Could someone please give me a reading? Im not okay.

  • I am scared. I dont want to lose my mom or my sister. I am so scared and dont know what to do. I feel like someone is going to try to take me away from my mom & my sister. I cant sleep. I am always so scared. Please help me.

  • What makes you think someone is going to take you from your family?

  • Willow6779

    How old are you? What have you heard that makes you feel this way? I want to suggest for now that you pray and ask for your angels to surround you and help you to feel safe at this time.

    Is it your father that you do not want to go and live with?


  • I am actually 29 years old. I know it probably sounds silly. Ive just been through a lot in the past year. Lost my grandmother & my dog. I went into the hospital for having a mental breakdown & severe depression. They said I was paranoid schizophrenic. And they put me into a program where they tried to keep me from my family. I finally got back home with my mom. I made a couple bad decisions. That led me in bad situations.

    I keep feeling like people are going to stear me away from my family again. I just dont want to lose anybody again and to the wrong choices. Where it is irreversible.

  • My father is actually one of these reasons I have these terrible fears. I want to add. Actually both men whom were suppose to be father figures in my life. There decisions to walk out as if we never existed has been a huge part of the way life unfolds for me.

  • Willow6779

    First I have to state that Iam not a medical intutitive. When you are abandon by father figures in your life it can leave a lasting impression. Fear sets in for some that it will happen again with other people. You have stated here that you have been treated for emotional problems and don't want to make any deceisions that will place you back in the hospital away from family.

    I am a spiritual person. I will suggest to you that you reach out to a higher power, God and ask for healing. You may also want to look into holistic types of healing. Reiki and other sources are available to you. You have to want to get well and live a balanced life first and foremost. You can start with a spiritualist church or go online and look for holistic healers.

    We all come into this life with challanges. You know now what your are and can take steps to help yourself. Your family I am sure would be behind you with your healing.

    Listen to smoothing music when you become upset and pray as this will help you in times of need. There are healing groups also available out there that you can look into.

    Good Luck to you Willow , when others don't love you as they should have you have to learn to love yourself and this brings with it strength of mind and body.


  • Willow, the more we cling to things, the more dependent and weak we become. The universe wants us to be powerful, independent individuals so it will send us all experiences like the ones you have gone through in order to bring out our strengths and our power. I feel like you tend to lose your individuality and merge with other people's personalities to the point where you don't know where they end and you begin - so losing them is painful for you, like losing yourself. But there is nothing surer than we eventually lose those close to us, so you need to begin to be independent and self-confident so that the losses don't have such a devastating effect on you. Try taking baby steps by doing a few things on your own (like walking alone in nature) until you feel better about being independent. It's really not as scary as you think to be alone. It's right and good to love people but it's wrong to lean too heavily on them so that you lose the power to support yourself.

    And take heart that you never really lose anyone you love - you will meet them again on the other side when it is your time. And if you put aside the grief and depression that distracts you from communicating with those who have passed, you will find that their energy is still around you right now, loving you as they always did. I'll bet they have been trying to send you messages that they're OK. Death only removes our physical bodies - it doesn't make our essence, our souls, disappear. Heaven is not a place in the sky, it exists all around us and we all have psychic senses that can access those who have passed over.

  • Thank you Captain! Very conforting words. that would be wonderful to know they were trying to send me messages. Its funny cause while i was away my dog passed and dealing with everything. I was not able to see her before she passed. I finally gotten ahold of my sister and she was crying which I found to be the worst time to tell me however. I would hav ebeen made had she not. That night I went to bed in my room & dreamt of her vividly and had almost the same exact dream like I did when I was little with my other dog who had just passed except it was this dog. I woke up so upset and my roommate told me she was probably visiting while she passed over since it was the same night. In the dream she was curled up at the end of my bed jus like my other dog.

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