Defective Scorpio?

  • Well, I've been looking more into astrology lately, and I have a query regarding my own sign. I am a female scorpio who usually portrays all of the described traits and characteristics quite accurately, with the exception of the "power-seeking, and vengeful" factors. I don't have many enemies, or any of the binged up hostility or animosity that is mentioned in most descriptions I find. When others strike at me, I'm usually just hurt and don't do anything about it. My friends often tell me I act like too much of a doormat. I've wondered why and how this is possible if I am a true Scorpio. Looking for an answer, I looked up my moon sign, to find that it is also Scorpio, oddly enough. Maybe I'm just a defective one? Lol.

  • You can be very emotional, being a double Scorpion, but people may not realize this because of your natural ability to conceal or hide your feelings. Maybe you are deep down very aware of the fact you could be too dominating, formidable, or controlling, so you go the opposite way (this actually takes a lot of self-discipline) - but perhaps you need to find a happy medium? Relationships will be hard for you, because you will naturally conflict with people who are strong and have pride in themselves. You can live a somewhat lonely life, and in many respects you are a very private person. But you just need to find a balance between standing up for yourself and being too dominant. Maybe it's time to show your true feelings a bit more?

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