For Shuabby not *Mshah*

  • Hello Shuabby

    I have finally moved. I moved in on the 31st of July. I really like it here. I really think my

    boys really like it here. Shuabby can you please tell me do you see me doing any traveling

    in this last part of the 2012. And about my money issues will they be better. And do you see

    my friend Stevie and I getting closer in these last four months of 2012. And what do think my friend Terrence Jeffries want and what will come of this his dob is May 05. And my dob is 07/12/1961 the reason I put that on there is because whoever they are they but some kind of

    website or email did not want them i wantted you Shuabby

    Thanks BLD

  • Sorry Shuabby

    I did not see the post in the psychics side thanks so much I just response to your



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