The Hope Chest: Requesting Your Assistance

  • The Hope Chest: How We Started Assisting Others in Need

    Here at the Hope Chest, as with anywhere, some things change and some things stay the same.

    While the arrival of NESARA will change absolutely everything – for each and everyone of us! – what hasn’t changed is friends and Lightworkers in need. Lightworkers needing temporary assistance for food, shelter, utilities, gas, etc. Until NESARA arrives, those needs will continue.

    What has changed is the ever-increasing number of people requesting assistance. As The 2012 Scenario grows in popularity – through word of mouth and people’s increasing desire to seek information to assist their awakening – so, too, has the need being served by the Hope Chest grown. More and more individuals are requesting assistance, every day.

    While we here at the Hope Chest assess each case individually, we also try to assist within some general guidelines. Rarely are we able to meet the full request of every individual every week. This is simply due to the lack of funds. As many of you know, our only assistance right now comes from you, the generous readers of The 2012 Scenario.

    For those who may not know about the Hope Chest, I’d like to share some history…

    The Hope Chest was established in September last year, when Steve Beckow was approached to assist a woman who needed extensive dental care and could not afford it. Steve put out a request for help in managing what, at that time, was called the Lightworkers’ Fund. It was a Sunday afternoon.

    I remember reading that request and followed the discussions that began pouring in, as Steve had opened the Comments section. Even then, I wondered if my own experience in non-profit fundraising (some 30 years) could be of assistance. So I wrote Steve an email, suggesting some guidelines on what to look out for and some tips on how to set up such an operation.

    I had only one minor communication with Steve prior to that point. Within the hour, Steve wrote back asking if I’d be willing to help by directing the operation as he had very little time and no experience of such an endeavor. I was surprised, to say the least.

    Like so many of us when we are asked to ‘step up’, I initially didn’t feel I was prepared to become involved at such a major level – and so, I resisted his email.

    But throughout the day, I saw the Comments that kept coming in and it started to hit me that it was time for me to ‘get involved’. Sure, the resistance came up: I argued inside; fighting what I was hearing. But it kept coming and I could tell it was a prompting from the Divine. By late evening, I felt the pounding in my solar plexus chakra; the activation point I experience within myself when I sense Spirit prodding me.

    So, eventually, I said a hesitant “yes”, sending an email to Steve saying I was offering to help. My only intention at the time was to help to get things set up and running, and then pass it on to someone else.

    After I sent that email off, I breathed a big sigh of relief, only to look down at the time and date stamp and find that it read 9-11-11 @ 11:11 pm. At that same moment a voice from within said: “How much more guidance do you need? This is your assignment.”

    I sent another email to Steve, telling him of the time. He called me on Skype, late in the evening, and we started talking…

    A few days later, Steve had a reading with Archangel Michael. Steve asked if the idea for the Lightworkers’ Fund came from him and Michael responded: “where did you think the inspiration came from?” It was him and the Mother. It was designed to give hope to Lightworkers in need. From there, the Hope Chest derived its name.

    Steve then asked about me playing a role in the Hope Chest and, once again, Michael responded by saying: “dispersing the funds requires great discretion and David will do that.” (I remember thinking at that time: “David? Hmm, only my mother called me by that name” – and I’ve taken it to now mean that this was a serious assignment, because Archangel Michael has never called me ‘David’ since then. At that moment, I had a feeling this was no temporary assignment!)

    And so, that’s how the Hope Chest began. We now give hope to many people through some rather difficult times. You can add to that collective hope by becoming involved as well.

    Right now, we still need to give hope to people and their need is great. This is no understatement. Multiple requests for assistance come in every day… some stories will make you cry; others make you realise that you may be in slightly better position than others…

    I’ll follow up with an article in few days, describing the types of emails we receive asking for help. But in the meantime, I am asking for those of you who can, to help the Hope Chest give hope to others.

    We really only make our appeal to those who have the ability to give from their surplus monthly income. While there are many who have need of receiving, there are also many who benefit from giving.

    And what do I mean by that comment? Well, in almost three decades in fundraising, I’ve met many people who felt they had nothing to give. Yet, I would watch when they did open up and give what they could from their heart, and then observe the change. As I witnessed, it was in giving that the Law of Attraction was experienced. When they were willing to open up, trust, release and give from their heart, the release came, the peace came, and the change came.

    At the end of the day, it isn’t about the dollar amount; it’s about the ‘heart’ action. Dollars will always flow and be the right amount at the right time when the action is from the heart. From there, love and light are released to do their work.

    So I ask now, what it is that you should (and can) give? For some, at this time it may be nothing; for others it may be more than ever before. You’ll know. Just trust your heart. And if your heart says “do it”, then can I ask that you click on the tab in the right hand column of the site, where it says Donate to the Hope Chest.

    Whatever you feel is right for you at this time, it will be greatly appreciated by someone else. Someone within our very own Lightworker community.

    For those who ask: our system is secure and whether you need help or seek to help, the Hope Chest will always respect your personal financial issues. We use PayPal which we’ve found to be a very good tool for giving and receiving funds. You can also use a debit or credit card through PayPal.

    The Hope Chest email and PayPal account is:

    If you prefer to write a check/cheque, our address is:

    The Hope Chest

    c/o Dave Schmidt

    8803 216th St SW

    Edmonds, WA 98026


    Blessings to you as we all grow together in our Ascension process.


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