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  • I think virgos are some of the nicest people that you'll meet in life. we are loyal but we are also very honest and direct. We have a very low tolerance for foolishness. If you are a person that takes are kindness as a weakness you will be gone quick. As a virgo person i am a good judge of character and i only spend time with positive people who deserve my time. We are very picky about the people who we associate with. that's just the way it is period.

  • Its important to remember that virgos are earth signs, they like to have their ducks in a row and be well grounded. If something is amiss, they just don't feel secure. When they are not secure they can become neurotic. The best thing to do with a virgo is sometimes just leave them to their own thoughts and then they'll come around after analyzing everything. The thing with virgos is that because they are so much in their own thoughts, you may not be aware of exactly what they are thinking. I myself can smile and hold a conversation with someone who I consider to be a complete jerk. But in truth, he's not getting anywhere with me or persuading me in the least. We virgos are usually inherently kind and respond to kindness. We just don't want to be overwhelmed.

  • um, im not that picky. Well, not in anthing besides food. I hate potatoes, french fries, soda, chips, a lot of candies........... i hate pasta. So, anything unhealthy, i basically dislike. Well, for somethings. I'm always making a mess. Not organized, although i know where everything is. And.... yeah, im a tad of a perfectionist. Thats why my friend chose me to edit her story! Lol

  • Well I don't really think I'm like most Virgos. This could be due to me being more towards Leo than a true blue Virgo (August 27th). I actually have a sense of humor (and a crazy ass one at that. I've been known to scare people) and my house is a wreck. I am also a pretty sexual person although I don't let many people know that.

    I am slightly critical, but I keep it in my mind and I tend to simply notice things, but if it's not important, I won't do anything about it. I don't know my chart or anything so I'm not much help there.

    I am a perfectionist, but only in things I care about. But almost always laziness gets the better of me and I realize that the previous goal I had set just isn't gonna work out, so I just do the best I can 😛

    I'm kind of picky, but not as picky as some. I do eat junk food, though I regret it later on because I get physically sluggish.

    I am pretty shy but only when I'm not around friends (which are my source of confidence). I tend to not do risky physical activities, especially by myself. Only with the right person that knows how to bring me out of my shell will I push myself to do something that could possibly endanger me.

    I despise being bossed around and get fed up with it very easily.

    I am obsessed with knowledge. I hate admitting I don't know something when I felt I should have and can actually get really upset when I feel stupid.

    I am very emotional and have difficulty figuring out my emotions. This is mostly due to me not getting along with a fellow Sagittarius/Capricorn I live with AT ALL and thus I'm almost always in a bad mood

    My friends ALWAYS come to me for help, because they know I'll give them logical advice and put things in perspective in a kind and thoughtful way. I also never try to change them, just occasionally try to see things from my point of view.

    I do think of others, but never do I neglect myself. I do think I come across as cold and unemotional to people I don't know, but once they know me and I trust them, I'm just as friendly and funny as the next person.

    I am EXTREMELY loyal to those I care about, and will fight for them if I feel necessary (but I won't do anything rash).

    I also get along very well with other non-obsessive Virgos, Taurus', Geminis, and Aries (so long as they aren't too bossy)

  • This is so true. Being a Virgo usually means you have some traits of your sign, I've had my fair shares of being analytical and over thinking things, but people assume and misjudge Virgos far too much in my opinion. I have a sense of humor and I can be pretty strange compared to other people. But I do fit the Virgo mold, maybe leaning a bit on the creative, artsy Virgo: I'm critical, passionate, and intelligent. I was shy and still am in some ways, but I do have a bit of a complex and I've had some mental issues (anxiety, etc)

  • All the serious relationships in my life now and in the past have all been with Virgo people! My first boyfriend was a Virgo, three of my best friends are Virgos, my younger sister is a Virgo, my ex fiance is a virgo and now the love of my life that has recently come back is a Virgo! Someone please explain this to me? I have to be the most patient Capricorn around to have them all in my life! Why do I attract so many Virgo's? I look at all my relationships with them now and in the past (expecially my ex bf's and fiance's) and they are all the same but with a pinch of uniqueness! The toughest Virgo man would have to be the most recent one who I have know since we were 8 years old! We are now both 25! I told him i have liked him since year 4 and he said how can you be so sure about it? I said when ever he is around, these feelings come on! And they never went away. That is how I know. It makes it hard when he is on the ther side of the country. I know if he was back home he would be around all the time since his family live up the road from me. Need to know why he is soooooo tough at hiding his emotions for me? I know they are there! I can feel them! I can see it in his eyes! But he wont let me in so I am being again soooo patient, but living my life and having fun. Hate this game with Virgo's though I know I am tough so I can push and pull too.

  • Well, I think that it's just stereotypical to group signs together and assume we're all alike. I am a virgo and I was born on my mother's birthday. She kept a spotless house, and I am very disorganized and really need a housekeeper. She was extremely critical and always saw the glass half empty, and I always see it half full. I think part of the reason is that the planets shifted a few days sooner (or later) on the year she was born, which would explain me having more Libra tendencies than her even though we were born on the same day.

    One thing I will say, my mother gave her honest, blunt opinion whether you wanted it or not. I'm more wishy-washy (Libra, sign of the scales) and care too much what people think of me to speak up....which means I get run over A LOT and she NEVER DID! I miss her!

    BTW....Capricorn that hates virgos.....I hate Capricorns. Funny, because we're supposed to be compatible....but I disagree with that 100 percent! I can pick out a capricorn a mile away, and usually go in a different direction to avoid them. UGH!

  • Any Virgo men out there who can relate well to Aquarian women?

  • I want to reply to Sara10, but somehow I got here. Any way I want to tell Sara that I am exactely like you, and I born in August 26. All what is described here and how you feel about you in relation to others is the way I feel too. My percepcion from you is that you are a great person. I read somewhere that we are three people. One, the one others think we are, the one that you think you are, and the real one, that we are. But so far for me, for what I think I am, I feel great with the good results granted in life. I am happily married, I been in the best of the best places and I have got all of good things, that I wanted and I need in life. Therefore my input for your concerns in relation to others is, dont' think too much about it. Be you self and genuine speaks by your heart when you comunicate to others about the subjects or issues that could be good or bad that you like or not, is not your problem and neither your responsability to make others happy. Of course we want to make happy the person we love; and is so simple, by comunicating your self in clear and consice words, it speaks with a nake soul. No secrets no privacy could existe in between two people who loves each other.

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