• wishing you a speedy recovery sunshine get lots and lots of rest

  • Thanks everyone, I appreciate all of you very much and your healing thoughts and prayers. I'm trying to rest, not easy with the neckbrace, but getting some rest. people from Church are helping me and that is a blessing. Trying not to worry and dwell on things, keeps my headache going. My face is healing well, maybe I won't have any scars...the kidlets are enjoying time at home with Mom, but they still go to daycare 3 days a week. Excuse my batty talk, pain meds make the brain fuzzy...LOLOL !

    Have a wonderful day all of you, blessings and love.


  • 🙂

  • Sunny,

    May your body, mind and soul be strengthened. May your fears be dissolved with the calmness of peace. May your faith renew and guide you.

    Thinking of you!



  • HI all,

    Healing slowly but surely, however, I have a moderate concussion that keeps getting in my way. today, the doctor asked me if I was lefthanded or righthanded...I raised my left hand and said, "right,, the other right". smh. Got my sides mixed up, it seems.... 😞

    however, I'm getting there, just more time than I thought.

    Thanks for the prayers and well wishes. They mean a lot. Blessings and hugs to you all.


  • with gods love you will be will completely before you know it, you are in my prayers,

    love and hugs


  • Hi Sunshine!

    Just wanted to let you know I'm rooting for you! It has been a trying 6 months and I'm guessing you need a boost. Keep your loving spirit and keep on, keeping on!

    Blessings a plenty,


  • Thanks Laie. I am feeling pretty low right now, thanks for the thoughts. You seem to know more than I am really saying... 🙂 Thanks xoxoxoxo.

  • Sometimes I don't have the words and play it off lightly .... I just know you're loved deeply.

    Love U!

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