Oh captain my captain...

  • I recently, if not only a half hour ago, experienced a spiritual release and I recently gained a moment of clarity. Interestingly enough one of the first things I felt to do was to go to do.

    I think I've talked to you about once a year for the past 2 years? However I do think about you more than that. You have a positive influence.

    I'm not here because I'm in need of help or insight (however if you got any I'll take it!) but following my feeling it told me to ask YOU how YOU'RE feeling,

    I got a sensation that you're tired, if not exhausted? Something about you seems weary, like as if you've fought the long hard fight. Am I even close on anything?

    This might seem silly, but I thought I should follow my intuition.

    It told me that you really needed to be thanked more for what you do! I feel as if you put so much effort here and deserve more praise!

    Though I know little of you, if anything, I honestly, from the bottom of my heart wanted to thank you for all the people you help all the time. Just checking from the few times I pop on here you're always a powerful guidance to the people here and a strong teacher. A unsung hero, or perhaps an underground savior only known by a few?

    At any point I hope you're doing well and that you get some rest!


  • Sending thank you hugs to the Captain:)

    best wishes on your spiritual journey Zara

    Love and Light

  • Interestingly enough one of the first things I felt that I should do* I wish there was a edit feature -_-

    Thank you Suramya, same to you!

  • AS, you are right - I am feeling weary of struggle right now. Lately I have been encountering people who refuse to see the truth when it is presented to them and abuse me for pointing it out to them. My own family is experiencing a lot of turmoil at present and I am struggling to ride out the waves of emotion that present circumstances are stirring up. All of them have the idea that trouble is better buried than exposed to the light for healing. Yet I know that it is only a phase and that I can handle it - as difficult as it is, it will pass. I will stay centred. Thanks you all for thinking of me, it really does help!

  • Captain, I have a parent who acts and think in the way of dealing with problems. She too feels as if it is better if things go unmentioned and no matter how calm and logical or empathetic my approach is, the moment subjects that come up that need to be addressed for healing she quickly gets defensive and shuts down.

    It is difficult because the problem does not root from you, but from them and when people swim in ignorance or emotional trauma it keeps them locked from the truth of something. Personal demons are powerful creatures of manipulation, but only if we give them the power. And we, in our current generation, are very adapt at handing our power else where and not using it ourselves.

    Even the greatest of mortals can have their spiritual discipline shaken and souls put through the grind. Embrace your wisdom and your mortality, the weakness that innately is not only a part of you, but a part of us all. It is from the moment we feel 'weak' or 'down' do we find power. And when death comes we become something greater than human. A spirit of pure light and healing, an entity with knowledge of struggle and the wisdom to mend wounds.

    Embrace flaws for they are the keys for smoothing out the diamonds! It is the reason why we are here after all, to learn and grow. You're an inspiration to us all Captain. My energy goes to you, as does my heart. Shift through the darkness and back into the light.

    The light is always with you, even if you cannot see it.


  • It's very true that you cannot help anyone until they face their demons.

  • Yes captain thank you for all you do. The guidance you give is unmeasureable. Don't forget to take time for yourself 🙂

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