Help With Virgo Man?

  • I have recently started talking to a Virgo man and am wondering.. how do you know if a Virgo man is into you? What kinds of things can you do to ensure you catch his eye? I am a Leo.

    He asked me out a week or so ago but I had to turn him down because I had a cold. I hope I didn't miss out on him!

  • Dear user9000

    Dont try to do things to ensure you can catch his eye. Let it happen naturally because if its forced eventually its not going to work out.

    Beside compatibility of this match is not good.

    Sorry to say that Leo girls are demanding & wishes their desires should be fulfilled which is not possible with Virgo men. Virgo may depress his Leo partner by his

    unusual behavior. This match should be avoided but I know you will go out with him next time

    he ask you for a date.

    I have a Leo girlfriend (infact two of them)

    who once dated a Virgo guy. All she does is complain about what he doesnot do. She says I'm so frustrated with this guy but she keeps going out with him. Finally she broke up with him.

    I guess we have to find out whether or not he is right for us. Its alright you can try it after all we live and learn.

  • Thank you! I know Virgos and Leos are generally not compatible but we both have strong influences in each others direction through our other signs. (He has a lot of Leo and I have a lot of Virgo so I thought it might help).

    You are right - I should not push it - I will try not too. I'm just so into him it's hard not to be!

    How does one know when a Virgo is interested, though?

  • I also really think that my other signs play more of an influence than my Leo (at least influence a bit) because everyone recommends Sag, Gemini and Aries but I have literally never got along with a single one!

  • Hi user9000

    In a way you are right thats why I said you have to find out for yourself whether its going to work or not. If he ask you again that means he is interested. The way he acts & talks to you and ask

    questions about you that means he is interested. You may have his attention for awhile then he backs off because he likes to analyze things and are not comfortable until they figure out all the angles.

    Some virgos are shy and if he doesnot ask you again you can give him a friendly call if you cant wait. SOME virgos want to be pursued. If you do this thread lightly cause they get stressed out easily. You cant get so close right away. Always start as a friend first and then see what happens then. Remember virgos are very difficult sign.

    They always use their analytical side. Always sizing you up. Every question he ask you is a test so be careful.

    Theres a thread for Virgos here but they are so frustrating to hear so if I were you like what I said try it out and see. Thats the only way to find out.

    Good luck!

  • Thanks so much!!

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