Dream Interpretation anyone? 1 time dream haunted me for yrs.

  • I dont know if anyone here does dream interpretation or not? But if so I would love someone's take on this particular dream. If not, a referral to a forum would be much appreciated. (i've tried google to no avail)

    Here'sTHE STORY: I had a dream years ago that was not only extremely vivid (and odd) when i woke from it but continues to be years later. The dream has never repeated its self, but it conitnues to come to mind from time to time and triggers the same " there's something to it" response it originally did. I find that , in and of its self, odd.

    THE DREAM: I am driving down the road. I'm by myself. I dont feel like i'm trying to get anywhere, i'm just enjoying the drive and clearing my head. I've got an inner peace. The car i'm driving isnt really a part of the dream, just the view beyond it - faded asphalt road, bright yellow broken divider line> there's no traffic and no sign of civilization. Just me and the open road. I look out the window to my left and see rolling hills covered in golden wheat grass swaying in the breeze. it's kind of beautiful. the land directly to the side of the road is mostly flat, but there are mountains covered in the same in the distance... overlapping. The sky is the clearest blue, not a cloud to be seen. As my eye travels upward I see hot air balloons. They're canvas is striped in varying color combinations: red &blue, orange and green, yellow and purple... theres too many to count in my mind but they're all very colorful. They dont have baskets however, they have cars attached. They're 1950's (?) model cars (all exactly the same) all primer grey... no trim, windows etc. just the bodies. They're not falling but gently decending from the sky attached to these hot air balloons. most are at a distance, a few are closer. They're all floating down at the same speed but are at different points os descension... like they weren't lowered simultaneously. I stop my car and get out. As i cross the opposite lane and into the field i'm filled with awe and curiousity. One of these cars lands gently as i'm approaching it into the field. The balloons falls to the side and slowly deflates. I walk up to the car not knowing what to expect and when I look inside there is a marionette on the seat. One of the old wooden puppets in a black and white tux, red lips in a smile, cherry cheeks, strings attached just laying there. In the dream, without moving i see other cars begin to land around me and i know (without appraoching them) that they are all exactly the same. I'm filled with wonder "what is this?" and then i wake.

  • I feel this dream is about a deep yearning in you for a simpler (the 1950's), more colourful, more natural way of life, living easy and free of care. The wish to leave the rat race where people are like puppets going through the motions of living but not really being alive. If the dream haunts you, it's because you don't feel you have yet achieved this goal of living easy and simply.

  • ya know, I usually dont have much trouble interpreting my own dreams... but on this one I never made the connection and really felt like i needed to. The "haunting" was equally so just because visually the dream was so beautiful. I've often thought i should sketch / paint the scene and have never got aorund to it. (to buisy w/ that rat race you mentioned lol)

    In short, what you said is absolutely true for me. The odd thing is - its true for me at this point in my life and im aware of it. However, when i had the dream... i dont think the thought had ever conciously touched my mind. But, it did linger 🙂

    Thanks for the insight and outside perspective. Apparently its what I needed.

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