• Please pray for Sunshine7959. She was in a serious accident and sustained horrendous injuries-- lucky to be alive and angel blessed!

    From: Lai4,

    Adding my prayers for her suce a nice girl!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hope everything will be ok with her. My prayers with you Sunshine.

  • sunshine,

    my prayers go out to you, praying for a quick recovery, may god bless u, at all times,


  • I meant such a nice girl. I believe she will be fine.

  • Healing prayers for you Sunshine. So thankful the Angels are at your side



  • Sending prayers and healing energy to Sunshine for a speedy recovery .

  • Sunny --- keeping you close in healing prayer! Rest as best you can.

    Poetic --- Thank you for taking my quiet prayer, public ... all these Earth Angels joining Sunny's Angels add such wonderful healing energy. Luv ya!

  • Sending healing prayers

    Love and Light

  • Blessings!!

  • Sending you love and light Sunny!! Yes, we are adding our prayers to those of your angels!! Thanks Pfree and Laie4 for your kindness!



  • OH MY!

    Thank you everyone! This is a very moving and wonderful thing from you all! I feel really Blessed and grateful to feel so much love from here!

    My family left to go back home to Louisiana tonight. I am alone with my kidlets now, scary because I can't do a lot with a broken arm and a neckbrace. But we will persevere through prayers and determination.

    Trying to get throught the insurance issues and praying to get another car before too long. I am blessed in that my boss is paying me medical leave for a couple of months, yay!

    Thank you each and everyone for your good wishes and prayers. I really needed to see/hear this.

    Love and Blessings to each and every one of you


  • Here you are Sunshine 🙂 recover quickly girl. 🙂

  • Thanks Poetic and Laie! You are such a Blessing to us, and I am grateful for the prayers and well wishes. My heart is aching and this lifts me up.

    Love to you both.

    Blessings and Light to everyone and THanks!

  • I'm so glad to hear from you, You will Heal exceedingly fast, I beleive it! Thank God you are okay!

  • Hey Sunny,

    I hope the insurance wrangling goes well and they give you enough money to get another vehicle.

    How are you today? Are you able to sleep? You're wearing a neck brace and not a halo?? Did they give you something for pain, bruises, road rash? How are the Double L's? Are they trying to help? : )Anyway, thinking of you and hoping each day gets easier!



  • Beautiful images, Poetic -- U rock! xoxo

  • Thinking of you Sunny. Hope each day feels better & brighter. There are a lot of details to handle, one step at a time & you'll get them done. Love & Light


  • Laie, broken radius left arm, cracked C7 vertebra, just in neckbrace because it isn't life threatening. Severe concussion, bruises and bumps. Taking pain medication as i need it. spending a lot of time sleeping or trying to...LOL My hair is growing back on my right temple. I thought it would be gone forever. Whew! insurance won't get me a vehicle, but I think I will access my 401k for this thing.

    Blessings to everyone on this beautiful day.

    Thanks Laie.

  • Sunshine

    Hope each day is a bit easier for you. When you have a concussion its important to let your brain rest, not too much stimulation at once- limit time trying to read, computer, TV especially noisy shows. Sleep is good & hopefully restful too.

    Love & Light


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