• I am wondering if anyone can see if I will ever be financially secure in my own right and what I have to do to achieve this. I don't want to rely on another, as such, for this and feel a bit ripped off as after having my charts done in 2006 and 2008, both said I would come into a large amount of money, but so far ... n'ada.

    I work hard at work, work hard at home and am starting to wonder if I will ever get anywhere without relying on another person.

    Any insights?

    Thanks for what you may see if you see anything 🙂



  • A common mistake that we all make is to think the material comes first and then we achieve the emotional peace of mind. But you have to be happy and secure in yourself first before your outer circumstances fall into harmony. If you are not happy with yourself now, you won't be happy after you have lost weight, won the lottery, or even found your soulmate. Material things or other people can make you HAPPIER but they don't make you HAPPY in the first place. If you feel emotionally insecure or fearful, your life and finances will reflect that insecurity too. If you are trusting and feel safe, your finances will align to become secure. I now a little of your past Moon, and I can understand how you came to mistrust others and depend on yourself. But negativity and fear only attract more of the same. When you can honestly declare that you know and trust that you will be taken care of by the Universe, and not stifling your flow of abundance through cynicicm or mistrust, then all good things will come to you easily. It's not that the Universe doesn't want us all to have what we want - it does - but it is ourselves that are uncomfortable with success for whatever reason. I feel in you a deep distrust/guilt and a blockage about having lots of money. Ask yourself if you are actually pushing wealth away instead of pulling it towards you.

  • Captain, I think - again - my upbringing has so much to do with this. You know, "life is a struggle", "wealth only comes to those who don't really earn it" etc, was constantly shoved down my throat growing up. This is another aspect I'm trying to dispel, but ... well, maybe I'm not trying hard enough or am not feeling it correctly!?

    I guess I'm not sure how to tackle this deep-seated belief and change it. I mean, here's my next question: how do you know when you really trust that the Universe will take care of you? They've helped me out a lot in the past, this I know and acknowledge, but I think I feel a bit "greedy" asking for too much when I reckon they've helped me out enough already!!

    I also had my astrological chart done in 2006 which said I was due to come into a large amount of money (either a win or inheritance), but six years later, it hasn't materialised ...

    Gee, upbringing can affect so many aspects of life can't it? And without a person realising it. I just can't seem to figure out how to ASK for it!

    Thanks again!



  • Sorry, I repeated the bit about my astrological chart! Forgot I'd already mentioned that ...

  • When you really trust that the universe will take care of you, you can say that out loud without getting any sinking feeling or any fear/anxiety/doubt being aroused. Say "I trust the universe to ALWAYS take care of me" and see what feelings this generates in you.

  • And yes most of us are still working through being told that 'poor people are closer to God' and that 'rich people are greedy and bad'. That 'it is good to suffer and saints are made from pain and misery'. That 'money corrupts'. A lot of it was generated by less-than-moral religions who wanted the people to give them all their money...and we all fell for it. The Universe wants you to have as much as you want and need - it puts no limits on what you can create for yourself. You just have to believe you deserve it.

  • Thank you 🙂

  • Funny, I recalled the story of Martin Luther and remembered what an inspiration he was, and how his life was a true case of what we've been talking about. Throughout history, the Church has a lot to answer to in my humble opinion 🙂

  • Yes it does. Many wars that have been fought were over religion yet Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed etc. always preached peace.

  • Exactly. It's "wondrous" when the human ego takes over and makes something beautiful into something to exert power and control others. I have not set foot in a church since my confirmation at 14, except where I couldn't avoid it, hence my "irreligious" stance.

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