Shuabby, a year later asking for help.. again!!! Pls!?!?

  • Broke up with my bf of 1 year 4 days ago. It was not a regular fight. It is a break up. Fight started and turned into a nightmare. Feel so emty. I gave this relationship a fear shot. Never cheated or lied. Realized he was lieing a lot. No sure if he was cheating. And I dont think will know for sure.

    His last text said he will desapper for long time, wished me good bye and to stay strong. I asked him NOT to hurt ppl that become close to him. Hope this will be a big lesson for him.

    Me: VL April1, 1982

    Him: GL July 18, 1977

    Pls give me your reading. I feel like someone took the ground from under my feet. Shocked, upset, disappointed.

    Thank you Shuabby

  • Vic013

    I feel your upset and am receiving that you need to take a sea salt bath. This will help to calm you and help you to release the pent up emotions. You did a wonderful , strong , thing by breaking up with GL. He was really not your type of man that would stand by you and bring emotional support when needed. Yes it will be a lesson for him but I feel that he does not allow himself the pleasure of deep emotions, he keeps thing pretty much surface. He will learn in time and threw some tough life lessons.

    Now, I don't want you to fret to much because you will be rewarded for standing your ground and respecting yourself enough to let him go.

    I feel that you will be meeting another man that is a bit older than you are at least by eight years and he will be mature and when you meet him you will be instantly drawn to his knowledge as he will be a teacher so to speak for you. He will show you the deeper side of love and emotions because he has that to give to you. He seems like the Sherlock Holms type of man to me , that is how he is coming through. Look to met him real soon as he came in right away .

    Cheer Up as Amor has not left you behind, but will greet you again soon.


  • You gave me a hope Shuabby, I need a good news to grab on. My X-bf texted me today saying "What do you want from me? I didnt do anything to you. You are the one who's going crazy. You will always be important part of my life. Just come down you are unstable at the moment and overthinking. Relax"

    He doesnt even get what happened.. I am so shoked!!!!!

  • Hi Shuabby.. I met a new man and very excited..

    I completly let GL go by now.

    Also can you pls see what can you say in the future for me with a new Aries guy:

    Him: Mar 27, 1972 initials PM

    Me: Apr 1st, 1982 initials VL


  • Vico13

    I am happy for you dearheart to have found another man that will be so much better suited for you. He likes adventure and so do you to a point. He likes the outdoors and he also may know how to cut a good rug dancing. Music comes in around him here so he might be involved in it deeper in some way.

    Do not bend to far with him as he likes the word No and can handle it from you. I am your puppet is the song that I hear now. lol meaning he is yours for the asking and than some.

    I feel good about this union and feel it really can be a lasting one.


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