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  • Uh-oh! Opposites attract! As a virgo with great history with Pisces women, i can say that you both can bring out the best in each other. Really though, you are opposites. Your Virgo crush is going to be reserved, and insecure... if he likes you. You should be reassuring and and friendly, but don't be to sexy and sultry, if you'd like to make the first real approach, ask him to a museum, movie, or for a walk through town... just nothing shallow... (malls, etc...)

  • fullfledgedvirgo,

    Nothing like mall? Oh okay no wonder he didn't say anything when I asked him to go to the mall with me, haha

    But lately he is kinda ignoring me. What's that suppose to mean? Does he lose interest on me now? (Or maybe I did something wrong?)

    Thanks for the help and I hope you don't mind answering my new questions 🙂


  • Hey it's sure not insecurity....Do it right the first time...and its easier...Be neat , Be sure, Be the one to clean up, fix up and help anyone who needs help....Be sure of yourself and a little agressive if necessary....Hey thats me!

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  • Ive been dating a Virgo Man for about 3 months and its the best!!!

    Im a Cancer w/ Sag and Leo thrown in. He is very honest and upfront, which I appriciate a lot, a great father, and very intelligent! He loves it when I nurture and baby him and his tendency to control some things is good for me( Im a bit of a wild one) He keeps me grounded. We both have strong personalities, but can admire this about each other without butting heads.

    W felt an instant conection from day one, and no one has made me laugh harder or think deeply about real issues we discuss.

    You all can say what you want about Virgo's, but I say they make great freinds and partners!!

  • How can i find out what my sun, moon & ascendent signs are?

  • Hello my fellow Virgos! I'm glad to see that I'm not alone with the perfectionism, analyzing & criticizm. Many of you are correct that it is mainly directed at ourselves. I am constantly analyzing myself and finding things that are wrong. I have been trying to decide on a career path for over 1 1/2 yrs but can't stick with anything because I analyze everything to death! I do like a clean environment and do suffer from digestive issues when I am stressed. I HATE chaos and can usually find a better way to do things. I love to organize as well. I also do believe that each Virgo is a little unique due to our other planets and where they are placed. Mine cause quite the contradiction. Virgo Sun & Mercury (6th house), Aries Rising, Taurus North Node (1st house), Scorpio Moon, Saturn & Pluto (7th house). I have Scorpios all around me in my life, from family to friends to my current boyfriend. Makes life very interesting. I hate sharing my own emotions but I can tell you what yours are 9 times out of 10. That's really the Scorpio moon coming out with a little of the Virgo sun. To all my fellow Virgos, do your thing. Don't apologize for yourself but don't cut people down for no reason either. We can be all the negative qualities as well as the good. This goes for all the other signs. Check the signs of the ones that tell you that you are cold or distant. Maybe it's their own perception due to their own sign's good/bad qualities.

  • Oh my gosh, I've laughed so much all the way through this thread. I'm involved with a Virgo man and I myself am Cancer with Virgo ascendent. I LOVE how, despite all of the suggestions of insecurity as a result of meeting outrageous personal standards of perfection, the majority of you still, and without apology, stand by what you say and embrace your characteristics. I think Virgos are awesome, I love your honesty (as a Cancer I can find so much comfort in knowing exactly where I stand with people - good or bad) and even your perfectionism (if everyone were as focused on striving to reach their maximum potential in life..what might things be like). I wish I had more Virgos in my world! 🙂

  • I'm an August Virgo who would like to be a Leo because I lived in Africa in a former incarnation.

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  • I am a Virgo and I always consider other peoples feelings above my own. I am highly emotional, terrible at math, someone who is very messy, and the critical nitpicking part is aimed at myself. I don't understand people that say they hate Virgos when there is a month in a sign, a minute of birth, a single spot on the map of birthplace, and the living conditions in which you are raised to factor into a single human being. those people that claim to hate Virgos because of cruelty are being cruel themselves in labeling people they have never met. I am a Virgo and I don't hate anyone for their birth sign. I am critical of myself. I go out of my way and do harm to my own physical well being to help others. I have been used horribly for this.

  • I think that you make some excellent points. Every sign has negative qualities as well as positive. Your guidance to turn one's negative points into spiritual growth is good advice.

  • To all Virgo's its not easy, but life is fun. We can make it or break it. Myself, a Virgo is much saden by the replies of all about Virgo's. I try extremely hard to be a pleaser in all my relationships with others. Be it family, friends and lovers. I want life to be great for all involved. I try to help. I raised myy two children, Pisces, to do the same. My first love was Cancer, but we where young. My second husband was a Gemini, we would occasionally have issuses. Of course, sexual, because I would place my concentration in the wrong places at the wrong time. Meaning work, producing money for vacations. On a whole we where very compatibile. Now, Aquarian male, I'm finding very confusing. Maybe because I don't have the large picture as of yet. If there's anyone out there that can help me with the aquarian male with his wants and need it would be appreciated.

  • So do we Virgos think seriously about spiritual matters - do we question the meaning of life?

    As a Virgo sun, Leo ascendant (western) Cancer asc (Vedic), with Sag Moon, I find I am very changeable and need constant stimulation. My spiritual needs are fulfilled by chanting holy names and reading the ancient Vedic texts which are beautifully written and satisfy most of my desire for well rounded knowledge. Cutting edge documentaries and travel satisfies the rest. With a Sag Moon I find it hard to keep myself in one place for too long, usually no more than a couple of years in the same house. But the Virgo seeks a more regulated and stable life and I have managed to stay in my current job for nearly 5yrs. I like to be in control of my finances but give frequently and easily to those in need. I am a vegetarian to whom health benefits are just a bonus - I see no need to cause distress to other living creatures unnecessarily so see a vegetarian diet as being the least violent. I believe violence begets violence and anyone who believes that there can be peace in this world while heinous actions are performed to any living creature is truly crazy.

    Hugs to all


  • hello all

    Im new to this posting thing . Being a Virgo I will agonize over every word. I am way too critical about myself and others.I hope I can improve the good virgo traits and minimize the not so good Virgo traits.I can at times be extremely perceptive almost to a fault .As far as being organized goes, I would rather take a walk than clean the closet that needs doing.I love to talk to people more than anything(is that a virgo thing?)

  • Virgo Married to a Gemini....Me too! I married him because he is the direct opposit from my first husband..who was controling, selfish and thought the entire world needed to revolve around him (Dec) Anyway, being a true Virgo I soon found out the laid back Gemini can drive me around the bend too. I generally get along with just about anyone.. I have a great sense of humor, enjoy a good time, but I like things in order. A Place for everything and Everything in it's place. It's have some mess out while you are working on a project. BUT Please pick it up when you are done. Sometimes I think being a Virgo can be a curse... But I try very hard to allow others their space...too a point.

  • WOW...I read the posts and see so much of me in all of them. WE Virgo's tend to be control Freaks...NOT because we want to control others..But we do not want things to get out of order. So by trying to control a situation we minimize our loses.

  • Any thoughts on a virgo man with taurus man? We are at the beginning of our relationship and looking for some advice as never have dated a taurus before.

  • I'm a Virgo but I really don't fit into the Virgo profile to be honest. I'm not sure why, but I absolutely hate getting things organized! I'm an extreme procrastinator and the spaces I call my own are usually in some form of disorder. When it comes to the workplace and college however, I'm a little obsessive about making sure all my things are in order. I suppose I just sort of can't get motivated in my own spaces to keep things super neat. I like it when things are neat and tidy...I just find myself letting things get messy anyway. I guess the part of me that remains a true Virgo is my passion in the things I find interesting. I take pleasure in having intellectual conversations with people and I find I have no time for silly chit chat. I don't enjoy gossip and the older I get the less patience I have for people that seem to walk in and out of my life as they please.

  • My job is redoing some of the offices on my floor and there is dust and dirt ever where accept my desk area that has been set up for me in the hall. I have manged to also keep a handle on other duties that have been handed off to me. A client stated that even with ever thing going on around me my area was neat and clean and ordely . This I contribute to my Virgo side for am on the cupbis. My home is also very tidy and each night I prepare for the next day so as not to have any delays.Got to love us Virgos

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