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  • Hello Shuabby

    I was wondering if you could give me a reading please. I am moving on Tuesday the 31st of July and their is somebody from my past that has come into my life his name is Terrence and his dob is May 5.

    Thanks BLD

  • Hello Blackladydiver

    So glad that you are moving away from where you are at now.

    The new place will bring with it many changes that you and your boys will like. I feel one of the boys will really excell in a sport as I get a basketball here.

    Your dwelling will have a lavender room it appears to me or you will paint a room light lavender and it will be peaceful and smoothing room to enter and sleep in.

    I see that you will become happy here at last.

    Your car needs some kind of attention it appears like a tire or tires are needed soon.

    Now lets get to Terrence. He will be better this time around in that he feels more stable in his life , his purpose is clear to him now. Has he been married before ? He feels like he just was not ready for that and it did not go well. He has matured and though he is not perfect , he is a looker is what I get ( handsome). He will set your heart on fire and you might need to take it slower than your furance will want you to. lol

    Your schooling or job opts will get better and better for you I hear the name of Jack around you for work area relations. Harold is heard to. You will not be lonely as I feel you are like honey drawing in those admirers and surely will be having a more exciting life in the coming year.


  • Hello Shuabby

    I just left a msg for you on the tarot side but I did not see this one. I do apologize. But that is crazy that you say that about my room being lavendar because I just was talking to Terrence

    about painting my room Lavendar or some kind of purple. And believe it or not I do sleep in this room. Because my old apt I would not sleep in their. I just sold my car so do you see me getting another car. And my older son is playing football so you see that being a very good for him. And Terrence lived with somebody for a very long time like 12 years so you could say they were married. So he means what he is saying. Yes he does like to flirt but he is a good man, he will be honest and trustworthly. That I do know. He was like that when we were kids. And so I guess these other man that have been calling will keep me busy it sounds like. Will it is about time. Because I have been just staying at home for the last two years. That is so weird because in the post I put I was asking you about me traveling and about my friend Stevie the things that he told me on the phone last month was truth. I really hope that my schooling does get better because right now if I don't past this class I will have to fight to stay in school. But thank you so much BLd

  • blackladydiver,

    Your welcome and so happy for you that things are at long last turning the page for you. You will pass the class but will have to really cram for it, I feel that you don't take enough time for study like you should. Keep in touch.


  • Good Morning Shuabby

    You know I was thinking about what you was saying about Terrence. I was talking to him this morning and he was telling me how he is more into relationships than he was before. I could not believe that because I grow up with him and him and another guy I would do things with that no other girl probably would not and when he was in the service I know he was not ready. And it really surprised me about him talking about being serious about a relationship. And I really don't know what could become of us because he lives in Virginia and I live in California. But I just want to tell you about that. And you are so right I have not been doing my homework like I should be I just do not like this teacher she is so mean.


  • blackladydiver,

    I just love to hear feedback. Thanks so much for taking the time to give it.

    He would be willing to move to CA if things got serious , so don't let the distance stop you.

    The teacher is mean for a reason and that being that she wants complete control over the class and she has a real thing about respect to. She is a good teacher but lacks knowing when to be compassionate, as things in her life have lacked in that department.


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