Could really use a reading please

  • Romantic love isn't everything - do you respect and like your husband?

  • I agree with you. He's the one with the sense of urgency. Once I had a tarot reading that laid everything out on a time line for the up coming year. Perhaps that would be a good approach for me. Thank you 🙂

  • Instead of relying on readings to tell you what to do, you could create the future that YOU want. A reading will only show you one way that is open to you - it's up to you to decide if that is the way you wish to go.

  • I know which way I want to go I've only bad three readings in my life. I was looking for an overview bc my husband suddenly changed his tune and i wanted to be prepared.

  • You can't be prepared for everything that life will throw at you - you can only be confident in your strength and ability to cope with anything.

  • I cometely agree with you. However, that doesn't negate curiosity

  • I feel it is more a dissatisfaction with something inside you than anything to do with anyone else that troubles you. I feel you need to get to know yourself better so that you will know what you really want.

  • That seems pretty foreign to me I know myself very well. I know what I want and I know what makes sense for me today. I am content with my marriage today and besides having to deal with my husbands seasonal depression and rocking the boat , I am solid.

  • I was just looking for a future outlook. Thank you for your time.

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