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  • I'm def. a virgo....sun, moon and venus with a scorpio ascendant.......Yeah I'm a perfectionist but what is that really?Who determines perfection?Striving for something that is unobtainable or even defined for that matter, is quite silly,even in my own virgo mind, and exhausting.So, obviously there is no other option other than to define it myself, for myself.Although, I'll admit even that to be a bit of an exaggeration, which in itself is out of my virgo character because I'm sooo honest and realistic it's sickening, because I then use my own definition to judge and discriminate others. Don't fret, if you think I'm hard on you try to imagine what I put myself through.Never mean to come across as better than anyone else, which most people at first glance perceive, it's simply that as a virgo I analyze EVERYTHING on EVERY level, which basically means that I derive my sense of perfection from what I know to be fact or proven methods of success.I have similar problems with co-workers, even at the new job I just started three weeks ago!!!! I out-work them w/o trying.I'm the hardest worker anyone will ever encounter and an extremely quick learner so I've picked up all the(by-the-book) info./procedures of which I was not required or slightly expected, and implemented the job duties like I do anything else, in the most efficiently fast, intelligently thorough way it can be done. In previous jobs I'd voice my opinion on others' work ethic and methods to their face and to my superiors.Too brutally honest about everything-FYI even when it incriminates me because I don't care-There is nothing more than honesty that I respect and expect above all else from others because I lead by example.Additionally, there is nothing worse than someone who can't own up to things they've said or done, right or wrong. Anyway back to the subject, I'm not God but believe it when I say that I do things to the best of my ability and in the best way they can be done.How do I know my way is the best?Through observation,common sense and old school trial and error. I simply KNOW what works and it's obvious that my peers either don't know don't care or both so what the hell-I am better at doing-than them, bottom line.Now however, I'm trying to leave my two cents out(which is really hard) for two reasons=I don't like to intentionally insult others and make them feel bad because their doushe bags.You are what you are and if you see no room for improvement then you remain the same or stagnant!!!!????And me telling you that I think your a loser will help neither of us.Which brings me back to virgos perfectionism-Thank gosh we(Virgos) always strive to improve, requiring more of ourselves, it makes for a better person or more importantly, soul.(Yes, I'm ridiculously obsessed with metaphysical/spiritual/psychological /supernatural/superstitious subjects and phenomenon) Whats not great about that? The second reason for the hush hush is I'll shine amidst my company w/o looking like a complete Ahole. I'm actually the nicest person but in my head I know I do a better job.Not to be misread, being better than, is not the ultimate goal anyway;being my best is.I also try to covert the doushes of the world to my way first through amiable suggestion then convincing through example.This is my service to them.I teach them to exert more effort and become more productive and the rewards for all are the same-praise/acknowledgment from all observers which leads to better self-confidence/satisfaction/worth and duh.....(excuse my eighth grade lingo LOL) better opportunities.Thus, completing the virgian circle of service our staple.Analytical for sure but without being consciously aware of it while doing so.With my latter rambling example one may perceive me to be contradictory, like I was aware playing an intangible chess match but really it was an impromptu introspective reflection of my own behavioral motives verbalized.See---what happens when ruled by mercury(the Greek messenger God)planet of communication.....I shpeel on endlessly in detail and with strangely conjoined words in hopes readers entirely comprehend through my discriptiveness while simultaneously trying to sound(perfect)-scholarly and grammatically correct.Maybe some would agree or not, either way, my flare for detail encourages creative uniqueness which enables me to be the great communicator-a great writer and one hell of an artist.Like my default?One of the most beautiful pieces yet....I draw and paint but my artistry permeates my entire being.I do great make-up,dress well and coordinated to the tee in color and texture but expressed in entirely unique Candie-traditional ways,{Side note}That's my name--whole other subject with equally good/bad connotations----Anyone into numerology as well??Be surprised by the why and how of name origins and the affect it has on who we are because of it. Design(not professionally accredited just in my own right)=fashion(drew my prom dress years ago and had it made and have even designed my future wedding dress,interior-have the eye to redecorate/coordinate and have drawn random exterior profiles of homes and interior spaces, none of which I've ever actually seen.(Maybe in another/future life??)Not soo much a singer anymore but music is my thing- 'dance floor' LOOK OUT...I got moves you might need permission from your parents to see and my rhythm is unrivaled . I'm certainly a supreme strategist if necessary although honestly most of my actions/thoughts are purely impulsive(VIRGO-not all are that way)and instinctive/psychic.Often times warranting the insert foot-in-mouth moments concerning what is socially acceptable....As for my virgo ass, I refuse to participate in either-admitting that I misspoke,it doesn't happen!!!!Everything I say I mean and yes, I would be obliged to help you pick your jaw from the floor or repeat myself if you think I studdered the first time.Or to conform to supposed norms of behavior.......I'm real, no shame in my game and sometimes I DO go for shock value.Who the hell else is gonna liven the party?? I live for social gatherings of all kinds- love to have fun/party,get pretty wild or rowdy sometimes no inhibitions or censorship here, but the next minute I'll be more reserved and appear sophisticated...LOL....enjoying conversation with people who are mentally equivalent, hopefully or at least stupidly interesting. Lost anyone to their pillow yet????

  • It is an intresting topic! Well, my love's Sun is Virgo , and besides him I have some Virgo friends, so I was lucky enough to know more about Virgos. Although, they are perfectionist ( it turns me on as I also tend to be a perfectionist (it is intresting as my sun is Sag., Moon is Scorpio and I try to solve problems in better and better ways), and can not stand mess, and like to analyze everything, they can be very sweet, careing, polite, insisting and also they are clever, and intelligent. They love to plan and organize everything in advance, that is why it is difficult to make them understand that sometimes spontainety can be spice in life..This is one of the lessons the Virgos should learn.:)

  • I am a Virgo and I am not sure how I go about finding out all these different things about Virgo's? I hope someone out here can help me...

    Thanks, Julie

  • I am so tired of Virgos getting a bad rap! I am a Virgo and I may be a little critical, but i do try to keep my opinions to myself. Hahahahaah! If only my friends only Knew that!

    Are there any other Messy Virgos out there?I am a messy Virgo. My organisation on my desk consists of piles and boxes and baskets. Ask me where something is and I can reach into any pile and pull out the document to the amazment of anyone.

    I am tired of Virgos getting the reputation for being asexual/prudish/not sexy. Remember Sophia Loren is a Virgo!

    I hate it when there is a list of gifts for Signs and Virgos get a basket of Apples or something stupid like that! I love jewlery, flowers, candy, frivolous gifts along with the practical ones. I buy myself the practical ones, Please give me something frivolous that I would not buy for myself!

    I love being a Virgo, seeing others struggle with a problem and then when they look up in frustration I am like... oh just do this, then this, then this and you're done. Elemetary Watson!

    I do have days when I get frustrated with the stupidity of the world. My friends understand when i have an "Idiots Beware " Day. on Those days i usually go home early to a hot bubble bath, relaxing music, turn the phone off and meditate to calm down.

    Come on Y'all, without us Virgos the rest of you would be so lost, dirty, wallowing in delusions of Grandour and self distruction so give us Virgos a break! You need us!

  • Well i'm a virgo and i can idenitfy with all that has been said about us. And while we all have similar traits you must remember that we all have different planets in different signs which make us unique. I have aries in my moon making me a fighter, gemini as my rising sign making me socialable, scorpio in venus making me very intense in my lovelife. However, I do think that for most virgo's the truth is what we seek and however unpalatable the truth is to most people we must uncover it and speak it - it's like it's a part of our DNA! We really do need to understand that, for most people, the deep, dark and stark truth is not what they want. If they want rosy coloured gardens and fairy's skipping round them at all times, who are we to destroy that! Another point is that while virgos are harsh and critical of others sometimes, it is nothing compared to what we do to ourselves - we annihilate ourselves several times a day with our harsh self critisism. Also, i identify so much with the poster who likened herself to a cat hanging off a door in the wind, chaos is not something I can deal with, everything has a place and in it's place is where it should be! i would also say that our strengths lay in having a great instinct and insight into human nature, which makes us great judges of character. While others have mentioned our blinding intelligence, no one has mentioned our self depricating wit 😉

  • Finally at 40 I've accepted being a Virgo- and once that happened I became centered. I would always fight the crazy stores like Costco but now I can walk in and remind myself that it was not developed by a Virgo- like Ikea must have been. Have you ever found a more organized mega store than Ikea. My husband is Gemini gulp we've been together for 25 years since I was 15, he loves Costco- now that I accept being a Virgo I can also accept Costco is not for me! The crazy energy in that store makes me a bit psychotic.

    I can not stop analyzing & I used to apologize but now I have the words to soften the conclusions I come to, my favorite being "Upon reflection." I have also realized that if I am going into a chaotic enviroment I strive to acknowledge that this situation is not supposed to be organized, or peaceful it is to be crazy to truly be, for example: a party, a bbq, Vegas or even a Costco! This makes a huge difference in how I can then cope without judgement or corrections.

    One thing that has struck me in reading the past posts is I never saw anyone mention forgiveness. I ask if the other virgo's forgive easily? I never hold grudges & I forgive so easily I forget what ever happened in the first place. Is this a trait of the Virgo?

    As I channel the strength of the Virgo I see that everyone is following the path they should be on and it keeps me from trying to fix. I only go into fix-it mode if I am asked to, and surprise surprise I have never had so many friends asking for advise. I try and be humble and not a know-it-all I try to recgonize that I have only my own experiences to fall back on and it may not even be relevant.

    My biggest challenge is to calm my spirit...... meditation has been the only thing to stop my mind from spiralling into crazy. I used to love my wine at night it stopped the constant quest to figure and resolve but now I meditate, my liver is happier! It's not easy being a Virgo but it can be more rewarding once you stop fighting it.

  • I'm new to posting my thoughts and feelings on an electronic 'bulletin' board for the world to see but I feel the joy and pain of other Virgos like myself. I'm definitely learning that as Virgos we're all coping with similar issues. Also I have found some valuable information on coping with the stress of being a Virgo who others find hard to understand. I've been divorced now for three years after +20 years of marriage. The thing that stands out in my mind is that my ex-wife would always criticize me with the expression "You think too much!" But that wasn't the cause of its failure. I was married, devoted to my family as most Virgos are the only thing was she acted as if she wasn't married!

    Now I'm learning to except who I am and not try to change because it can't be done. That's the whole point of existence - learning to live with who you are and enjoy being yourself regardless. I do have to employ some coping skills so as not sound like a "know-it-all" I try to begin my comments with - "In my opinion..." or "It has been said that..." Sometimes it even works to diffuse a situation.

  • I am a saggitarius, cancer, gemini, in a relationship with a /LeoVirgo cusper, cancer, leo. I used to not like virgo's until I met this one. He is my best friend and critical of himself then of anyone else. All signs have their negative aspects...

    VIRGO'S ARE MY FAV.....)

  • It is wonderful to be a virgo as a coworker or employee. You're always on he detail and feel personally responsible for pretty much everything. It's so much about being in a control - superhero complex really but it's much tougher in relationships. I'm slowly learning that I can't rush in to fix everything. People don't always want to be fixed. They'd much rather be appreciated. Oh my gosh, and the sarcasm, not everyone enjoys the cutting wit!

  • True - I think people do prefer appreciation to criticism. The would no doubt include Virgos too!. I am not a Virgo (I'm a Gemini) and I am curious about the Virgo reluctance to commit (eg Hugh Grant etc). Can anyone answer? What is that about? Virgos seem so ready to commit to helping and their jobs etc so what is the problem with relationships? I can understand it as a Gemini trait

  • With every sign there are good and bad. Our greater strenths can be our greater weaknesses. Every time I read Virgo desciptions I cringe. People need to realize that we are more than just our sun signs. I have four planets in libra including my moon so I love being tactful.

    Even though I'm very introverted I love charming people and entertaining them. Virgos have a lot of mental energy so I think a lot which drives me crazy.

    I'm not a neat freak but I have to know where everything is and I don't like to make my bed. I loved the lived in look.

    Virgos are the servants of the zodiac and I can't help helping people. Virgo is also the busiest sign but like I said I have a lot of libra influence so I like taking it easy.

    Virgos rule fitness and nutrition and I like to work out but I don't like to sweat.

    Just like every part of our body is needed and connected every sign has it's place in the universe. Studying astrology has helped me further appreciate people and not judge so I embrace my virgoness and all the other signs that make up my potential.

  • Well here's a winner.. funny you should mention a VIRGO on a Astrology website..

    I am a Scorpio my husband is a Virgo..We have been married for going on 14 years.

    For 12 of those 14 years he was a drunk or a struggling alcoholic. I lost count of how many rehabs he's been in and out of all up and down the east coast. I never got caught up in that stuff or any other kind of addiction except ciggarette smoking, (which I'm working on) Ma--n I tell you I have read every chart, sent for every reading and explaination there is. I'm sorry, but his intellect just does not match up to his behavior all.. Even his youngest brother died from a drunk driver, why in H.. didn't that wake him up then? His own brother (the only other one he has left) said NOT to bring him to his own mothers funeral or he would be escorted off the premisis..WOW!

    He and I have gone to college together , He got on the President's List consistently every semester. He's in a college of his choice now to be WHAT? A COUSELOR! How does he figure THAT! Does he have the smarts YES Does he have the common sense? NO! Incase your wondering I went to college for Private Investigation and Crime Scene Investigation..HA!

    At this time, his brother (younger than him is all he has left) is out of touch in some other state and is a recovering alcoholic. I have an older brother and two sisters left (I'm the youngest). So my question is this.. Thus far we go everywhere together, and I mean everywhere...Therfore I have up till now been going to class with him and waiting outside for him and riding back home with him (reason being, the last time I stayed home and waited, he was gone for three days, and came home drunk and broke). However, I really need a break..I really really need badly to live my own life and go my own way..If only I could trust him NOT to destroy my life while he chooses to destroy his. I pray for t he strength and power to rise above this delima no matter what happens.. If you think I've stayed with him due to co-dependace..Your wrong..I had and still have a disability that keeps me from keeping a job (cognative disorder) and I'm only 52. So even though when he was violent, angry abusive and cheating and leaving me with no intimacy at ALL.. I tried and tried to leave and couldn't keep a job long enough to ever get away..Until Now! Now I have disability income every month as he does..So, the question is can I trust him or not? Will the fact that i can finally leave him if Iwant to stop him or just remind him he needs to be more careful? And, what in the world does he mean when I ask him for intimacy and sex and he says "What do you want me to do? Use You?) And, here's the really clencher.. At the same time I get my first "back check" from disability, my doctor is telling me I have cancer! Now What do I do? So far, I've done nothing and asked her for the summer off, since I only have two cells and don't qualify for anything but a hysterectomy.. I can't handle that, I always wanted at least one child no matter what the cost, and even if he left..He doesn't want kids, Too bad, he would have been shown through the eyes of a child where he REALLY stands in life..

    Anyway, I stand at the crossroads of time.. One final piece of info before I click submit..I got so desperate to understand him, I called a psychic and ended up spending around $100.00, but, one of them finally came out and said, "Well Penney, are you sure you couldn't find some way around him, he doesn't seem to have a future much beyond a year from now, So it looks like he's going to die anyway"..When?,I said.."She said : By December of this year or February or March of next year." Hmmmmmmm. What Now? PS He is 59 this September..

  • mom's a Virgo,and I'm a Virgo rising (Capricorn decan) with a Cancer moon (Pisces decan).


  • Sounds like love lisa1966. Of course we virgos don't like to rush into anything. Scorpios and virgos are very compatible. Water and earth coming together and making something beautiful grow. It's very important that a virgo finds someone that she/he is intellictually attracted to and scorpios are analytical. They are the investigators of the zodiac and intuitive. They are good at uncovering hiden truths maybe that's why it seems as if he knows you. Scorpios are misunderstood but they are very loyal and will never tell your business. Good luck!

  • I have a virgo in the house, my Second son, ever since he was a child it was a power struggle,

    he is always right no matter what, and even if he realize he is wrong, there is never, i was wrong, i dont know if this is due to the fact that i am a aries, I enjoyed being the leader, I will grant you that he is very hard working and always acomplishes his goals.

  • HI I'm a Sun Virgo (in 1st Conjunct Pluto/Venus) / Virgo rising & Mercury in Virgo. Moon in Libra. I agree & disagree with a lot here. I used to be very controlling but I have learned through age (all of 37 years) to be more tolerant and that everyone has their faults etc... I practice patience on a daily basis. I have also learned to say 'F*** it ' a lot more... my place is not pristine, so what -- the floor needs cleaning there are more important things to do. And I've stopped 'giving' so much cos yes people can really take advantage, although I'm often accused of being hard and cold, but then people are good at manipulating too aren't they!.. My Mars in Aquarius gives me a great edge as my Uranus/Moon conjunction, I like being rebellious against societies norms and I like shaking things up a bit. But I don't hurt anyone on purpose, I hate cruelty. Although I know I have a very dark side, I'm prone to affairs, I flirt with perversion and I realise I have the ability to become quite addicted to things and people and for it to fade into the illusion it was just as fast!...

    I am accused of being 'judgemental' often especially of people, as my Sag daughter often points out, but that's one of my lessons that there is perfection in imperfection, so as always I strive to be better, a better person, a better life in good old Virgo spirit. But my overall point here is Virgos are far too critical of THEMSELVES, we have great abilities, great depth, great passions & kind natures.. lets stop giving Virgos a bad name... we're just plain great!!!!

  • Goldenwitch, you said "I know I'm hot tempered and prone to shoot off at the mouth, whether thats a virgo trait I'm unsure, but once I completely lose my temper (which isn't that often, I like CONTROL) I can certainly cut to the bone with my bluntness..and the sad part is, its always the truth, which hurts the other person even more. " That is the Sag ascendant coming out. and usually, we are unaware we are even doing it until the damage is done! But the archer never misses when s/he takes aim! Forgive yourself, and learn to eat crow! LOL!

    I have a question about Virgo men. Mine is so talkative about anything EXCEPT how he feels about anything current. He can talk about his feelings about his kids and grandkids, and his ex and everyone else, but cannot talk about how he feels about me or what is currently going on in our lives, Can you help me out here? How do I understand this man? I care very deeply for him, but lately all I feel is a deep frustration! Help me to figure him out, please.

  • I'm a Piscean and I have a HUGE crush on my Virgo friend. He seems like giving some positive hints to me, but I'm not sure if I'm right. What and how will Virgoan act towards a girl he likes? Any idea?

  • Hi all! As my name implies, I'm a full Virgo... Virgo sun, moon, and venus. But, I have a Sag rising... which expresses itself profoundly as well. I am very analytical, and a perfectionist. When it concerns relationships my standards are way too high. I am pretty open and like to serve. My biggest problem is that I am critical of uncouth behavior. If you behave rude, crass, or dimwitted, I want to run. This is where my relationship troubles begin and end. I am learning to let it go a little... but its really a case of etiquette, for some strange reason, I find myself to be endowed with a keen eye for the "prim and proper", and on occasion I must see it in my partner. Funny thing is, that it comes and goes, I can be really laid back for a long stretch of time, where my critical eye goes "off duty", then go through a rough patch where I'm very critical. It is definitely tied to my mood... If I'm having a great day or a great time, I can really let go and have fun. I can see my rigidity coming, and can sometimes bite my tongue. The problem is that though my expression of this rigidity can seem odd, the content itself is logical and correct... this is what makes it so hard to fix... in correcting, I am correct...

    I have all of the traits that I love in Virgo's. I work very hard, and am very ambitious. I like to be outdoors. I have no problem letting go, I enjoy nightlife, and parks, and parties, and all that good stuff. I have a very soft heart, and love to serve and feed and nurture. I am very health conscious, am an avid reader, and am a born critic, on print, I review restaurants, and other businesses. I have many hobbies and have a long list of activities that I can label myself an amateur at... even going so far as to call myself an amateur astrologer, as I've been studying the signs and compiling charts for over 15 years...

    I feel that knowing your weaknesses makes you that much stronger, the Virgo's critical side is just an expression of a keen eye for detail and that's all it is... as long as that's kept where it should be, all is fine...

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