Gillian MacBeth-Louthan: August Energy

  • August Energy

    By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

    August 2012

    As the energy of August comes to a peak, we all are forced to slow down and smell the heat wilted flowers.

    We are asked to breathe deep of what still fancies itself as a force to be reckoned with.

    Time itself has shifted once again as we move through the time gates that were activated in the mid forties. Remnants of what once was, whiff through our lives like warm chocolate chip cookies in an imaginary oven.

    We seek that which brings us peace and sweet memories of an easier time and place and life.

    We are stretched through time every day filling the needs a very demanding world, never getting to the place that we ourselves can, sit, and sup in peace and quiet. There was a point in our recent past that we had more than enough time and looked for recreational ways to fill the time slots.

    In this day and time, we look at pictures of ourselves having fun and wonder where did that fun go? We want so much to get back to who we once were. Fond memories cloud the screens of out thoughts as we seek to bring that fun loving happy self to the surface for a few gulps of good air.

    Our past self is no where to be found on the radar screen, but a new blip shows our future self is coming around the corner. The light we see from the stars is billions of years old. It is a Light that travels through time just to shine for us. Our future self has traveled through time just to cross our path and in-lighten us with a new perspective. If you could give a gift to your self of the past, would you? If you could assist on ones eternal evolution, would you?

    The rules of engagement have changed in accordance with the spin of the molecules. As the matter of earth lends itself to a finer degree of light ,that which is of a similar nature can penetrate the walls of separation that keep those of earth confined in thought and deed.

    The possible future can in-deed step into your playing field and show you probabilities in choices and events. The future you/person may be disguised in-deed, but there will be a very familiar vibration, like a name on the tip of your tongue, never to be reached until after the fact.

    The trail of tears you have walked is soon to be parted and never experienced again. Looking back through the veil of time is exhausting and time consuming. The future of mankind beckons to itself in order to save a drowning populace too tired to care any more. Mankind has been worn away drop by drop / pebble by pebble. The skin has hardened and no longer feels the way it once did. Continual disappointment creates a callas of the heart. The future comes to soften what has hardened so that mankind can once again see, with love.

    Humanity does not see Hope in the forecast of a cloudy day. For the emotional weather is often holographic in nature and changes with the seasons of ones thoughts. Ask for the seed of HOPE to spring ETERNAL in your heart. Ask for that which brings you peace in a world of turmoil to be made visible and tangible in the here and now. Allow these visitations from your future selves to bring you to a point of knowing, that is as a fortress. Do not allow the EARTHLY woes to climb up and destroy your Tower of Hope. The Seed of Hope was originally given to humanity as a promise from the Creator.

    The vibration of Hope is a #26/#8 energy, perfect to be forged in the hot summer month of August. This configuration gives to you the infinity portal escorting you past all previous limitations. It is a number of going beyond what you know to be your normal boundaries.

    It asks you to fly to the moon and stop by the Milky Way on your way back. It is pure spiritual atomic energy. It is Hope for the Future!

  • I think, Poetic, that most of us can relate to this feeling of no time in the day to rest, no real emotional energy to laugh, giggle and have fun. I know I've been feeling like a caged animal myself and wonder when a sense of freedom from all this gloom will present itself. It's winter here in Australia, and probably the longest one we've experienced for years, ie, it's been cold since March and still cold now and our emotional health reflects that.

    We'll all just keep praying for that glimmer of sunshine ... 🙂

    Thanks again for these enlightening posts!



  • thank you poetic this is just what i needed!!! The world is so chaotic right now and it fells like there is no where to go to recharge

  • Nice-thank U

  • I'm feeling the same way, some days are better than others. Everything is coming up for clearing, just surrender and stay grounded, this too shall pass! Yeah I hear it's freezing over there, here is hotter than you know where!

    Here is some sunlight for yah!

  • Some days are easier than others but it helps to know I'm not alone & that better days are coming. May we all continue to feel self love grow & flourish



  • We are never alone! Just surrender, going thru my own growth spurts! Let's keep our eyes on the prize!

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