimentary feedback ! But by the way, if and when I get it wrong, do feel free to let me know, it's really important as I can learn a lot and further improve my readings from mistakes too, thanks!

    you should get your reading by tomorrow, maybe tonight if I'm still awake by then..

    Just one thing I'd like to find out before i go, er, I'm having one of these funny pictures passing through my mind again, tell me if it's you then : do you happen to have short--but not too short, descending on the jaw line) curly hair..? (if not I'm just being delirious again, not to worry ;-D)

  • Hi Rasputin, No, my hair is almost in the middle of my back. I have been thinking about doing something with it. But, I can't go curly because my hair is already very thick. Can't think of anyone either. I think you do a good job with the readings. There is something about this man (the one that you did the reading) that I feel like running from. Maybe it's the fact that we're different in nature or personality. Like you stated, he may have psychological problems. Also, I'm an artist and seem to attract and get along with other artists. I think being this way I have an extra sense. Anyway, I'd like to give you my e-mail because I may need your help in the future. trstlbry@msn.com.

  • Hi Dalia, just finished your `Love life' reading...

    It seems you are currently developing, or pursuing a significant interest in subjects related to the occult ?

    (High priestess) or else, it just means that `secrets' are being revealed/transmitted, unveiled for you--such as through my readings perhaps 😄

    The second card represents your deep-seated fears about relationships, that of incompatibility and diverging interests, resulting in abrupt, premature break-ups--X of cups reversed.

    The 3rd card is to do with your hopes : achieving peace despite your inner unresolved conflicts, anxiety and restlessness about the future, but also finding someone who will accept and respect you as a free, strong-willed spirit; someone wo will not try to control or crush you through jealousy of your independence and inner strength of character--The Chariot.

    This card is quite favourable for your personal ambitions and is a strong indication that if you can keep your head calm, focused and `centered', you'll be just fine and strong enough to take whatever life may throw at you, now and in the near future.

    The 4th card shows that you will soon embark onto a new, most likely exciting project--Ace of Wands, an artistic endeavour perhaps..? ;-D Now, this may or may not be related to your future love life....but I guess you'll find out soon enough.....eheh.

    The 5th position gives you advice from `Spirit' (advice from the cards) : Judgement--yet again,

    It is telling you to `refresh' and re-evaluate your life, to prepare yourself for some kind of rebirth and above all let go of the past whilst adopting new & unconventional ways, wherever possible, of handling your life/discovering new perspectives and outlook if necessary, in order for you to welcome...well...a new you I suppose, away from the past and its scars.

    Something from the recent past needs to be resolved and it is best that you do not procrastinate for too long about this :

    you will soon have to be firm and decisive about letting go of some unhealthy or sterile relationship. It may not be too pleasant an event to go through, but it is nevertheless necessary in order for the new and positive to appear in your life (III of swords--again...)

    Once this tiny period of turmoil is over, you should be emotionally ready and available to meet your handsome king...erm...

    And the winner is...........

    The King of Pentacles..! He is the man you will meet in the extended future--It should happen from within 3 to 6 months max. A financially secure man, earthy, practical, grounding and protective of his loved ones. He may not be the accomplished artist you had wished for, but he should be to your liking all the same... ;-D

    From what I picked from the cards, there is nothing too serious for you to worry about in regard to your love life, and the rest for that matter.

  • Hi Rasputin, Thank you so much for the reading. The closest thing to the occult I have is this site. I don't really consider it occult tho. Now, on my astrological birth chart, I have Scorpio in the occult house. I can't figure out what the relationship from the recent past is and letting go. There's been no relationship. Maybe it's telling me to just let go because something quite new is about to happen. This theory makes sense to me because I have been thinking about quitting my job for a different job. I may have a better job offer (I'll know something in a couple days). But, it wouldn't be hard to take this job. I feel the past and sterile relationship may in fact be my old job (this is the only "relationship" I've had. We know how much a job can control our lives. I think the cards are showing that I need to show more Judgement and agree with that. I was wondering why you said in 3 to 6 months. That sounds like changes are about to happen quite sudden. This reading sounds (up to this point) quite accurate and I thank you. This was a Love/Relationship reading. If you have time, it would be beneficial to do a work reading because I think this (the changes) involve this. Tell me what you think and if there is any thing else you might add based on my responses to this. Thank you!

  • I wish there was something I could do to return the favor of your time and talent. I will say a prayer for your happiness and protection.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi Dalia,

    You are already doing me a favour in giving me an opportunity to further develop my tarot reading skills' and by letting me know where I get it wrong or right.--for I may be accurate most of the time, as far as I know, but there's always room for improvment, I'm only human after all and I'm certainly noprophet ' ;-D ! All the same, your prayers are deeply appreciated....

    Ok, for the card of Judgment, yes it could signify that you have to let go of a `dead-end' situation, such a dead-end job indeed..

    The reason as to why I thought it could have something to do with an actual relationship' is because the card that followed in theLove coming soon?' position, was the III of swords.

    This doesn't necessarily mean that you should badly suffer from this, nor that you might have to inflict emotional pain onto someone else either--although most of the time this is what is indicated with this card--but that at the very least, something in your life is about to be radically severed.

    I can't help sensing that someone is about to get hurt though. sorry about that, I hope I'm completely wrong on that one, don't let that confuse you though as this is far from being the most important coming event in your life.

    I would say that the Ace of Wands could definitely point toward a job offer, a new opportunity to change your life for the better. Go for it. Your prospects look pretty good to me.

  • Looks like there's a `printing' problem again.............

    Dalia, I'll take a closer look in the `work department' later on.

    Hi Shihian, for your reading please refer to the info i requested from Dalia, somewhere on page 2. I will write to you soon..

  • Hi Rasputin,

    I by chance happened to get on this page & was engrossed in how much your readings were on point.... I feel very awckward asking, but do you think you could possibly do a reading for me I would be forever grateful... I have been holding on to a relationship that possibly wanted to be let go of almost 10 years ago.... the circumstances in my mind seem so complicated & it makes me to afraid to move forward, make changes or have a fulfilling life.... ahhhh I just want to scream. If you are willing to help me out I really would appreciate it. I want to have a real relationship I am so tired of spending most of my life alone, 10 years is a long time I think. My email address is Carmelaw1@optonline.net, again I appreciate it sooo much!

    Carmela dob is 11/18/69, blonde, blue/green eyes. voluptuous (size 12) curvy... I can send a picture if you would like.. I have 2 kids & a step daughter who I love immensely... THANKS AGAIN!

  • Hi Rasputin, I like your readings, and was wondering if you could help me as well, and help me gain some clarity on a situation and any possible future relationship with this man. I have feelings for a friend of mine whom I met 25 yrs ago, and we have just within this past year reconnected, after dating briefly way back then. He contacted me. He is out of a bad divorce, and I am in marital counseling as well, but not because of him. Both he and my hubby are ARies men, 2 weeks apart in birthdates. I have had numerous tarot readings but still cannot gain clarity. I feel he is conflicted in his feelings about me, as he kind of runs hot and cold, but he monitors my online activity, and although he has kissed me after saying he cannot get involved with me due to my status, and I have said the same, I still feel like he is waiting for my status to change. All of my readings have said basically to be patient with the situation, that it takes time to build a lasting relationship, which is fine with me. I am just confused by his actions and sometimes words. He is a very private person, but will open up to me about some very personal things going on with him. Physical descriptions are me: short, medium brown hair, green eyes, curvy (could lose 20 pounds) DOB 11/1/61, and I am 47. He is 4/13/61, 48, 5'8" or 5'9", black hair with gray temples, and brown eyes. My hubby is the same coloring and age as he, but is 6'3". I should say they are even in the same line of work, but do not work for the same employers. Sometimes I am confused as to who's who in a reading.

    I appreciate your time, and thank you in advance for any assistance you could give me. I once years ago (maybe 15 or 16), had it foretold that if my husband was not present, there would be a dark haired man, 5'8" or 5'9" that would be there for me, and this is the only person I know to fit this description. Is he this person? Thanks!

  • Hi Rasputin, I'm going to warn my loved ones on the III of Swords. You know, when I did the 3-card draw on the man I know I got the 8 of swords in challenges. Might have something to do with that. Maybe he's dangerous. At least, the swords have diminished in number. What do you think. I don't consider that a relationship because don't really know him that well. But, haven't contacted him either. I think, maybe, that could be it. Any input???

  • I did wonder about him yes, as to whether you had made it clear or `official' enough to him that you were no longer interested in pursuing anything ...? The thing is, unless you make yourself crystal clear to him, he could very well contact you again at some point soon.

    I'm afraid the `diminishing number in the swords' suite is in no way an indication that a situation is getting any better, if anything the III of swords is quite often and by far a lot more distressing an ordeal--usually--than the VIII, although not automatically; it very much depends on the context.

    Other than this, I really haven't got a clue.

    I'd have to do another reading to clarify your circumstances.

    In the meantime, please don't torment yourself over this, it may not be half as bad as you imagine, I'm sorry if I've unwittingly induced some form of `paranoia' in you, really didn't mean to, oh my...!


    Since it looks like I've already yet another few who also want a reading, I just don't know where to start, aaarrrggghhh..!!!!

    will do my best but can't say when exactly, hopefully soon..

  • Hi ncg61, any possibility of you giving me this man's first name, that would be even more helpful.

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  • Hi Carmela, will write to you soon...

  • I'm sorry guys, can't do everyone at once, you'll have to be a bit patient there

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  • Rasputin,

    Oh my goodness! I see by me being your first reading (not in person) on this site; it sure set off a chain reaction! Everyone can see you do such a great job that now you will never rest! Well everyone wants to have that one special person in their life...or know when they will find them. I just wanted to say hello and thanks again. Have a great day!

  • Thank you. His first name is Michael.

  • Hi Sandlewood,

    Ive done about 2,400 computer readings. The computer is an interesting divining tool. When i read your post I felt Nothing and empty. Very flat feelings. I sorry to say that I believe your relationship will remain platonic.I do think he needs and wants you with him, he loves you too but not the way your deserve. I am seeing water and beaches here. Do you live near water? oceans, the coast? This man loves you as much as he is capable, There will never be another. He will never seek out a romantic relationship with anyone. He can Never give you what you need. I am so sorry. i keep hearing Ralf???

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