What are u like Pisces Man?

  • Hi, i don't really know any Pisces people so when this Pisces guy wanted to meet me i realised i don't know much about Pisces. He wanted a friend to set us up, sent me messages etc, all that last Friday, and haven't heard from him since then, the only thing he did in the meantime was to like my photos on facebook. What was that all about and what should i do? Thanks!

  • How much do you know about him personally? Have you met him?

  • Hi Captain, no i haven't met him. He works with a friend of mine and he saw me in a photo, ask my friend about me and sent me a message telling me who he is etc. My friend says he is a really nice guy.I don'tknow, i thought Pisces were shy and quiet.

  • Pisces in general are rather passive and quiet. A lot depends on what other astrological signs are in his birth chart. But you really won't know it all until you meet him in the flesh. Online people can fool you. Meet him somewhere very public where you can excuse yourself if the chemistry is not working for you.

  • One thing I have learned about dating Pisces men is that they are really wishy-washy. They change their minds like they do underwear. The guy I'm dating doesn't like to talk about problems or feeling either. It is possible that it's just a guy thing but jeesh!!

    I would say to just let him go and keep moving forward, if he wants you then he will come for you.

  • Well can't be worse than Geminis (no offence to my Gemini friends). We'll see. Thanks!

  • (LOL) That's another true statement there! Hahaha!! Thanks for the laugh! Gemini's are just as bad (at least the men).

  • I have a Pisces mother and sister and they avoid talking about problems as much as they can or else they physically run away. They can get too overwhelmed by emotion at times. Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer are the watery emotional signs and many people think this means they handle feelings better than other signs, but I think they are more controlled by their feelings than able to control them.

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