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  • Virgo/Cancer rising/Leo moon here. I'm first decant (Aug 26) as well. I gave up on a clean house after I had an Aquarian daughter--mainly to save my sanity! I at least keep my bedroom and bathroom picked up, as the rest of the place looks like a tornado went through it.

    I find my need to serve is the biggest drive. I'm fortunate to have a job where I can analyze and serve people at the same time. However, I also have a hard building and maintaining relationships because I'm so insecure and possessive. The few friends I do have I'm loyal to the death for them, but they don't understand why it hurts when they can't be there for me, or when I can't be there for them. Logically it isn't a big deal--life happens--but emotionally I feel left out and rejected. I have friends who are going through some serious life issues right now--much more than I am for sure, but I'm the one who feels ripped apart because I have other commitments that I can't break, but I really want to be with them. Does anybody else get this?

  • For about 12 years I have tried to be a good friend to a Virgo. It's been a real trip. Some days we get along great and other days I find myself on the other end of a jealous rage. She has convinced herself that I have been with her husband on numerous occassions, but she almost never speaks about her suspicions directly to me, just to everyone else around her. And for the record I have never even considered being with him at anytime, and not because he isnt a great guy but because I am the type of person that looks for real love not lust, and frankly I am a bit insecure about myself. I havent trusted my judgement in guys enough to start a new relationship, having had too many abusive guys in my lifetime. So anyways, no matter how much I prove to her that I will always be loyal and true to our friendship, I never know what to expect from her. I have been there for her when she needs a helping hand and listened to her obsessively critical rants about how people have caused her problems in her life. She has a loving husband and so much more than most do in her life, but she never seems to be able to appreciate any of it. To tell the truth, with all of the times she has turned on me I am finding it hard to be around her more and more. I think she is such a neat person, I just wish that she would realize that a person can only take so much.

  • I think Virgos are often misunderstood. We can and are very critical at times, and obsessively organized and all those things which .....I personally find being a Virgo is harder than being around a Virgo because we hold ourselves at an unrealistic standard most of the time. But we are also very deep, mentally stimulated individuals that often go misunderstood because of our complexity. Speaking for myself and being a Virgo, I am a tender hearted individual but I can exhaust myself w/ the Virgo tendencies also. It's almost as if we have a button we can't turn off when it comes to analyzing.

  • I am a Virgo and aspire to be VERY organized. . . but my apartment is a mess. I think that's because there are other issues going on. Such as what I feel I deserve. But I do agree that it is hard being a Virgo because we set an unrealistic standard for ourselves. I am struggling with those expectations and the need to be gentle with myself. . . as well as accepting of myself. 🙂

  • Amen Virgo Sist! You said it perfectly. Couldnt have said it better. Are you sure (or am I) that I didnt write that? LOL

  • You know I never thought I fell into the organized and perfectionist categories of my sun sign, but as I grow older (and wiser!) just the opposite is true. I am actually so much happier when my life and the things in it are neat and orderly, but I am so much of a perfectionist that if one thing goes ari then the whole lot gets all cluttered up. Also I know that nothing can be truly perfect so why try to hard. My moon is Sagittarius and ascendant is Scorpio. I have read natal chart after natal chart but could someone enlighten me on this combination? I wonder if that has something to do with these contradictions.

  • I love virgos! I have not yet met a virgo that I didn't like nor get along with. I have a deep understanding of everything mentioned here.

    I think if you don't understand them, then you can easily misinterpret them. It's as simple as that.

  • At last things fall into place, i have just found out im Taurus sun, Aries moon and Virgo rising. I have never felt im a true taurean, and reading this thread it all makes sense. Although taureans love routines, im ott and cannot leave a mess anywhere i walk around after people and tidy up...literally take your cup from your mouth to wash it dry it and put it away. The girls in work think im never gonna find a man who can cope with me because im the one who everyone calls to when things go wrong/break i usually sort it, love a good problem to sort. even if i did have a man id double check anything hes done to make sure its up to scratch (although the libra im seeing at the moment sees how my mind works and can understand me to the tee) Im overly critical of all i do but yet i dont expect the same from people around me its as tho i expect others to fail in reaching my high expectations(maybe a learned thing from past experiences)

  • Being a Virgo is probably one of the best things that can happen to a person. I live this life of Constant perceptiveness. When it comes to people, animals, or life of any form, it is always attracted to me. I am very perceptive, but also have reasoning skills(i.e I know that there is ALWAYS a wrong factor). I have social anxiety when vibes in the room like tension are painfully obvious. I do not like to physically fight, but I will debate. I like to prove my point when I feel I have the Facts necessary to prove what I need to say. I am very opinionated, but I can take criticism exceptionally well. I am one hundred and ten percent from the day that you meet me. I am straight forward and if I feel even the slightest bit off, I will address the issue. I am indecisive and never know what I want. I can easily give advice to anyone about anything, yet I have massive problems in my own life. What I love most about life is people and why they do what they do...Even myself, I want to know why it is I make the decisions that I make, and why it feels like the best to me. I usually say things that no one else even thinks about. There is WAY more to me than what is on the surface. I love my sign and it describes me to a T.

  • I like that and thank you for sure....

  • I'm half a Virgo. I was born on the cusp of Leo/Virgo...and virgin lioness jokes, I've already heard them all, lol! I do carry traits from both signs, and one of my favorite blessings from the cusp is that while I do have the Leo taste for fine things, the Virgo knack for finding a great bargain balances that out nicely.

  • Hello Virgos!!

    I agree that NOT all Virgos are alike. But most virgos have GOOD intensions. I may be critical but I do this to people that I am close to, trying to make them a better person & improving them. This is NOT a bad thing even though some may feel that it is. Because I am truthful & straight forward might make me come off mean, cold & not sensative, but actually I am a VERY sensative peson, sentimental & likable. I am also a VERY romantic person. I love romance even though it is a hard thing to find. I don't understand WHY being UNorganized is good. How can you possibly find anything?? Let alone being organized promotes you to have a better career, regardless what it may be. Virgos are also fun, social, & occasionally spontaneous!!

    I say REALLY get to know a Virgo & you might find that they are VERY likable.

  • Hi Virgo's,

    I am new to posting on this forum. I am familiar with posting as I attend online school, we are on break and I have lots of time on my hands.

    Anyway, I am a Virgo with a Scorpio rising and Libra moon. I have a Leo Midheaven with Venus conjunting it; that is my only aspect to Venus. Mars and Pluto are in the 10th also, but they don't aspect the Venus; they do conjunct each other. This gives me the artistic flair I possess.

    I would say I am true to the sign Virgo. I see the Libra moon in me more than the Scorpio rising. I have been interested in astrology since Jr. High School as we called it back then. I am in my mid 50s now and I continue to enjoy reading about it, going to conferences, doing charts, and observing people!

    I think I will go back now and see if I want to reply to some one's post. I am catching up as I see post from 2008. Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday!

  • Hello rnrchick,

    I read your post and am surprised you and a Virgo lasted for 15 years.... Wow, impressive. I've read about the twin Gemini and you seem to definitely fit your sign. I met a very sexy Gemini last year and we kept in contact "off and on" the entire year. Luckily I did the research needed to understand this sign so when he would vanish off and on I didn't take it personal. Virgos love order, we need it to survive. We also are analytical enough to understand that Geminis need that spontaneous freedom to go where they want when every they want. Even though a Virgo does enjoy adventure ( at least this one does ), we just tend to want some preplanning to go along with it.

  • I read the first page..I too am a virgo..and I do go to alot of social events but do I love socializing..only with people I know...but I do love meeting new people...I am very loyal to family and friends...I think I like organized call it dry wit but I love to have humor in my life..I try to stay positive as much as I can...probably somewhat discriminating in relationships..umm..a perfectionist in my own life..I have to deal with sags/pisces/libra/scorps/cancer/leo/gem/taurus/caps as friends/family I try to get along with all of em..but know that it will not always work..I am good at analyzing..problems and like someone mentioned earlier if there is a better way to do something..I will find times..insecure..not really..just impatient at times...right now there is a gem in my life and I don't really know how that happened..but it did..and most whatever say that virgo/gems are incompatible..but I am willing to take a risk...and find out where this will go...n how far it will last..soo I do take risks when I have too..although we are known not to take risks...we are intelligent and can communicate..maybe not what we want all the time..but...we do get the message across...anyways..gotta 2 cents.

  • WOW! A Virgo and a Gemini living together that long must've been SO much work, I can't even IMAGINE! I'll bet the fights were spectacular, because both signs carry knives when mad.The only difference is Gemini goes straight for the heart, and can deliver the fatal stabs in the coolest of manners! I think he's probably better suited to the Cancer woman he has now, because both have a tendency to be fussy about things. You need more room to move and think, both signs are thinkers, but in different ways.Virgo, on a practical level, and Gemini, on an imaginative level. I just thought of a motto for Gemini, Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee, I think it fits! Don't get me wrong, I think Geminis are the best party people I know! There's just an aura about them that's magnetic to others and gets them in a talkative and happy mood without really trying. I wish I had that spell, its PURE MAGIC, you're blessed in that way.You go girl!

  • hi Fairraige, I am Aug. 26th, cusper, and a Leo moon. Alot like you in that way..I think sometimes Virgos are left out is because, sometimes people just need a sympathetic ear, instead of having a well meaning person trying to help them solve their problems. Its amazing how much clarity we can get on our problems when we can just bounce them off others.I think we seem to forget that, after all, that person does know more of the details than we do . . I totally get you though..we want to help those who do not possess our amazing powers of analysis! LOL! Have a great day!

  • if my bday is on aug 25 is mine part leo too...just wondering..

  • Hi, first timer to the site... I'm a Virgo: 08/30/71. I jokingly tell people that I am trying to "transcend" my sign, but really I wish I could. No offense to the rest of you great people, but for me it's like I am battling myself all the time. I set the bar so high for myself that I inadvertantly think others should at least strive to do better; and my attitude probably reads "intolerance" to most, therefore rendering me an outcast at work and on my street. I do not try to set divides, but something w/in me does this quite successfully.

    Take work for example. I am a high achiever and management loves me; I get all kinds of awards for what I think is "just doing my job", and I get silent resentment from others. I never, ever, brag or hang up my awards. But I know my look of disappointment must be evident when people are screwing off while choosing to give the minimal effort required to maintain their position (something I cannot tolerate).

    So here's my dilemma: I think I have alienated just about everyone. I feel it is almost like a disease and I have not been able to stop it. In relationships I have been known to be too critical, and am turned off very easily. As a result, these relationships last about a NY minute. I'm in my late 30s and I don't really even have a friend to call up to go out for coffee. Is this how the rest of my life is going to go? I am currently applying for jobs to another city -- a fresh start -- and once this happens I don't want to repeat my past. I know I can't change my sign; but is there anything I can do to do better? I really am a nice person with a big heart, but it's like I am fighting this negative, critical thing.

    Can anyone offer any helpful tips or advice to curb the "bad" Virgo? Also, I see that some of you have the gift of conducting readings. If my words spark anything for you in terms of 2010 for me, I'd sincerely appreciate your insight.

    Blessing to all in the New Year!

  • Blessed greetings all.

    My response ins to JenZen71:

    I am a Virgo: Sun in Virgo, Virgo Rising, Virgo Ascendent & a couple of Virgo's in my planetary charts.

    I know the generalization we Virgo's tend to accept from others: Critical, Perfectionist, Emotional Detached, Obsessively Organized, blah, blah, blah...

    I have learned that once I loved myself for who I was, what I did was just a matter of perspective. All those things are great characteristics, if used in there proper place and time. Being critical with personal relationships is OK if we learn to express it in the right tone. Being a perfectionsit is about trying to fulfill our born-potential as much of the time as we can. Who in their righ tmind could not stand to adopt some of our organizing skills to get their life right?

    I find that being EXTREME in any area of life has madde my journey difficult. Whether it was relationships, education, employment, or just personal areas (personality, health, etc.) when I just allow my self a moment, PAUSE, and am honest with my self, I usually am making the right choice for that particular situation.

    The so-called "negative" aspects of a one's self dont' always have to do with signs and planets and past/present external influences. Look into your mind & spirit...Do ypu have the right intent when you are walking through your life? Are you in some kind of stagnant point in your life where something unresolved within is holding you back? Fulfilling your journey in this lifetime should be about living in the fullness of what it is to be you (VIRGO-POWER) but also to allow for the inclusion of those energies around you (work, home & out in life).

    I do Numerology Reports (appeals to the detail-oriented, logical side of Virgo) and I would be pleased to do one for you. Let me know and if you ever get to San Diego, please know coffee at the beach is on me, ANYTIME!

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