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  • I am new to this forum, and I am a true virgo sept 10th, I can be a little too picky, but I would rather be picky about being clean and keeping a clean house, than filty and dirty.

    I have to catch my self sometimes, and realize only God can be perfect.


  • Amen to that, I totally agree...................

  • I dont think your complaints had anything to do with her being a Virgo, there are a lot of mother-in-laws like that, under other signs.


  • I am new to this forum, and I thought I sent you a reply, but if I didn't. I totally agree with you...............

  • You have a good Bd was sept 10th, and life is slipping by, tomorrow is not promised.............

  • I was thinking about the question someone posted re: virgos willing to talk about all emotions except their current relationship.

    I think its because without the sense of separation and objectivity to analyze something well, i end up not wanting to say anything about it at all - that perfectionist thing. I know this was extremely difficult for my last partner (scorpio). also, i know that the truth can be painful, and i wanted to protect her by not saying anything about her "failings" because its not like i expect anybody in the world to not have issues - but people have a hard time hearing those things and still believing that you love them - even when you do.

  • This post is deleted!

  • because.. Geminis are two...and it's difficult to bond with ttwo identities

  • early in the cycle Virgos seem to be VERY anual..perfect in every thing.....those later in the cycle seem to (still be perfect in every way) BUT WE WILL THE best MESSIEST person BUT still know where everything is....I feel that at work ... I tell everyone (who can't find their why with out MAPQUEST to work)..that I think that I'm wired differently.. I can remeber two years or five years we had a problem..and can resolve the problem (it's good that someone at work can remeber too)....we like a challenge..and those ou us boen 9/13...we were presents between Christmas and NeW Years

  • You have so described my husband, who says it has nothing to do with insecurity!!!

  • You made me laugh about the mother in laws under other signs!!!

  • Ohhh... I am married to a Virgo and have a Virgo lover - both have Scorpio rising. Husband has Pisces moon, lover has Cancer moon.... apart from analytical skills and ego - they couldnt be more different.

    Husband is complete slob - no care for appreance nor surroundings - the mess drives me mad (I am Leo with Scropio moon and Scorpio rising). Lover is quite cute, very tidy and well presented. But both love themselves over me..... for a Leo, thats hard.

    I would rather be with lover - but fate seems to tease me on keeping us apart...

  • Well I was born August 24- the very day of virgo, what does that make me?

  • Your a virgo but your on the cusp which often means that you have some traits of Leo as well as Virgo.... you have the best of both worlds.

  • Most virgos mean well, but they often come across as being critical and even insensitive. The reason for this is that they are driven by and ideal of perfection.... they know how things 'should' be and when things fall so short of this ideal they become frustrated. Many virgos are insecure and they are considered to be a fairly neurotic sign... they may have the greatest inferiority complex of the zodiac but most are fairly intelligent and are more critical of themselves than they are of anyone else. Some virgos are more critical than others depending upon other aspects in their natal charts. Also there are some virgos who are highly creative, many of these have strong cancer or pisces placements. I am a virgo with pisces rising and with my moon in cancer and although I do have a critical nature I also have a strong tendency toward compassion and creative inclinations. Many virgos tend to be rather introverted but not all of them depending upon other placements. Most have very keen analytical abilities, being ruled by mercury.

  • to 'Mandy_Virgo': Virgo - Taurus can be a good combination in many ways because you are both earth signs, so from that point there will be compatibility. However Taurus is a fixed sign and less prone to compromise than virgo is and as a result you may not always see eye to eye. But your commonalities may be enough to weather this aspect. Physically speaking its often a good combination but keep in mind that one is a fixed sign (taurus) and virgo is a mutable sign.

  • I'm a virgo but I love the imperfect things in life. I can be extremely organized but I can also be a total mess. looking around my bedroom now....clothes everywhere...hanging off every piece of piles...but when I go out I cannot have a wrinkle in my clothes. But that is out of respect of others...because if I can't take the time to iron it says I don't care. I can be very critical but mostly of myself. and when I am critical of others I usually hold it in. My insecurities run kinda deep so i think people probably wouldn't care about my criticism anyway. I would never want to hurt anyones feelings and cause them to feel like I do sometimes. But I do analyze everything to death. I have a hard time trusting and tend to keep people at an arms distance till I know I can "trust" them...Even then its hard. I have one woman friend...the rest are least I know where I stand with them...I the quality I appreciate most is no bulls**t - straight forwardness, get that easier from men...Now that I am writing this I am probably a major pain in the ass...LOL...

  • i am virgo,i am sooo totally disorganized,not highly critical unless u ask my opinion.i have been known 2 hurt some feelings.don't ask if u don't wanna hear the things in my life are a mess as is my life a mess.

  • i am exactly like u with the cancer 2. everything u said is so true

  • i am exactly like u cancer and all.what u said is so true

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