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  • Hey there, Virgo. You are highly discriminating, passionate, organized and precise ... or are you? Tell us how you fit the Virgo mold or how you break it. Are there Virgo qualities you strive for but can't seem to manifest? Are there some you wish you could get rid of?

    Virgo can be an excellent sign to have in your chart as a Rising or Moon sign ... who wouldn't benefit from organization skills and perceptiveness? If you're one of those lucky ones, let us know how Virgo expresses itself in your life.

    Finally, you may know a Virgo or two who seems finicky or critical, even if they mean well. Talk to other Virgos about it here, and find out what your friend is trying to say.

  • I know a few Virgos that can be finicky and critical. I would like it if someone could shed some light on this for me that is a Virgo etc. I think it's insecurity, but I don't know.

  • No offense, but...

    I can't stand Virgos! They're so picky, and they don't care if they come off as mean in their little quest for perfection. I'm sensitive and I love chaos, so when a Virgo starts rattling on about all the things that are imperfect (loose thread in the carpet, bad lighting, mismatched socks) I desperately want to correct them for being so mean and rude.

    I'm a Virgo ascendant, but I'm the second most unorganized person I know. I wonder if the doctor made a mistake on my birth certificate.

    Okay, I do know one Virgo that I get along with, but he's the only exception. I'm just a person whose more interested in niceness and fun than order.

  • If you think it is bad experiencing life with a Virgo, try being one! Being a Virgo I am very analytical, organized and many times have been an unwavering perfectionist. The expectations I have had for myself is far more ridgid than I have for others. I can walk into a room and totally analyze that room and situation within minutes. If I come back into that same room the next day I can instantly tell you what is different, even if something is moved even slightly. This is not something I do with intention or with the idea that I am going to pick out things that are "wrong", but a natural type of awareness. The upside to this is that I can quickly get a sense to what needs to be done and get with it when it does come to problem solving. Choas makes me uncomfortable. I feel unbalanced when things are out of order. I can not work or live in an environment that does not have some kind of order. Imagine a cat hanging onto a screen door with the wind blowing. Now it is true, never being a cat, that I can not truly imagine what that is like, but chaos puts me in a state that I feel no control and that is very important for this Virgo. So whereas I am not trying to be mean to others when I am out of sorts with chaos I am truly feeling like that cat swinging in the wind until I can maintain some order. I am great in a situation that is so big that most people do not even know where to start. Not only does this Virgo know how to get to the root of the situation very quickly but also to keep this in a way that keeps a flow going with organized efforts. Perfectionism is something we all know that can not be obtained however it is a constant attempt for this Virgo. At times I have driven others crazy and myself in the process. Continuously analyzing and thinking VIrgos keep striving to "get it right". Most of the time, In my own mind, I have no benchmarks to compare myself to. I am constantly looking for a better way or a higher plain. It can be maddening. It is easy to say "just accept things the way they are", but when I know things could be better I can not accept anything less. This may be where it appears there is insecurity. It is not so much a matter of insecurity but a knowing that there is always something better.

    As I have grown older I find it really silly to say that in my younger years I really thought that others had the same analytical, organized and perfectionist qualities that I have. I alienated many people with my expectations and demands. What I came to find out is not many people notice that fuzz on the carpet, nor do they care. Most people are satisfied with "good enough" outcomes and "everything in its place" really isn't a big deal to most others either. Until I got all that I was ruthless in "helping" people understand that they needed to be like me. This caused me and others a lot of heartache.

    At this point in my life I use the skills I have to my advantage with an attempt not to inflict terror onto others who are not like me. I still have high expectations of myself and strive everyday to be the best I can be in every situation. Depending on the circumstances of a lot of factors my best varies. I do not inflict these same expectations of others. However, I do have people at my job who tell me to stop doing so much because they say I make them look bad. I feel that is a personal issue that they need to deal with themselves. I do not even imply others should do the things that I do and I do not take it personally that others can not accept me for what I am. In the end I must be good with myself.

    Maybe, when you come accross these Virgo types you can help them understand a different way of looking at the world. It is ok when everything is not perfect or highly organized. Understand though that Virgos can be so driven in these areas that they feel out of control and it is enough to make them crazy. So try not to take it personally and allow it to effect your inner peace. It is a Virgo thing.

  • I am a Virgo through and through, but I think I might be a bit more fortunate. My ascendant is Cancer, and I find that it very much downplays the discriminating qualities of my personality. I am kind and always have the best intentions in mind. When I see a chance to perfect someone or something, I approach it with a sympathetic state of mind. I like to help others into improving themselves, I do not force them. I am straight-forward with my beliefs about values and morals and not straying from goals. Though I do get a bit self-righteous at times, I don't see myself as finicky. I think we get a very bad rep for our criticizing ways. We can also be very compassionate and selfless people. As I said before, I know that I - like others - only have everyone's best interests in mind when we begin our system of improving things. The trick is to balance our attitude and make sure that we do not use our genius AGAINST others. We can also be very open-minded, and since we know that no person is flawless - we are good at accepting and acknowledging flawed people as good people at heart. No one is perfect in the eyes of a Virgo, and to know that is to understand us. No one and nothing, not even ourselves. We don't see ourselves as role-models, we see ourselves as mentors. That may be hard for others to accept due to pride, but that is what we are indeed best for. I am lucky to have such an understanding and nurturing sing sharing a certain aspect of my personality, but that has shown to me just how wonderfully useful and caring we Virgoans can be with the right attitude.

  • I'm a gemini and I was married to a virgo we lasted 15 years I don't know!! My ex husband was very controlling, lived life to a set routine, and very critical. He frowned upon any spontaneous action....and woebetide me if I forgot to dust a shelf or two! He didn't enjoy socialising... There were times when I caught glimpses of his heart softening but he had a nasty tongue and I was subjected to alot of verbal abuse ..but not physical abuse. We have both moved on with our lives and have both remarried. He married a cancer girl and although he seems to still live life to a routine etc she seems to be able to accept his ways more than I ever could. I'm a chatty,sociable,spontaneous person who felt suffocated in the relationship. His mother was a virgo too....!!!

  • I am a Virgo and I usually like other Virgos, I guess because I understand their complexities. Virgo is usually an intelligent sign, and they often suffer nervous conditions or mental illness associated with the nerves such as anxiety, ocd, etc.. They are deep people, not usually shallow, though there are exceptions. Yes, they are idealistic and strive for perfection but this isn't necessarily bad... they are probably one of the most misunderstood signs of the zodiac. Not all Virgos are obssessed neat freaks, I am moderate in that regard. Yes I do like some order but when I'm out of balance I produce chaos! LOL! As a virgo I have some neurotic tendencies, have an antisocial side but am not always that way. On the job, I set the bar very high, much higher than most people and have won a number of achievement awards because of this trait and tend to fall into leadership positions though I don't seek them. I am not critical of everyone, but I am critical of things that need criticizing, such as people who are cruel to others. I have an intolerance for people with poor manners, those who purposely behave stupidly, or those who are hypocrytical and hurtful to others. Like many Virgos I tend to build esteem by helping others or performing valuable service, but also have a very artistic and mercurial side. Just my 2 cents...

  • All Things Virgo, does not mean that All Virgos are created equal, because we are not. That's just like saying that all Geminis are alike, or all Capricorns all alike. We all have some traits of our zodiac signs, but not all. Speaking for myself, I do not fit the "normal" critique of a Virgo. Yes, I am analytical and can be critical sometimes but only constructively. I am never mean or cold-hearted. I am funny to be around, and constantly running my mouth. I believe that only important events should be planned and others should just go with the flow. Although I do believe that everything has its place, I have to clean up the mess first:) Chow!

  • Yep, my Sun is in Virgo, Moon in Pisces and Ascendant in Taurus with 4, count 'em, four planets in Leo. I do have Virgo traits but I am warm and emotional like Pisceans. I like my earthy blend of rooted, Taurean strength although this also enhances my Virgo stubborness. I like simplicity not necessarily order because I appreciate efficiency. I know some Scorpios who also have this trait. Spiritual advisors constantly remind us to "clean up the clutter," or "out with the old to make room for the new." My sun in Virgo provides me with a quick wit, the quickest in the Zodiac due to Mercury and I am a deep thinker, a water sign trait. I have found there are positive and negative qualities to every sign, I choose to look at the positive in all individuals. Is that a Virgo trait? I don't know but I do know that I am discriminating about who I share my life and time with. Never would I marry a Gemini, Sag, Libra or Aries. All of which I have as close friends or family but who long term do not suit my personality or more importantly, values. One cannot look on just the Sun sign. We are made up of many more astral elements and that provides and closer look as the internal workings, motivations and essence of an individual. Environment also plays a large role. This blog has judgemental factors being applied. Virgos are being accused of being critical and picky when someone noted above that they hated all Virgos? Is that not critical, highly judgemental and picky? Let's stop putting ourselves in boxes and enjoy each others better facets. Life is short my friends and we all have to live here together.

  • I am also Virgo/cancer and I also agree with you the Sign of Cancer evens out all that Virgo perfection and criticism that we are know for although I do have moral issues that I just cannot change.When I do some job it's always 110 % and I cannot do it any other way .But I am very easy going and some things in my life can just wait until tomorrow.But when something has got to be done I do it. I love all animals and as I get older I tend to become more reclusive and keep to my family and myself. Sometimes I find that I am too easy going.

  • I don't see how wanting to perform at 110% is a problem, definately a Virgo trait. The problem may lay in expecting others to also perform at 110%. I also love animals and I am the sign of the Dog in Chinese Astrology so it's no surprise that I am an animal rights activist. I have many Cancer friends. Cancer and Virgo is a good combo so you are lucky indeed.

  • I have to agree with you!

    My home is a mess, but I usually know where most things are. I went nuts the other night trying to find a Tarot book for my daughter! (I found it in the file cabinent, lol)

    I love pets and plants, if those two don't make a mess, I don't know what does! Birds! I have 3, a Grey, a Too and a handicapped parakeet. Yeah, mess. LOL.

    I love to cook. I tend to be an empath. I cry when people (strangers even) tell me their life stories. I don't know why they do, but people just open up and spill their guts.

    I have always held my tounge and do not critisize people. I do not know what they have gone through in this life to make them the way they are.

    I know lots of unorganized Virgo's that are not prone to mental defects. In fact, I take offense at that. I am one of the strongest (mentally) people I know. I lost my parents in my 20's, I created my own family, raised my 3 girls by myself and now have 2 wonderful grandboys that I babysit, for nothing, so my daughters can work.

    I am married to a broody, sullen, too quiet Leo. Going on 8 years now. I am really begining to hate it.

    That is my biggest flaw, I have never been able to stay with one man for too long.

    My father was a drunk, so, naturally I am attracted to the same. But, life is too short to live with a drunk. The last 3 guys have been x drunks. Hubby now, he will not even have a wine cooler with me! Bah.

  • I am in my 60s now, so I have spent many years soul searching about my obssession with all things must be in order and carried out in methodical ways that have even driven me a little crazy. BTW: my daughter is a Virgo too...lot's of fun with some explosive time too, lol! We can have some very deep conversations about being Virgos and being misunderstood. We talk alot about how to protect ourselves from being misused by people who take are kindness for weakness. Just because we may seem quite and reserved, doesn't mean that we are push overs. It's cool for me now to relax and have a "let it go" attitude...after years of practice. Now I feel no need to be a perfectionist and worry all the time about being right. It doesn't help anyway. Especially at work, I no longer feel the need to correct people and steer them to my way of thinking about the proper or better way to do something...who cares!...nobody that's who. [my boss is a Virgo too] As you all know, we Virgos have to be busy and partake in some kind of activity; or project, or is it just me? I am a late bloomer in my education. I have spent the last ten years completing my undergrad and a graduate degrees. In doing so, I discovered that once I am passionate about something, I am bound and determined to finish it. I plan, plan, plan and map out a course of completion to ad nauseum. But by doing so, I get the job done. I have learned to be more flexible about my little lists of things to do, lol. We are also very misunderstood about being cold and's just a coverup, right?. I am a very warm and passionate person. I do have my dark side, doesn't everyone? Yes, I have a razor sharp tongue. I can use a few choice words to cut a person down. However, I am more mature now and only use it when absolutely neccessary. I try to take the high road approach. But when confronted...look out! I have observed that Virgos run hot and then they run cold. It may take 20 minutes or 20 years, but if we are not stimulated in some fashion, we lose interest and want to move on. Learning new things is key for me. Most jobs I have had usually run the course quickly. Once I learn the steps and procedures, then I'm bored with it and need to move on to something else. I have had several dissappointing relationships with two Tauruses and an Aquarius, yikes. Mind you, these relationships were all long term..over 10 years each, go figure! Once I am in love, I am focused on the one relationship and try to zero in on how to make that person happy and fulfill my need to "serve", uggghh!! They all enjoyed and soaked up my love and attention, but they did not return it to me. I was left with a cold empty feeling. Why it took me so long to end the relationships is still puzzling to me. I kept trying to make it work . Then I started to become distant from them, and was accused of being a cold Virgo, please! Now I take full responsibility for my own happiness and contentment. I do the things that I like to do...even if I have to go it alone. Only the tough can survive a relationship with a Virgo. But once they do, it can be heaven! Peace and blessing to you all.

  • I am a first decant Virgo, born Aug 26th, just after the end of the Leo/ Virgo cusp. While my sign would indicate that my "Greatest Strength: Your ability to focus your attention and Possible Weakness: Need for perfection gets in the way of enjoyment", it would figure that my Virgoan influence is not as strong as someone born in September and that I may or may not have a remaining bit of the Leoan fire, or at least the beginning of the hot earth 🙂 I am also Pisces Rising, which says that my "Greatest Strength: Showing empathy for others and Possible Weakness: Blending in so well that you're not noticed". Lastly, my Moon is in Leo, which says that my "Greatest Strength: Your urge to create, even if the odds are against you and Possible Weakness: Over-dramatizing your emotions". Of course there are other planets, but generally these are considered the "big 3" and I mention them since they are so contradictory. I do have the ability to control how others perceive me and to fit myself in to a vast variety of situations, without being dishonest and without a lack of personal integrity. I am earthy and level headed, but I can be the craziest person in the room at times and i love a good party. I do also tend to take very strong personal and pride in the ones I love and for the things that I value. I am serious about any work or task that I set out to do and want to do a great job that I can be proud of. I am more focused on the big picture and recognize that both the final result and path taken to success together are the true testament of personal achievement and create a person's character. In life, we must challenge ourselves or we will find ourselves unfulfilled. This leads to self- loathing and becoming overly self- critical, which leads to a resentment of the achievements of others and a need to be critical of others to make ourselves not feel so small. This is not unique to Virgos, but is universal for all people. We need to be more than our jobs and our wishes and we need to develop as people by challenging ourselves to live in accordance with our highest ideals, regardless of the outcome. This is the road to self discovery, understanding our greatest purpose, and achieving our true destiny.

  • RNRGIRL: I'm a gemini and I was married to a virgo we lasted 15 years I don't know!! My ex husband was very controlling, lived life to a set routine, and very critical. He frowned upon any spontaneous action....and woebetide me if I forgot to dust a shelf or two! He didn't enjoy socialising... There were times when I caught glimpses of his heart softening but he had a nasty tongue and I was subjected to alot of verbal abuse ..but not physical abuse.

    Thought you might be interested in the flip side of your scenario...

    My ex was a gemini and I'm a virgo, and everything you described about your ex would be what I woud have said about mine down to the verbal abuse. I thought I was walking on eggs all the time when I was around him. Anything I said, however gently, he perceived as critical so he doubly zapped me back. We virgos can be critical, but most often we are harder on ourselves than others. It's taken many years to recover from his offensive remarks and his frequent dissing me in public.

    He's dating a capricorn and seems happy. Once I've gotten more of my energy back from going through cancer treatment, I plan to get back into dating.

    What I find most curious is that I attract geminis. I have a quite a few gemini friends, yet none who behave like him in any way other than their keen ability to be articulate about subjects that they're knowledgeable about.

  • alageorgia...I don't think Virgo/gemini is a good combination, relationship wise! I have many virgo friends...who've never acted like my ex either. Funnily enough, my 1st ever boyfriend I was with just prior to my 1st husband, I had dated for 2 years was a virgo too...and he was like my 1st husband! My best male friend is a virgo...our relationship is completely plutonic & we get on really well....BUT I am also attracted to Leos who are, for me, a better love prospect! Perhaps a gemini/cancer man would be better suited to you than gemini/taurus! My ex is now with a cancer (on cusp with gemini) whereas I am on the cusp too but Taurus/gemini and happily married to a Leo.

  • yes I admit I am a virgo. I analyze, I am quietly critical, I do not understand dishonesty, well, I do, but I don't tolerate it. I think its because I don't like people thinking I'm silly enough to believe "em. Unfortunately tho, my ascending sign is Sagittarius, so I'm also a bit of a lunatic, if in the right mood, lol, put those two together and you have someone who is constantly fighting against themselves.. I know I'm hot tempered and prone to shoot off at the mouth, whether thats a virgo trait I'm unsure, but once I completely lose my temper (which isn't that often, I like CONTROL) I can certainly cut to the bone with my bluntness..and the sad part is, its always the truth, which hurts the other person even more. But I do try to refrain from that, preferring instead to place things genty and carefully on my desk. Virgos are said to be cold, and that is true for me, I find it difficult to get emotional about much, and when I do I don't understand WHY I'm being emotional, so the self analasis kicks in.

    Believe me, it is difficult to be aVirgo

  • Since you think it is difficult to be a Virgo, what sign do you think would suit you better?

  • I am a Virgo who is on the edge of an abyss. I read here how Virgos often suffer nervous conditions or mental illness associated with the nerves such as anxiety, ocd, etc. I suffer from neurotic compulsions and am bi-polar. It is my negativity and critical nature that I dislike most and wish I could erase. Because Virgos strive for perfection and tend to set unrealistic goals they feel crushed when they fail to achieve their dreams. I wish someone could help me understand and manage these tendencies.

  • LOL, good question Eva!! I have no idea what sign would suit me better! I've been a virgo all my life, lol. I do love the Sagi part of me, but I also love my Virgoan abilty to be able to read people and like them anyway! ( which is probably a very virgoan thing to say). It would be nice to be able to just go with the flow, and honestly I try, but a part of me kicks up and says, " NO, thats just WRONG!"

    I am empathetic to others, and can truly understand why they do the things they do, but it doesnt mean that somewhere underneath I have to LIKE it,lol.

    My personal chart has some very strong signs in it, Aries, double Sag, and Scorpio and I haven't a problem being extremely strong mentally, but whether this is thru life experiences or merely my sign, I have no idea.

    But I do like truth, will not tolerate disrespect and sincerely follow good old fashioned "knight in shining armour "honour, and will defend the underdog to the end. I've found myself picking up my sword many times when I feel someone is being treated wrongly. Is that a virgoan trait? I don't know.. You tell me, which sign suits me better?

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