Could really use a reading please

  • I need to figure out the role of a certain man in my life. Why does he haunt my dreams and thoughts - is he just a fantasy or something more?

    I really need to figure this out - thank you!

  • I feel that there are a lot of complex and unrealistic fantasies revolving around this man, that the reality would not live up to the dream, and that power struggles and internal dissension would be the reality. I also feel a romantic or sexual component would detract from the friendly relationship you already have with him. This relationship is best for doing fun things together and not anything more serious, since your friend does not like too heavy a commitment. I feel dissatisfaction with your current relationship is behind these dreams, that it also is torn by power struggles and emotional conflict, and that the two of you are not really comfortable together. But I do feel there would only be the same repeated sort of situation with this other guy and you would be no better off. I think the fantasies are your growing urges to escape your current life.

  • Thank you VERY much for your response. I've been dealing with these dreams and unanswered questions for so long since I was never able to explore intense feelings with man A before getting married. I have often wondered if the dreams were just a symptom or if there was something more there since I rarely have felt so connected to someone in my life. Marriage has been very hard with man B because we are so incompatible, but have been trying to make it work - and uphill battle.

    Could you possibly tell me about this marriage, is it worth the struggle in the end for us or is it unending?

    Thank you!!!!

  • I don't feel the marriage has the compatibility necessary to make it last. I think there is more similarity between these men than you see, so it may be helpful to see if there are any repeated patterns in your choice of partner. You need to become really sure of who you are and what you want in order to find a more compatible mate.

  • Thank you ! I met them both over ten years ago and a lot has changed. Aside from a few obvious personality traits I didn't realize they were so similar, but I never dated man A. Thank you for your insight!

  • Actually, I'm perplexed by your statement regarding their similarity. I always thought of man A as the man I wasn't ready for. He seems SO very much healthier then my husband who I've had to drag up from the muck. The cards show they have the same issue or something? That would give me much to ponder...

  • Both tend to see relationships as mental power struggles instead of partnerships.

  • There is a lot you don't know about man A.

  • Thank you, again. Is there a card that denotes a tendency toward a power struggle? Though my husband may not be as much of a team player as I'd like, I feel we keep each other in check regarding a struggle for power in our marriage. If anything I am the one who makes most decisions. He's actually about to start spiritual therapy, can't this affect the outlook that you saw (if he deals with his past issues and heals them)?

  • Spritual therapy may help your husband find more peace within himself but it can't make you two more compatible in love if you are not. Basically the chemistry is missing here in this relationship. It has a strong mental orientation so that you Eli being more intuitive and your husband being more emotionally oriented, you may feel rather uncomfortable with each other. The relationship deemphasizes feelings and impulses. You both have learnt a lot through the years from each other but now you have to decide if there is anything left to work on or grow from. Only you can truly decide that, and whether you want to keep on trying. You could have a good friendship if the issues between you are worked out but as for great romance, I don't feel you will find it here. Yet many people have successful marriages based on mutual respect and admiration rather than love and you could perhaps build on that. If you are able to stick it out for many years, the frustrations and tensions in the marriage may lead to greater understanding and ultimately to increased closeness, but the road to such acceptance will be long and rocky.

  • Your statement about my husband and I having a cerebral orientation is certainly accurate. Since marriage nearly 10 years ago, I have felt that he is not the 'love of my life', but we are good friends and have young children, hence my persistence. We felt that maybe if he cleaned up his past abandonment issues and healed himself it might make for a better love life (differing from sex life). Sometimes I wonder if we had a past life agreement to bring our two children into the world and then separate, but I still don't know what the answer is and the intruding dreams of man a often clouded reality.

    Thank you deeply for your insights. You are truly gifted, with compassion as well.

  • You may be hoping that this other man will 'rescue' you from your situation. When in fact it's all up to you to make the changes you need in your life, to be your own saviour.

  • Right, that's why I am in the process of starting a business and generating my own income so that I have the freedom to make which ever choice 🙂

  • Any thoughts on the business venture? I'm expecting it to be popular and successful!

  • If the need of the people matches your business idea, it will prosper.

  • Hmmm Your response is so general, it leaves me feeling that I either asked too many questions, (if that is the case, I do apologize. I'm new and don't know the proceedure) or that you don't want to say more.

    Thank you for your time, truly 🙂

  • Sometimes life really is that simple - don't go looking for complicated answers. If there is a need and a niche for your business at the moment, it will do well, simple as that.

  • My husband and I have been talking a lot about all of this and insites hes gained through his spiritual counseling and I'm wondering if you might have any new feelings on how long we can hold out for before separating? Do you sense any shift in our connection?

    Thank you so very much!

  • Do YOU sense any positive change between you?

  • No I'm just thinking that now isn't the best time to separate because separating is such a big deal with kids especially if its just because there isn't much romantic love. I thought it didn't need to be sooner than later, but maybe it will end up the other way around?

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