Trying to move on :((

  • i am trying to move on ,will i be succesful?i am having with someone i know from the past can i have some insights please thanks

  • Something u have to let go of then yes

  • i am having conversation with a scorpio.a sagittarius and a pisces which of them shall i continue talkin with and which will i avoid help please....tnx

  • write 'i am worthy of love' 20 times, then you answer that question bc it will be clear. pray on it. ask god for a sign! I get a good feeling from the pisces, dont know why

  • thank you for answering me pooperpop,he's an ex actually not really an ex yet,my things are still in his possesion but i stop communicating with him for more than two weeks now,he cheated on me.but i dream of him constantly.i dream of a white dog last night following me but i send him away thrice and yet still follows me inside a mall,but when we got out he went on another way..but i dream of the pisces guy also last night.he lighted the burner coz i want to boil a water in a kettle..can you give me further insight please,thank you so much!

  • the white dog is one of them, ( not the pisces guy) once you stop calling him back ( the white dog guy) he will go another way... if you want. Hes only doing what you want. The p. is the soul of the earth, for you. thats all for now! have fun. Please remember that life is supposed to be FUN FUN FUN

  • what do you mean by my soul of the earth pooper,yeah i love the pisces guy but will he be able to change if i get back to him?is he worth fighting for?is the white dog an scorpio?thanks again pooperpop

  • the white dog is either of the other ones, i meant salt of the earth, makes things better ...If you change, he will change. Like attracts like. IF you love yourself and do fun things, you will attract either this guy, OR someone better. dont worry! Its all good! xox

  • sorry for the late reply pooperpop but i want to thank you for answering my question,thank you so much,you're right that life is fun fun fun : )

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