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  • Hi Casper, Wow, what a story, that was so touching, I couldn't help crying at the end, especially since my son is an only child and I worry about his being left alone. It makes you wonder why we are sometimes put through such hard lessons. You were only a young woman..I'm so very sorry that you had to go through such a tough time. Maybe being a Cap helped you get through this very lonely time. Caps can be pretty tough, like the symbol of your sign. I was especially struck by the fact that your Mom didn't eat dinner with you and your father. You never asked her why?.. that's so unusual. You don't know why she was that way? I can't understand it. Anyways, I want you to know that you have my sympathy. Maybe you'd like to talk more, It'd be nice.

  • a excuse me virgos are nice people careing kind hearted and honest

    im virgo

  • hey people im a virgo who has great sence of humour like to have a laugh and a joke

    i don t like mess love music dancing and communicating with people and dont like gossip about other people down to earth virgo

  • i agee with you if they aint got nice things to say about virgo dont say anything at all lol

  • I have my sun in Virgo, my moon in Scorpio and Aquarius rising--and, yes, I see the influences of all in my life (I'm 43). While I cannot speak for all Virgos, I can tell you my highly organized life (ok, anal retentive) and well-developed critical thinking and analytical skills are not the result of insecurity. When asked, my friends, family and coworkers never mention insecurity as one of my traits. Yes, we tend to be critical; we see the world in a very practical way and wish to place what we experience in a context that appears logical so we can analyze it at our leisure. Truth told, we are more critical of ourselves than we are of others. We do well around signs which help us to see the world more for its simple beauty than for its practical purpose. I have been married for nearly 11 years to a Gemini man, and though we have our moments of conflict, we respect one another greatly and feed off of each others' strengths. He keeps me from getting too serious about myself, and I help keep him on task and grounded so he doesn't give away everything we own. We have two children: one a Scorpio/Sagittarius and the other a Libra. With love, respect and understanding we all get along quite well.

  • I have Virgo Influence with Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars but my rising sun scorpio

    I am not organized but I'm clean. I am critical and analytical. I don't think I know every thing but I am eager to learn new things. I get irritated and headaches easily. I love to be alone most of the time because I love video games. I love the nightlife and drinking socially. I love traveling. I hate working for long hours - 12 hours or more, I get cranky. I am procrastinator. People have told me I look like type that you just don't mess with even though I have a small frame.

  • Oh yeah I forgot to add the sense of humor. All my friends think I'm silly and wild.

  • I totally agree with Hadiel. Most people do not understand Virgos. We are not mean. I consider myself as a very nice person and I am most mindful and considerate of other people's feelings. My quest for perfection sometimes isn't the "perfect" way of doing things, but I wish the people in this world would have the same agenda.

    Take pride and care in all you do and maybe someone would take notice and emulate you. I know that sounds egotistic, but I certainly don't mean it that way.

    Virgo's are the one sign that are most misunderstood.

  • I'm a Virgo and I know when I'm right and when I'm wrong. I get emotional easily sometimes over the dumbest things and other times I just don't care. I always give everyone the benefit of the doubt but cross me once and that's all you'll get. I'm a very laid back person whom just loves to hang out with close friends and family or alone in my room listening to music. I do have somewhat of a perfectionist problem, but not too bad. Like if I look at something long enough I'll find a flaw and try to correct it. I'm a very loving giving and caring person and tend to fall hard at a slower rate than most. I'm the type of person that will give you the shirt off my back but always has a wall up so I'm not an easy target to hurt. I have very little patience and want things done when I want them done. I have always made a set plan for my life. There is a plan for everything I do in my head. I obtain a rhythm of how things can be done in a certain amount of time and way and continue it every time the task needs to be done. Although I get bored with doing the same job over and over. I am not a people person. I can help with problems and am good with advice. I love being able to take care of myself. I save things I don't really need but hold memory. I am definitely a blunt person and I don't hold anything back. I am organized because I'd rather be able to find something right away rather than search for hours for one thing. I think that I have to be the one to take care of everyone. I used to look at every flaw I thought I had but that changed for the most part. NOT COMPLETELY! I don't like loud parties with a bunch of people it makes me nervous and I want to leave immediately after arriving. I don't want anyone to be like me and would rather if they were just themselves. Used to the smudge on the mirror or the dirt spot on a pair of pants would drive me insane, but I've pulled back a lot and have became less aware. Still aware but not fully. The bottom line is I am me. I may have some minor set backs that others don't agree with, but my annoying little problems to most are blessings to me. I see the bigger picture and realize that there is potential behind every portrait.

  • YEAH YEAH and I'm freaking hilarious! I'm the friend that you call when you need a good laugh

  • I'm a Virgo with the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Uranus and Pluto all in Virgo. That's pretty Virgo. Moon is in Cancer. Cancer is crabby. Which one is worse, critical or crabby I don't know. I'm supposed to be critical and fault finding and negative but those are just stereotypes. I became a music teacher because I love to teach and instruct and help others become enriched in their lives because of a love for music.

    I don't browbeat, nitpick, condemn or insult. I do whatever I can to build up confidence, make it an enjoyable experience, inspire and get the most out of a student . Teaching is an art. If they don't get it, I've failed. Everybody is so different. They all need different things.

    I think in order to be caustic you have think there's only one way to do things. I try different approaches and angles before I throw in the towel and I haven't done that yet. I enjoy the adventure of understanding.

    I guess teaching allows that side of Virgo to come out in a productive way maybe? No matter what happens I tell them they're doing a great job whether they are or not. They just want to hear it because if they feel discouraged they'll quit and I'll have failed. We're always in it together.

    If people read this and say 'Oh well there's some Cancer in there' they'd be missing the point. There's more than enough Virgo in one person with me. Seeing the positive is a choice. Not judging first is a choice too. It's something we do first and foremost to see clearly.

  • y was with a virgo for two years and o my god you have to know how to talk to them because they can take everything the wrong way but yes you are right there very critical and my advise to you is if you meet a virgo do your self a favor and run the other way

  • hey you should not be a teacher if your a virgo because you guys are to pikki nothing will ever be goog enouf there

  • You're funny.

  • Just found this Virgo it....I'm such an riddle. Want to be part of the 'crowd', but on the other hand want to be alone. Can write better than speaking an opinion. Certainly can judge people correctly.Married two Scorpios...both very different but didn't work out. With a Libra man now , seems to be fine except for his far too easy going ways! Not grounded at all! Of course!

    Could anyone out there throw light on me with Sun Virgo, Asc Aries, Moon Gemini, Venus Scorpio. Thanks v much, would appreciate it......and much Love and Peace to all fellow Virgos...

  • I'd say with your Aries ascendant and Moon in Gemini you're a bit more outgoing than your sun sign indicates. Although Gemini tends to be a little introvert/extrovert itself. Venus in Scorpio is very similar to Venus in Virgo and has a good relationship with Virgo ( Sun ) and Gemini ( Moon ). This reflects a good relationship with Women in your life. Although your relationships could end being quite stable and 'fixed' they could start out for purely physical reasons or in secret desire.

    Your ideal partner could be a Gemini with a Virgo moon. Venus in Virgo, Pisces, Scorpio would be a good match.

  • Thank you very much.....that's so kind and very helpful. Much appreciated that you took the time to answer me. Have a wonderful week.....bless.

  • Yes, I'm a Virgo with Sun, Venus and Mercury all in Virgo first house, Leo rising and the other planets in Libra, Cancer and Aries. I am passionate, artistic, a professional communicator and a great lover of nature and all of God's creatures -- great and small. I have had adequate relationships with Aries and Taurus signs almost consistetly for the past many years. My only marriage was to another Virgo -- for 18 years -- and he was an absolutely wonderful man!. He was sensitive, kind, honorable, dependable, passionate, fabulous lover, a great parent and was always by my side for any help I needed. After a long circuitous route of relationships through many of the other signs -- some of which I found to be sociopathic , manipulative, or narcissitic (sorry, but when I see a Sagtittarius I run in the opposite direction!!) I now am engaged to another wonderful, passionate Virgo with Taurus rising. I feel like the luckiest woman in the world having found him.

    He is also kind, passionate, honest, and always has my best interest in his heart. He is one of the most loving men I've ever known! Virgos can be some of the most reliable and trustworty of all the signs and if want something done and done ritght a Virgo is your person.

    I am only a perfectionist with myself, not others...but if I'm crossed or wronged by another or if someone bullys or hurts someone I love I can roar like a lion and make those doing wrong quake in their boots!! This is my Leo power and it really comes in handy to keep people from taking advantage or walking all over others. It is so powerful that I've been told many times I light up a room full of people when I walk in the door.

    I appreciate honesty in all dealings with others and expect to be treated with the respect I give others. I've found over these many years it's not so much what your sign is , but how conscientous, willing and committed we are to living a quality life, cultivating and keeping close our good friends and family and trying to make the world a better place, even in the smallest of ways. If this is a Virgo trait, then I'm proud to be called so.

  • Obviously your Virgo ascendant brings out your critical nature. With this ascendant, to say you hate Virgos only shoots yourself in the foot. Try to be kinder to yourserlf and reflect on how to use the best traits of a Virgo to help you in life. Just a little advice from a Virgo.

  • As a Virgo I love fun and spontaniety, and, yes, being organized I find makes my life easier to enjoy and a lot less work!. Chaos I've found is unfortunately simply bad fung shei. Check it out... you might find you like having a little order in your life and that good energies will flow more smoothly to you.

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