Help with women - Captain

  • Hi Captain,

    I have a female friend ad we just text. it is usually just pictures of our animals,etc. nothing much more. she is a bit younger but mature and beautiful. i kinda have a crush but i am sure she has no interest. is it a lost cause or do you see anything developing? i thought the first time she saw me that she thought iwas attractive (just by her look) but i could be wrong. her name is sara and she is 24. thanks. oh shes a huge dr who fan too 🙂

  • Pilotguy, are you thinking about ending your marriage?

  • It's not going well. She's not happy and she can't get along with my family. She's still angry over my illness, etc.

    Do you see Sara having any interest in me besides friendship? I can't even tell if she things I'm attractive. lol

  • You need to deal with your marriage (one way or the other) before you scope out other women. One relationship at a time is really enough for anyone to cope with. Or is this just about proving you are still attractive after being ill for so long?

  • I am not sure if that is it. It is very possible. I guess part of me wants to know if she thinks im attractive. It's tough to tell with her. Any ideas?

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